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Chapter 1: The Light of Fairy Tail

A mighty roar shattered the stillness of the day. Birds fled in terror and they belt the ground shake beneath their feet. Gray looked up hopelessly as the mighty dark demon Deliora glared at them, eying them as though they were fresh meat to be devoured. He clenched his hands into fists, barely containing his rage. Unlike his idiotic rival, he could hold his temper, but seeing the demon who had annihilated his home all those years ago was driving him to consider a killing attempt right then and there.

Of course, he knew that was out of the question. There was no logical way he could take down Deliora, a dark demon capable of engaging or defeating a Wizard Saint. His own teacher, who was capable of nearly achieving that title, had fallen to that monster. He knew it was hopeless to fight. They had to flee. He turned to go, but suddenly, two blurs sped forward.

"I'M ALL FIRED UP," two loud voices yelled. Gray smacked his head in exasperation.

"Great," he muttered. "We're all going to die now."

"Prepare to fight!" Erza yelled, her body glowing, before dying down to reveal midnight black armor with black glimmering wings. "Black Wing Armor"

Natsu Dragneel, a pink haired, boy, slammed his fists together. A crimson seal shot out in front of his body.

He sucked in his breath, making his stomach swell up. "Fire Dragon's... Roar!"

He released all the pent up wild energy in his body in one massive blast of fire.

The blonde haired boy next to him faced his palms towards each other. Light erupted between his hands, lighting up the night sky and blowing back his sun-kissed hair slightly. He grinned as he slammed his hands together closing his hands around the light.

"Light's Rain of Judgment"

The light from his enclosed hands glowed before blasting outwards in high pressured beams that blasted out in clusters like small fireflies. They all curved and sped towards the the Demon a a lightning fast tore up the ground before them as they shot outwards. The attacks flew alongside one another and impacted the demon with the force of a battering ram.


The boys watched with satisfied smirks on their faces as Deliora flew backwards and collided with the side of a boulder, smashing through it and slamming into the ground. Gray and his former friend Lyon watched in disbelief as Deliora disintegrated, dissolving into black dust that was swept away by the wind.

"Wha- What the hell!" Gray yelled, completely flabbergasted. He stared disbelievingly at the scene. Natsu and Raiden had just taken down Deliora. This was insane! Even Erza seemed surprised. She requipped back into her normal garb and eyed the two boisterous boys with awe.

"Oh yeah!" Natsu yelled, a huge grin on his face as he jumped up and down in happiness. Gray rolled his eyes reluctantly. He still was shocked at their feat, but that didn't stop him from his usual Natsu rivalry routine.

Raiden Namikaze, however, didn't look so happy. In fact, he looked more sad than happy. His sunny blonde hair and blue eyes always look more happy than he actually was, but he still looked sorrowful.

Natsu stopped celebrating and scowled at Raiden. "What's with you Raiden. We just took down a powerful monster. Aren't you happy?"

"No, we didn't," he whispered dejectedly.

"Huh?" Natsu replied cluelessly scratching his head. "I don't get it."

"I mean that that wasn't the true strength of Deliora. It seemed weaker... muck weaker than it should've been."

Gray's eyes widened. "Of course," he yelled pumping his fist. Everyone looked at him, including Lyon. Gray grinned. "Ur's Iced Shell wasn't just a sealing spell!" he said triumphantly. "It was meant to drain the sealed one of their energy until they died. That was the true purpose of the Iced Shell!"

Everyone's eyes widened in realization. Well, everyone except a certain Dragon Slayer.

"I still don't get it," he exclaimed throwing his arms up in frustration.

Lucy Hearfilia immediately sweat dropped. "Still don't get it it, huh?" she muttered his eyes wide.

She eyed Raiden with curiosity. The magic he used was unlike anything she had ever seen.

"Raiden, what was that magic you just used?" she asked curiously. She knew that the blonde was a powerful mage, capable of matching Natsu and Gray in terms of power. And, she also knew that he was the son of the late Minato Namikaze, a deceased Wizard Saint capable of Telaportation Magic as well as some degree of control over Lightning Magic.

Raiden scratched the back of neck sheepishly. "Sorry. I never did tell you what kind of magic I use, did I?"

Lucy nodded.

Raiden smiled and looked up at the sky. "I use Light Magic, and I was taught by Master Markarov."

Lucy's eyes nearly popped out of her head. "Whaaaat? Master taught you himself?" she said disbelievingly. Raiden gave her a foxy grin and nodded.

"Yeah. He said it was his way of repaying my father, for some reason. I asked him what he meant, but he just laughed and said it was a story for another time."

Lucy looked thoughtfully at the spot where Deliora had disintegrated. Light Magic was considered the purest form of magic, and it was among the most ancient and powerful, right next to Dragon Slaying Magic. In fact, some considered it to be the center of magic.

"Well, that's enough small talk for now. Let's get this mission over with," Erza spoke up sternly. "And-" she said eying the group angrily. "-await YOUR punishment from Master Markarov when you return."

Instantaneously, everyone hung their heads in disappointment.

"Oh, come on Erza. Can't you let us off the hook this time? You know, because you love me and everything." Raiden asked cheekily. Erza's face darkened.

'Uh oh,' everyone thought as Erza's terrifying figure loomed over Raiden threateningly.

'Is he trying to tick her off?' Lucy thought frighteningly.

"RAIDEN," she screamed and walloped him straight in the face.

He rubbed his head and cried anime tears as she stood over him with a satisfied smirk on her face.

Gray sighed as he watched the scene. 'Still as headstrong as ever. Not to mention stupid.'

"Well," he finally said. "We'd better head back."

At Magnolia Town...

"Finally. we're back!" Raiden yelled in excitement pumping his fist in the air, and charging towards the Guild Hall. The others grinned at his antics as they entered Magnolia Town.

Lucy had met the blonde when she had fist arrived with Natsu. Raiden had been participating in every guild brawl that had occurred, and he never missed an opportunity to fight. He was much like Natsu in that regard, always eager to take on new opponents. He had even asked her if she wanted to do a friendly spar together! Though he was rather sill sometimes, in many ways, he was like Gray. Because, despite his childish antics, he was quick witted and wise when he wanted to be, and when the situation demanded it, he reverted to a serious mage willing to put his life on the line for his friends.

When they had gone to Eisenwald, he had managed to reverse the wind barrier set up by Erigor. That was the first time she had actually seen him use magic. He managed to seal the barrier in runes and compressed it until it dissolved.

He had also defended the civilians against the backlash of Fairy Tale's attacks against Lullaby and defeated Toby without having to life a finger. Though, she supposed that was really due to Toby's apparent stupidity.

"Lucy, come on!" Natsu yelled as he charged after Raiden.

She shook herself out of her thoughts and smiled as she followed Natsu to their home. Fairy Tail...

She froze in horror at the sight that lay before her. She could see that the others had done the same. No one spoke as they stared, motionless at the sight of their destroyed Guild laying before them.

"What the hell is going on?" Raiden whispered in shock.

The veins on Natsu's head began to pop out as he gritted his teeth in fury. Fire danced around his body as his rage began to build. "WHO DID THIS?!" he screamed.

"Natsu, calm down," Erza said harshly. "We have to find master. He'll know what to do."

She stiffly whipped around and headed towards the emergency bunker of Fairy Tail with the rest of Fairy Tail in tow.

Lucy and Raiden stood still, completely shocked. One thing was for sure. Master Markarov wouldn't let whoever did this get away with it.

"We're going to let them get away with it," Markarov chirped cheerfully, his cheeks tinted pink from drinking. Even Erza couldn't believe her ears.

"Are you suggesting that we just let those damn Phantom Losers get away with this?" Raiden barked angrily slamming his fist on the table.

"Yes," Markarov answered, oblivious to the incredulous looks being directed at him. Finally noticing they didn't agree with his logic, he sighed deeply and prepared to elaborate. "They have taken action against our Guild, but they haven't harmed a single member. We really can't afford to go to war now. With the Magic Council breathing down our necks, we really can't afford to be seen in a Guild War. I don't want to see any of my children hurt."

"But master-" Natsu began.

"Enough!" Markarov roared. Natsu froze. "Do you really think I don't care about the Guild. I don't want to risk anyone getting hurt. Unlike you five, not all members of the Guild are fighters. The Guild Hall was just a building, nothing more. My worry is for my children's safety. You are not to take any action against Phantom Lord. Do you all understand?"

The other nodded reluctantly.

Markarov relaxed and nodded easily. "Good."

The others stomped out of the Guild angrily.

"What does Phantom Lord have against Fairy Tail anyways?" Lucy mused outwardly.

"The Guild Master of Phantom Lord has a personal grudge against Master Markarov," Erza answered.

"Why?" Lucy asked curiously.

"It happened at one of the Guild Master's Meetings," Erza said.

"Like what was going on with that whole Einsenwald indecent right?" Raiden said, joining the conversation.

Erza nodded. "That's right. Jose, the Guild Master of Phantom Lord is a Wizard Saint just like Master Markarov."

Lucy's eyes widened. "Really? He's that powerful?"

"But Master kicked his butt, didn't he?" Raiden guessed, grinning.

Erza nodded and began to smile. "That's right. Jose was bragging about how his Guild was at the top and putting down Fairy Tail, so naturally, Master Markarov defeated him in front of everyone. Jose was so humiliated that he hasn't shown up to a Guild Master Meeting since."

Raiden started to laugh, rolling on the floor. Gray and Natsu looked at him like was crazy, as he began to roar with laughter.

Lucy sweat dropped. "Is he insane?"

"Well, yes," Erza answered truthfully. "OI RAIDEN, SHUT UP!" she yelled. Raiden shot to his feet.

"Sorry, please forgive me," he said fearfully.

"Ha Ha," Natsu laughed, pointing at him.

"What are laughing about," Erza growled, glaring at him.

Natsu shivered in fear as he shook his head frantically.

Gray sighed as he looked at peaceful Magnolia Town. He caught Raiden giving him a serious look, and nodded. It seemed they were thinking the same thing. It was lucky that Markarov had called off the Guild War. Magnolia Town and Fairy Tale didn't need violence here.

"Hey, I just thought of something," Lucy said suddenly, turning to Raiden. "Wasn't your father a Wizard Saint?"

Raiden nodded enthusiastically. "He was one of the most powerful Mages of his time, known as the Yellow Flash. It was said he took down an entire group of S-Ranked Dark Wizards all by himself."

"Whoa," Lucy said, amazed.

Erza nodded. "Yes, he was a powerful Mage, truly worthy of his title."

"Who are the other Wizard Saints?" Lucy asked, suddenly curious.

Erza tapped her chin thoughtfully. "Well, there is Master Markarov, Jose of Phantom Lord, Jura Neekis of Lamia Scale, Seigrain of the Magic Council-" she said that name more violently then the others. "And Na-"

"Erza!" a frantic panicked voice called.

The group turned to see a horrified Mirajane Strauss rushing towards them at top speed.

Erza dropped her calm demeanor. "What is it?" she yelled back.

"Someone's been attacked!"

Erza, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Raiden skidded to a stop, and gasped in horror at the terrible sight before them. Levy McGarden, Jet, and Droy where all chained to a tree in a humiliating fashion. Each had the emblem of Phantom Lord drawn on their stomachs.

"How-How could someone do something like this?" Lucy remarked, mortified. She put her hand to her mouth in shock. The others were sporting similar expressions.

'Something's not right,' Raiden thought. 'There's no doubt that Phantom Lord has a personal grudge against us, but to go this far... it's unthinkable. Why would Phantom Lord risk becoming a Dark Guild in the eyes of the Magic Council just to get payback on Master? This doesn't make any sense.'

"This cannot stand," Markarov roared, his body glowing with fury as his muscles bulged in rage. "I've tolerated enough abuse from Phantom Lord. It's one thing for them to attack our home, but they have gone to far this time. Phantom Lord, this means WAR."

Raiden, Gray, and Natsu began to grin.

"Alright," Natsu cried. "Lets show those guys the power of Fairy Tail."

'But what is Phantom Lord after?' Raiden wondered. Erza glanced at him and nodded. It seemed he wasn't the only one mystified by the motivation of Phantom Lord's attacks. This went way beyond personal revenge. They were after something as well.

"Fairy Tail, ready yourselves for War," Markarov roared as the rest of the Guild cheered in unison. Raiden grinned, despite himself. Though this was a Guild War, he had no doubt they would be victorious. The power of friendship would get them through this. They were Fairy Tail after all.

At the Phantom Lord Guild Hall...

"Haha, we kicked those Fairies butts good," a Guild member laughed.

"Yeah," another agreed, smirking. "Too bad there were no Fairies inside their pathetic Hall when Gajeel trashed that dump."

"That would've been even more hilarious."

"Hey, did you hear? Gajeel even made an example out of those stupid losers. Serves them right, thinking they're better then us."

"I can't to see the look on their faces when-"

Suddenly, the Guild Hall door burst open, flying off it's hinges and crashing to the ground with an almighty Thud. Phantom Lord saw nothing but light as many averted their eyes. As they blinked through the pain, many gasped in fear. A murderous aura surrounded envoloped them like a coffin as they struggled not to pee their pants at the sight of two glowing yellow eyes.

To say Markarov was pissed was an understatement. His body was twice the size of Elfman's, being a result of his enraged state of his Titan's Magic. The ground shattered and cracked beneath his feet with each step he took. Power floated off him in waves, buffeting the air around his enemies, making it hard for them to breath.

"Fairy Tail has arrived," his voice boomed making them Phantom Lord members pee their pants at the sound of his deep, ancient voice.

"A-Attack them" a member stuttered, pointing a shaking hand at them. The enemy Guild halfheartedly converged on them from all sides.

Markarov swung his hand, and a dozen flew backwards into the wall.

"For Fairy Tail," Erza yelled, requipping into a golden heavyset armor. "Giant's Armor!"

"We'll take care of things here, Master," she said, punching a man into the staircase.

Markarv nodded. "I'll take care of that upstart Jose," he growled, slamming his feet on the stairs, the weak wooden steps protesting at every stomp.

Erza nodded and swung her massive sword in a wide arc, blowing away six men. She whipped around and threw out a hand. Huge knives shot from her hand and pinned members of the enemy into the walls and railings with the force of a wrecking ball, throwing up dust.

Gray leaped up as a Fire attack shot towards. "Ice Make: Lance," he shouted, throwing out a hand. A white magic seal blazed in front of him. Ice shards blasted out and slammed into the men disemboweling them. He flipped backwards and shouted, "Ice Make: Hammer" and swung sideways, smashing men together towards Raiden who shot a dense beam of light that shot them out the open doorway.

Lucy snapped her whip towards a goon just as Tauros slammed his axe on another one from behind her. She immediately whiled around and kicked the man in the face, sending him flying to the ground. She smiled as she saw the other were doing just fine.

'As long as we have master on our side, we're not going to lose,' she thought confidently.

Raiden's neck seemed cold. This didn't feel right. He had a bad feeling in his gut. Something was going to go wrong. He just knew it.

Natsu was taking down enemies like bowling pins.

"Iron Fist of the Fire Dragon," he shouted, sending a haymaker at one man, then slammed his foot in a spinning back kick, breaking another's jaw. He ducked under a blue energy beam and shot low, sweeping the man off his feet. The man leaped over the blow, but Natsu flung himself into a handstand and slammed his fire covered feet into the man's midsection, sending him smashing straight through the ceiling. In one smooth motion, he flipped back to his feet, and grinned wide, remembering exactly who had taught him that move.

Suddenly, his neck tingled. His eyes widened as he instinctively leaped to the side just as metal crushed the space he had been moments before. The metal reverted back into the arm of a smirking Gajeel Redfox. His red eyes shone with battle lust as he grinned even wider, remembering what he had done to the Guild. His pronounced canines seemed to gleam.

"Did you Fairies like my little gift?" he taunted, spreading his arms wide. Natsu crinkled in nose, then gaped in astonishment.

"You're the one that destroyed our Guild?" he growled, his voice dripping with fury.

"And what exactly are you going to do about it," he taunted, crossing his arms contemptuously.

Natsu's hair shadowed his eyes as flames danced along his body. "I'M GOING TO MAKE YOU PAY!" he roared, lunging at Gajeel, fist ablaze.


Auburn/Red eyes snapped open as they darted around the cave.

"Is there something wrong?" a calm emotionless voice asked.

"There's trouble at the Guild," the other answered. He stood up. After all this time, it was time to return home... To Fairy Tail.

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