The Return Of Merlin

Bit of a shorter Chapter but in the next Chapter Harry meets Hermione and Ron again so I'm cutting this one short a bit so I can add more to the next one.


Harry was standing outside; the Order had just left; the meeting had taken a long time and almost everyone took up on his offer to spend the night. Once the explanation was out-of-the-way then each member had spoken about what they had learned; or had done which would then be discussed and Dumbledore would comment about pursing it or focuses their efforts elsewhere. Morgana had cooked and everyone had enjoyed the meal immensely; she didn't cook grand meals very often these days but she was very good at it. When dinner was over everyone had thanked her and Molly Weasley had even asked her for tips, it was nice to have guests again, not many people stayed with them these days but it was nice nonetheless. However he was standing outside for a reason; he was going out... well to Diagon Alley she had insisted he go to Gringotts and also he wanted look for an anniversary present for Morgana. They had married on the first of July and neither of them had ever forgot. Though going out meant he would be in the public eye and he had chosen his Merlin form; the goblins knew it and he didn't want his younger form being recognised. The wind was choppy and had to hold onto his staff tightly to prevent it flying away,

"I'm going to regret this," he sighed quietly before vanishing in a flash of blue light.


The courtroom no longer had any sign of the magical battle between Harry and Morgan, Uther had ordered a celebration and the land was hearing about the dark witch's defeat at long last. The flag of Camelot was positioned behind Uther; it was red and gold with a silver dragon in the middle; it was to show strength and the red and black symbolised equality. Camelot preached equality; women had rights the same as men and all religions could be practised, magic was allowed and most people were happy; those who were not had the choice to leave but as Camelot was rich and prosperous; very few did.

Uther was sat in his throne looking calm; he often did, he was not the type to show emotion unless he was deeply affected; though today in the throne room of Camelot in all its grandeur he was almost pleased. It had been three weeks since Morgan attempted to attack and already rumours were flying across the kingdoms that a great sorcerer had arrived to destroy the evil Morgan Le Fay.

"You wanted to see me sire," Harry announced entering the room; he had been studying with Morgana and was working on some more old magic while she experimented with new magic. She had been expecting Uther to summon him and Harry felt she knew a lot more than she was letting on. She and the King were close and Harry thought it was a father-daughter type relationship

"Yes Harry I did," Uther began calmly "Since you victory against Morgan you have become something of a hero," Harry was slightly taken aback; he never thought he would be a hero for stopping her; he was just doing his duty. Then again he had defeated a notorious dark witch in front of a lot of people and she had vowed revenge

"Yes the great Merlin," Uther finished; it took a few moments for Harry to register what the king had just said; him known as Merlin?

"Excuse me," Harry muttered completely caught off guard

"She has told the world that a man named Merlin defeated her," Uther explained "It appears when you uttered the curse Merlin she assumed it was your name and has spread that name across the kingdoms, now everyone is looking to Merlin to stop the witch." Harry had no idea what to say; what about the real Merlin? was there a going to be a real Merlin? was this the legend?

"Now we need to stay strong in these dark times and that is why I have decided to appoint you court Sorcerer," Uther continued

"Court Sorcerer?" Harry murmured; surely that title should go to Morgana! she had been her longer. It seemed Uther knew what he was thinking

"Morgana is our healer and has refused to take up the position; now a man who is famed for defeating Morgan might help the other kingdoms believe in magic again. Perhaps if you can combat her tyranny then there is chance we can stop her for good... however Harry there is one flaw in this," Uther sighed. Harry already knew the flaw; Merlin was the famous name; not Harry, he would need to pretend to be called Merlin, however if it would help the man who had given him food; shelter and more than he could do it.

"I suppose so," Harry conceded eventually; a wide smile spread across Uther's face

"Thank you Harry, I'll let you know when the ceremony can be held,"

"Ceremony?" Harry wondered aloud

"Nothing serious, we just need to give you the title in front of the kingdom and you need to take the oath of loyalty," Uther assured him; not mentioning the fact he had to memorise the entire oath in a week. It was only three pages long and few hundred words; he was sure Harry could do it, ever since he arrived Uther had felt connected to the boy and enjoyed speaking and spending time with him, he had no idea why; he just did.


Harry could have chosen a more subtle place to land; instead he had visualised the entrance to the alley and had appeared just outside it, realising he would have to walk through the whole alley to get to the bank he sighed slightly. He was not going to enjoy this , but he tapped the bricks with the tip of his staff and immediately they slid to one side; he could see the marble steps of the bank but could also see the alley was packed with people.

"Look over there, is that?" he heard someone murmur before he had even entered the alley, a few eyes glanced over him and it took a few moments before the Alley was reduced to silence as they realised who had just entered.

"Excuse me," Harry requested to a young man and woman who scuttled out of his way before he could even finish the sentence,

"Is that Merlin!"

"It is!"

"It's Merlin!" the cry had already gone up and suddenly the crowd surged towards him. A few looked gleeful, others sceptical but Harry quickly moved through the crowd.

"Can you heal me..." someone began from afar

"My cat died and I was wonder.." a woman announced jumping in his path. Harry ignored them; there was no magic that could raise the dead; even a cat.

"How have you lived all this time?" was the next question Harry ignored

"Mr Merlin would you like to buy?"

"A dress for your wife Mr. Merlin?"

"Liar," someone screeched from the distance, he had been expecting something like this but was not anticipating a burly man throwing a punch; the crowd was silent wondering what he was going to do; the man thought nothing would come of his attack but Harry felt otherwise. He flicked his staff and the man froze in mid-air, Harry had never seen him before but obviously the man thought he was a liar

"Excuse me," Harry ordered suddenly throwing the man to one side; accusations was one thing but trying to physically attack him? that crossed the line and Harry was not going to take it. His words were heard by most of the crowd who stood to one side and made a path for him to walk through

"Thank you," Harry announced

"Are you going to believe him? he's always been a lying brat!" The man roared from behind; too afraid to challenge him

"Shut up," someone cried; wanting to remain in Harry's good books

"He has a point," someone else defended the man. Harry was hardly half way to the bank and was wondering just how he was going to get through this

"Move!" an angry voice ordered. Harry turned to see a Goblin and a team of security Goblins accompanying it; they were covered in armour and holding a number of different weapons which were very effective in shutting the crowd up. The goblin leading them; Harry knew while age had withered him slightly; covering his face with a long white wispy beard and forcing him to use a cane to walk he was still known to Harry. This was director Ragnok of the Gringotts; a very powerful figure in the Goblin world and a personal friend of Harry's , it had been almost sixty years ago when they met. Harry had met the Goblin who at the time was travelling the world and had saved him from a dragon that the Goblin had somehow offended. They had quickly become friends and as the Goblin rose through the ranks of Gringotts ; Harry had only encouraged him and offered advice when it was needed

"Ragnok," Harry greeted in his ages raspy voice

"Hello old friend," Ragnok replied with a slight smile "Now would you like to come with us, we might be able to keep the crowd at bay." Harry nodded

"Good, oh and I had a little something made for Morgan, you anniversary is coming up and I thought I could help you find the perfect gift,"

"Thank you very much," Harry beamed at him. Goblin made goods were of the best quality and Morgana still had a golden ring she had won from the first Director of Gringotts in a poker game.

"Come along then," Ragnok smiled and the two old friends walked up the marble steps and into the bank; leaving a surprised crowd and a number of people who had fainted when their hero had entered the alley.

"Hero worshippers," one of the guard Goblins spat as he entered the bank, they had no time for people like that but even they were excited slightly at the prospect of Merlin being among them. He was famed across the Goblin world as a man who stood up for them and helped them gain independence

"So Ragnok how are you?" Harry asked him as they walked through the halls of Gringotts;

"Fine thank you, and you?" the Goblin responded politely, Harry's vault was deep within Gringotts so often Ragnok would keep a supply of gold so they didn't have to journey into the depths of Gringotts and not fall into the mountain of gold Harry had accumulated over the years. Harry assumed that was where Ragnok was taking him but it seemed the goblin had another motive

"I would like to apologise now Harry as a note," Ragnok suddenly announced looking worried,

"Why?" Harry, he never finished as suddenly to large doors were opened, for a moment he was confused then he saw Morgana in her young form sitting on a large leather chair. Then he looked up and saw the banner

I'm Pregnant

Harry did what any other man who was about to have his something hundredth child; he fainted.

"Best early anniversary joke ever," Morgana squealed.