Who says miracles can't happen twice? The snow had subsided substantially by the next morning, Christmas morning.

"Merry Christmas!" Kurt sing-songed, throwing open the curtains.

Finn yawned a little, but smiled from his spot on the bed.

"Merry Christmas little bro," Finn managed sleepily.

"Well I'll go put the coffee on," Kurt told him.

He never could have expected the surprise he found on the kitchen table. Yeah, the dishes they'd left piled up the night before, but there was also an envelope that definitely hadn't been there.

Kurt picked it up, looking at it curiously. Had Barney somehow left it? He tore open the envelope and pulled out a letter, eyes widening as he read it over.

"Finn!" Kurt shouted. "Oh my gosh! Finn!"

Finn's footfalls were heard thundering down the stairs.

"What is it?" he asked in surprise.

Kurt held the letter out to him with shaking hands, face still shining with excitement. Finn read it.

Dear Boys,

I've been directed to give you one more gift. The cabin's yours. Use it as a vacation house, or even live in it if you like.

Kurt, the man upstairs told me to give you a special message. He loves you Kurt. Don't listen to what hateful people say, and don't let them snuff out your light. You're a beautiful and unique soul.

Finn, take care of him. Never doubt yourself. Follow your heart.

- Barney

Finn grinned at Kurt, eyes widening with his own excitement.

"Oh my gosh!" he exclaimed. "We've got a house!"

Kurt joined hands with him, jumping up and down ecstatically, laughing.

"We have a house!" Kurt exclaimed with laughter.

"Yeah," Finn said, face falling a little. "We still have to go back to New York. Rachel's expecting us today."

"That's okay," Kurt assured him. "We can always come back. Can you believe it Finn? Our own little house in the hills."

"I know, pretty awesome."


They took the snowmobile down to town. Barney seemed to have left them that too. Luckily Finn could figure out the basics of operating one.

Kurt wrapped his arms around him as he drove. Finn cracked a small smile, realizing he was happy. Kurt made him happy.

When they reached town it was really strange. Barney's store was gone. Had it ever really been there at all? Sitting where the store used to be however was their car.

Kurt stepped toward it in amazement.

"There was a store here," he said, pointing in disbelief. "I didn't imagine it."

Finn gave him a little peck on the cheek.

"You didn't imagine it."

The car actually cranked. It was like there had never been any problem with it at all. Kurt cracked a smile.

"I guess it was fate. I didn't even believe in fate 24 hours ago."

"I know," Finn said. "Me either."


Part of Kurt was glad to be back in the city, driving past the skyscrapers and shops that had become commonplace to him. Finn always found New York a little overcrowded and noisy. Still, Rachel was waiting for them. Boy would she be surprised!

They'd actually managed to make it back around one o'clock. Kurt parked in front of their apartments. They rode the elevator up to the loft.

Rachel was sitting on the couch by herself, looking at the floor in worry. Her eyes moved to the door the instant it slid open.

"You made it!" she said happily, jumping up.

She gave Kurt and Finn each a hug.

"I was starting to worry something had happened," she told them smiling. "I was about to put the Christmas dinner in the fridge."

"Something did happen," Kurt told her with a grin. "Quite a few things strange and wonderful."

He held out his hand and Finn smiled, threading their fingers together. Rachel looked back and forth between them with a confused look.

"You're not telling me," she began in slight disbelief.

"Sorry Rach," Finn grinned at her. "I think I'm taken."

Rachel managed a smile and nodded a little.

"Its alright Finn," she said. "I'm glad you found happiness. That means God answered my prayers."

"Wait a minute!" Kurt exclaimed in surprise. "You mean that was your prayers?"

Rachel eyed him strangely, shaking her head.

"You wouldn't believe us if we told you," Kurt said quietly.

Rachel gave him a thoughtful look.

"Maybe I would. Try me."


That Christmas ended like no other Christmas. Finn and Kurt had finally found their happiness. They pigged out on their feast, and ended the night with Rachel's favorite prayer, lighting a candle to God.

Kurt could hardly believe he was the one doing it. He took the lighter stick and touched it to the wick, watching the flame hop to life.

"Thank you," he whispered. "Now I know you love me."

Finn hugged him tight with a grin. Rachel smiled at them in spite of herself.

"I love you too Kurt," Finn told him. "Always. You're the one."

Kurt smiled and snuggled into him. Always.