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Chapter 1: Astronomy Projects

"See you later, Ferb!" Phineas called to his green-haired brother as they walked into the chilly morning air.

It was nearly Christmas, and Phineas was finishing his last few days at Danville High before the end of the year. Ferb was doing the same, only he had skipped school and was now attending Danville University instead. Ferb waved goodbye to Phineas and got into his self-designed, tricked out red Ferrari, then sped away to attend his college courses.

Despite the cold temperature, Phineas remained optimistic as he walked to the bus stop at the end of the block. As he walked there, he, as usual, saw his best friend waiting for the bus to come. With Ferb going to college, Phineas and Isabella were the only ones at this stop, and he had made a goal to make her laugh every day while they waited. He had not failed yet.

"Hey Isabella! Whatcha doin?" Phineas asked, walking up to her. She giggled and turned to him.

"Hi Phineas! I'm just waiting for the bus to come, like usual." she said, teetering back and forth on her feet. Phineas walked up to and stood by her and they patiently waited for the bus to come. Then Phineas caught a whiff of something pretty. He breathed in; whatever it was, it smelled amazing.

"Do you smell that? It smells really good, something like flowers and vanilla."

"Oh, do you mean my shampoo?" Isabella asked, sniffing as well, "Its brand new, I just used it for the first time this morning."

"That's you? Wow, you smell reeaallyy good."

Isabella blushed but said nothing, and blushed even more when Phineas leaned over to smell her better. She laughed when Phineas put his gigantic nose into her hair and inhaled.

"Phineas, get away from me!" she giggled, and she ran away from him down the snow-covered sidewalk.

"But you smell soooo good!" Phineas yelled back, chasing her with his nose in the air. She laughed some more and continued to run, but they were eventually interrupted by the honking of the bus that they had just run away from. Isabella stopped, but Phineas kept getting closer.

Being a cheerleader as well as a former Fireside girl, Isabella was very agile. So as Phineas ran up to her, she gathered her strength, then jumped, doing a perfect backflip over Phineas' head.

"Ha!" she yelled, turning and sprinting to the bus and away from Phineas.

"How do you do that with your backpack on?" Phineas asked incredulously as he tried to catch up to her fast pace.

"How do you break the laws of physics daily?" Isabella countered, slowing to let Phineas catch up.

"Touché," Phineas said, now having caught up to Isabella, and he stopped to let Isabella board the bus first. They walked down the crowded bus and would normally have no chance of sitting next to each other, but a seat towards the back was always reserved Phineas and Isabella. As they passed, they got lots of attention from the other riders.

"Hey Phineas!"

"Oh hi, Isabella!"

"Hiiiii, Phineas!"

"That flip was awesome, Isabella!"

Hey guys, thanks!" Phineas and Isabella said in unison to satisfy the large group of kids who always greeted them. Through the years of building daily inventions that amazed all, the gang had grown very popular. Phineas and Isabella in particular were loved because of their emanating optimism, kindness, and flat out good looks.

When they got to their seats, they sat down and took off their coats. As a Junior in high school, Phineas's clothing had changed a lot. He now wore a white tee-shirt with a light, long-sleeved, orange pullover jacket, and some brown khaki pants to finish it off.

Isabella had also gone through some major fashion changes over the years. Today she was wearing long white jeans and a fitting pink shirt with a flower on it. She still kept the pink bow, but it was a much smaller clip-on now and was off to one side.

The teenagers' bodies had changed a lot too. Phineas was now a lot taller than Isabella, at a towering 6'1, although Isabella, at 5'9, was still a lot taller than average girl. She had also grown her hair out slightly longer and had gained noticeable curves. Besides height, Phineas hadn't changed too much, but hours of construction had toned his body and had broadened his shoulders.

When they were situated, Phineas and Isabella began to talk about what they had for breakfast, if they did the homework from English class, and other small things. Eventually, Isabella, still possessing her ever-building crush on Phineas, decided to give Phineas yet another hint that she liked him.

"I'm cold, Phineas," she said, feigning a shiver. She turned to him and tried to chatter her teeth together.

"You could put your coat on again," Phineas offered.

Isabella sighed and muttered "Never mind..." in a downcast manner. He was supposed to put his arm around her or something like that! "Well, I shouldn't get overly disappointed," she thought, "He does this almost every day anyways."

Right about then, the bus arrived at Danville High, and as kids came piling out of the bus, the duo could see the rest of their group waiting for them outside. Most of the same friends had stayed together up to later years in high school, and several of the former Fireside girls had come to join. Now, the group usually included Phineas, Isabella, Baljeet, Ginger, Buford, Milly, Ferb (sometimes), Gretchen, and Adyson.

"Are you guys crazy?!" Phineas exclaimed as they walked over to the gang, "It must be absolute zero here! Why don't you guys wait for us inside instead?"

"Because I was trying to prove that I'm the toughest here by staying outside the longest, Dinner Bell, that's why!" Buford said gruffly.

"But you're right," Adyson said, "I'm freezing, let's go get warmed up." And with that, everyone began to walk inside, followed by Buford to make sure he was the last one in, until-

DING! DING! DING! The electronic school bell let out a few chimes before some Michael Bublé Christmas music started playing in the hallway. Shouts of surprise and amazement lit up in the hallways; the music playing between periods was brand new to the school.

"Whoa, where'd the music come from?" Gretchen asked.

"The bell rang already? But we just got here!" Phineas said, accidentally ignoring Gretchen. "The bus didn't get here late, did it?"

"Yeah it did, because you were chasing me!" Isabella said, sticking her tongue out at him.

"Well gotta run guys, and listen on the announcements for your answer, Gretchen!" And with that, Phineas took off, speed walking down the crowded hallway towards the front office.

It turns out, due to Phineas' genius ideas and immense popularity, that he was elected both Junior class president and school class president, even though the latter was not even allowed. At a nearly unanimous school vote of 98%, the principal decided to let the rules slide for a year and let Phineas become the school's class president. He had made a wise decision, because Phineas was the greatest leader the school had ever had.

Phineas ran inside, muttered a quick hello to the receptionists, then grabbed a microphone and turned on the loudspeaker.

"Good morning, Danville High!" he spoke into the microphone, "Today is Friday, December 14, and today is also the day that the school unveils a little new surprise! Do you guys like the new music?"

Even from the enclosed office, enthusiastic shouts of "Yeah!" could be heard from all sides of the school.

"Well, with Christmas drawing closer, we can't go by without some dancing and partying. The Christmas Eve dance is coming up, coincidentally on Christmas Eve, and it is boys-choice, so guys, get asking! Hope you guys have an awesome day today!"

With that finished, Phineas left the office to go to his first period Astronomy class. Because he did morning announcements every day, the teacher, Mr. Matthews, was fine with Phineas coming in late and usually postponed the lesson until he got there.

When Phineas walked in, he was bombarded with questions and comments about the new musical speaker system.

"That music is so awesome, Phineas!"

"Way to go!"

"Were you the one that set it up?"

Phineas, as usual, did not want to take credit for his work.

"Not really, you shouldn't be thanking me," he said, trying to evade the success.

"Was it your idea?" someone else shouted out.

"Uhh... well I bet a lot of people wanted it," he weakly responded, feeling a little strange standing at the front of the classroom.

Mr. Matthews finally stood up, to the relief of Phineas. Or so he thought.

"Class, Phineas is just being very modest." he spoke as the students quieted down, "Phineas came up with the idea, brought it to the school board's attention, got approval, and then went and installed every last speaker, all on his own time. So let's give him a round of applause!"

Cheers and clapping exploded in the room, leaving Phineas a little embarrassed and trying to cover up.

"It wasn't my- I didn't- You shouldn't-" he tried to say, but everybody knew Phineas was just being humble and cheered anyways.

"Alright, settle down class," Mr. Matthews said after a few seconds, "Phineas, you can take your seat."

Phineas shook his head, then took his seat next to Isabella, who was luckily in the same first period as him.

"Great job, Phineas! You should have told us earlier!" Isabella whispered to him, touching his arm.

"Ah, but then it wouldn't be a surprise!" he replied, smiling at Isabella before turning his attention to the teacher.

"So you should have learned by now," Mr. Matthews began, "that constellations are most visible during specific times of the year. It just so happens that the famous constellation 'Orion' is best seen during the winter. The stars are said to look like a warrior, ready to fight a horrendous monster. I have come up with a fun project -" groans were heard throughout the class "- that is to be done in pairs." Isabella suddenly perked up. "You and your partner will get to locate the constellation of Orion, sketch it out, and write a short report on its history. This will not be due until after Christmas break is over, so you should have plenty of time."

Isabella's hand shot up.

"Do we get to pick our partners, Mr. Matthews?"

"I wasn't planning on it-" Mr. Matthews was cut off as the majority of the class began asking "Please?" and whining about it.

"...Well I guess you can pick, but only because I'm in a good mood from the Christmas music. You can all thank Phineas." he finished. More cheers erupted from the room.

"Wanna be my partner, Phineas?" Isabella quickly asked amidst the commotion.

"For sure!" he responded, "I was gonna ask you!"

"Yes!" she shouted, and Phineas smiled. It was smart of Isabella to act then, because right away, three other girls lined up and each asked Phineas if they wanted to be his partner, and each walked away with their heads down when they realized he was already taken.

After a few minutes, everyone had paired up, so Mr. Matthews called for the class's attention again.

"Now it will be you and your partner's job to meet up one of these nights to locate Orion and sketch it out. I suggest you bring warm clothing - it will be very cold out! Now, let's get to our real lesson. Today we're going to talk about neutron stars..."


"How about we do the Lion King instead?" Ginger suggested.

Isabella and the other girls from the group were sitting in the cafeteria, trying to come up with something to watch for the movie day they were planning. They were planning on inviting the boys, but none had asked yet.

"Maybe, but it's a bit childish," Adyson said.

"And not really romantic either," added Isabella.

"Oh, you don't have to worry about that, Isabella," said a smiling Gretchen, "I'll have my house set up so you and Phineas can be close together no matter the movie."

"I just wish he'd finally catch on," Isabella said, sighing.

"Wish who would catch on, Isabella?"

Isabella jumped and let out a shriek. She turned around and blushed when she saw Phineas standing right behind her, along with Ferb (who had stopped by from college).

"Phi-Phineas? How much of that did you hear?"

"I just got here, what are you talking about?"

Isabella sighed in relief, she had to be more careful. She scooted over so that Phineas could sit down next to her.

"Um, we were talking about... Well, Gretchen's having a movie day tomorrow at her house, and I wanted to know if you want to come with me?"

"Oh that sounds like fun -" Phineas paused. "Wait, tomorrow?"

"Yeah, at around noon. Can you make it?"

"Sounds great, but I'm afraid I can't."

Isabella's smile dropped. He couldn't come with her at all? She should have checked to make sure Phineas could have before!

"Oh, why not?" Isabella tried to hide the disappointment from her voice.

"Well, remember when we climbed Danville mountain a few years ago when Baljeet was having friendship-ish problems with Buford?" he paused for Isabella to nod. "It turns out we took the easy way up, and there is a much more challenging way to get to the top. There are even some caves near the top that are only accessible that way!"

"We did the same hike for our last hurrah as a Fireside girls troop," Milly said, "The view of the city and those caves were amazing!"

"Sweet! Ferb and I have decided to tackle it head on during the winter, and we've been planning for nearly a month now. But it's a pity we can't make it to the movie party, that would have been fun."

"Does that mean Ferb can't come either?" Gretchen asked slowly. Ferb frowned and nodded.

"Well that kind of defeats the purpose." Gretchen muttered to Isabella.

Isabella then made the connection that Phineas and Ferb would be hiking their same hiking trip from only one year ago. She sucked in a breath and began to worry, that was when she and the other Fireside girls had-

"Are you okay, Isabella?" Phineas asked, touching her shoulder. "You look concerned."

"Oh! Umm, it's just that... it's really cold out, and I don't want you - or Ferb - to get hurt while climbing. That's all."

"Don't worry about us, Isabella, we'll have coats and everything to keep us warm. And since when has a little snow stopped us?"

"Just be careful, okay?" Isabella tried to show that she felt better, which was true, but that wasn't the only thing she was worried about.

"You bet," said Phineas, smiling.

Suddenly, the electronic bell rang, and more Christmas music filled the hallways. It was time for the last period, so everyone said goodbye to go to class. Isabella and Phineas gathered up their textbooks and left the lunchroom. They always walked together after lunch because, on both days, they shared their last period.

"So Phineas?" Isabella asked flirtatiously as they walked, "Are you planning to asking a girl to the Christmas Eve Dance?" She batted her eyes at him, trying to look cute.

"I haven't really thought about it yet," he replied, "But probably, I just don't know who to ask. What about you? Have gotten asked yet?"

Isabella was about to say no, when one of the guys from the basketball team, Mike, walked over and greeted the pair.

"'Sup, Phineas," he greeted, "Mind if I ask Isabella a question real quick?"

"Sure, that's fine Mike," Phineas replied.

"I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the Christmas Eve dance, Isabella. What do you say?" Isabella wasn't surprised, as she had been asked to several dances before, and had even gone with other people to be courteous. But this time, Isabella was determined to go with Phineas. She also felt better when the smile on Phineas' face was instantly replaced with a frown.

"That's sweet of you, but no thanks, I'm already waiting for somebody- " she leaned towards Phineas and smiled at him; this couldn't get any more obvious " -to ask me."

"Oh... well that's cool, guess I'll see you around," and Mike walked away, looking disappointed.

"Oh, you already want somebody to ask you?" Phineas asked, "Who?" Isabella stared at him intensely for a second, then she literally face-palmed.

"You're hopeless, Phineas," she mumbled into her hand, not caring what he thought. Phineas was going to say something, but then another person came to see them as they walked to their class.

"Hi Phineas!" a girl named Jessica said, smiling widely at him and not bothering to greet Isabella. Isabella did not like this competition - Phineas was hers!

"Oh hey Jessica, what's up?"

"Well you know that dance coming up?" she paused for Phineas to nod. "I know that it's supposed to be a boy's choice dance, but I really wanted to go with you. D-Do you want to go to the dance with me, Phineas?"

Isabella's mouth dropped open, that wasn't fair!

"She's not allowed to do that!" she thought viciously.

"Ummmm, well why not? Sure, I'd love to go with you, Jessica," Phineas answered, much to Isabella's chagrin.

"Awesome!" Jessica exclaimed, giving Phineas a little hug before running off.

Isabella was fuming, she looked about ready to seriously injure Jessica. Her teeth were clenched together and her face was red and boiling with anger.

"Well that was easy, I guess I don't have to find a girl to go with after all," Phineas said nonchalantly as they walked into the classroom.

SNAP! Isabella was gripping her textbook so tightly that she accidentally broke the whole thing in two. Phineas jumped and looked at her.

"Whoa! … Are you alright Isabella?" Phineas asked, looking very surprised, as they took their seats in AP US History.

"... Peachy," she responded forcefully. Now she had no chance of going with Phineas! Sighing, Isabella decided that she would just skip this dance. "If Jessica hadn't cheated, or if I would have just asked him right away, everything would have been perfect!" she thought angrily.

Isabella sighed again as she turned her attention to the teacher; now she had nothing but an astronomy project and a textbook fee to look forward to.

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