It was too late for Sirius Black, it was too late for as he fell backwards; hit by the curse thrown by his own cousin Death had already taken hold on the man and would not let go. However Harry Potter would not be beaten by this, he would not allow the only family he had left to die. He couldn't, he just couldn't, but there was nothing he could do for Death would not release its hold.

"No…" he whispered to a silent room whose eyes were transfixed on the man heading for imminent death, Remus Lupin made a grab for him but Harry's seeker skills got the better of the man, he dodged the werewolf and his hand was outstretched towards the veil. His hand touched a substance that felt like he was plunging his hands into jelly; there was no flash of light, no crackle of energy, nothing but him. The moment his flesh hit the gate of death everything was over; or was it? Death could not grab hold of Harry Potter; death could not hold him for his destiny was too great to be denied. Nothing could stand in its way and death did not take hold of Harry Potter on that day, instead he vanished into the currents of time. As he vanished the prophecy fell through the chamber out of his hand and Bellatrix Lestrange; the woman who had dealt Sirius Black the killing blow caught it. She was looking at with such longing; for this was the one thing that would please her master more than anything else she could offer. For she believed as did everyone else that Harry Potter and Sirius Black were truly dead.

The death chamber froze, no one could believe what had just happened, how could Harry be dead? The death eaters did not know whether to cheer or fight, the order was just stunned. The chamber was blanketed in silence as people tried to process what had just happened.

"Harry!" Hermione screamed at the top of her voice after a few moments, her eyes were wide with fear but she her distraction would prove to be dangerous as Bellatrix Lestrange fired another curse at the girl. She had killed Harry Potter and Sirius Black in one move; she felt invincible, the death eaters were rising to their feet; using their opponents shock as an opportunity to attack.

"Enough," a voice filled the room; it was wise but at the same time old and a man walked into the room through a door that overlooked the vast chamber. At first someone might think it was Dumbledore but after a moment they would see he was much older, a longer grey beard stemmed from his face and hung from his mouth like a hook. He was tall and yet slender; seemingly unaffected by age. He wore flowing red robes with lightning bolts sown into the fabric, his wrinkled skin looked more like the remnants of a long and gruelling battle but he stood with dignity and power. In one hand he held a staff, hand carved wood with runes engraved on the side which led up to a shining blue crystal that had melted into the wood. Both the order and the death eaters looked at this man warily not knowing which side he belonged to, he gave no clue to any of the people below until he raised his staff into the air.

"propuleris ignis!" he suddenly cried in a powerful, authority commanding voice. A jet of fire burst from his staff and the death eaters were blown back by a force more powerful than any magic they knew, Bellatrix managed to dive out of the way and a send a jet of green light at the man. He conjured a powerful shield which much to the surprise of all the onlookers destroyed the curse, this was impossible. The unforgivables could not be deflected but this man had done so and with apparent ease, Bellatrix looked up at the man who looked at her with no emotion. Then her face turned to shock horror as she saw something, a lightning shaped scar.

"No," she gasped realising who this was but the man gave no indication of whether or not he cared

"Yes," he replied eventually, his voice echoed around the room and then Bellatrix Lestrange ran.

She ran through the corridors of the Ministry desperate to reach the atrium which she could flee, all her allies had been beaten and all it took was for Harry Potter to say two words. How could be here? She had seen him die and yet he stood tall and above her with no emotion; she had killed his godfather and yet he had not struck out in vengeance.

"Goodness I haven't moved this fast in years," a voice pulled her out of her thoughts as she reached the atrium. The path to freedom was only a few steps away but someone else was in her way, an old woman but she looked slightly older than Harry Potter but just as threatening. Fair skin was cracked with wrinkles and long dark hair was now streaked with grey, her eyes were warm and inviting but their shining green colour repelled Bellatrix Lestrange in so many ways. She like Harry Potter stood tall but held a staff with the same runes but a vibrant red crystal instead. Her hands were thin and twisted slightly but Bellatrix noticed a ring around one of her fingers; it was gold and shone with an engraved dragon seal.

"I knew you would be here, I knew you would run from him. Even you flee from a man like him," the woman chuckled.

"Move it you old crone," Bella snapped furiously, she would not be spoken down to by this woman whoever she was.

"Apologies for I cannot do that, my husband had many years to get over the death of his godfather but he has not forgiven you for murdering him. Can you blame him though? You killed a man and he knew that you needed to be stopped on this day," the woman answered with a patronising smile which infuriated Bellatrix but she had no time to react as the woman's staff suddenly exploded in red light and she was thrown backward. She hit the floor with a thud and the prophecy exploded into shards of glass which cut into Bellatrix as she fell; through the blood and pain she managed to work out what had happened.

"NO!" Bellatrix screamed defiantly not wanting to fail Lord Voldemort.

"Such as shame, so much death and blood over a glass ball," the woman scolded as if she was talking to a young child,

"You will pay for this," Bellatrix screeched and sobbed at the same time but the woman gave no answer. Instead she simply watched with a never-ending look of pity

"Who are you?" came a venomous, high cold voice. Lord Voldemort; there was no mistaking and the woman turned with speed that defied her age and pointed her staff towards the approaching snakelike man.

"Ahh so the great snake finally reveals himself," the woman hissed coldly, "why are you here, your prophecy has been destroyed and your servants are broken. The aurors will be here very soon and all you have done today is bring the date of your death forward," Voldemort's eyes turned to pure contempt at the way in which the woman was speaking to him

"How dare you…" he began coldly.

"Talk to my wife like that again Tom then I will personally throw you across this room," the much older Harry Potter announced entering the Atrium. He stood in front of the fountain and the woman turned her back on Tom Riddle and simply walked towards her husband, it took a few moments for Voldemort to recognise the man

"Potter?" he questioned with evident disbelief, Harry nodded
"Yes, it has been a long time Tom, well for me. For you it has been little more than a year and yet I stand here as a man older than Dumbledore, but I am not without mercy. Leave now!" Harry commanded his arms outstretched. Voldemort drew his wand,

"Never," he spat firing a jet of green light directly at the pair.

The woman moved first and her staff fired a lightning bolt directly at Lord Voldemort, he managed to deflect while Harry destroyed his curse. A whip of fire came next which became a giant snake equal in size to the Basilisk, Harry vanquished it in seconds while his wife fired several jets of lighting at Voldemort; he could not defend from them all. The first two he deflected but the others smashed into him sending him crashing to the floor. Harry fired a purple ball at him but he dived out of the way, another killing curse was fired but it soared of target and instead crashed into the wall sending rubble everywhere. Harry and the woman raised their staffs

"Ready Morgana?" he asked glaring at Tom Riddle

"Always," she responded with a smile before the two fired twin beams of concentrated magic at the man, he screamed in pain but there was nothing he could do for the magic they fired was too powerful for him to defend. Instead he vanished, Bellatrix was left behind but Lord Voldemort was gone. Harry and Morgana looked at each other before locking one another in a kiss

"You still find this old thing attractive?" Morgana jested pulling back

"You could be a thousand years older and I would still find you divine," he flirted before embracing her once more.

"He's back," a lone voice broke the pair's concentration and embrace; it seems they had an audience the whole time. Fudge and a number of aurors had seen the entire exchange.

"You have seen on this night that the words of Albus Dumbledore were true from the very start, you have seen that despite everything you thought you were wrong," Harry announced loudly, Fudge looked at him.

"And who are you?" he demanded, angry that his authority was being challenged by someone he didn't even know.

"Harry?" a voice asked from behind, Dumbledore and the rest of the order were now watching and Dumbledore had seen the scar. Harry nodded

"It is good to see you Dumbledore, how have you been?" Harry chuckled pulling his old mentor into a hug, it felt strange but he was happy to see the man. Harry then looked at Fudge who was clearly in half a mind to cry "seize him! "

"Be calm minister, you have seen the evidence of Dumbledore's innocence and I would advise you not to antagonise any of us," Harry warned knowing how the minister's thoughts would work

"Who are you?" Fudge demanded once more. Harry decided to reveal himself sooner rather than later and Morgana clutched his arm excitedly

"Once my name was Harry James Potter but in recent years I have gone by another name," he began knowing his next words would have a remarkable affect. Morgana began to quiver in excitement

"This name is embedded in your books, your history and my beard is something of a curse in your world, for you see the name I go by is… Merlin," Harry announced lifting his staff into the air. Lighting crackled and blasted around the room, then Fudge and half a dozen others fainted.