Clatter – North

A loud slam startled North from working on his tiny ice sculpture, but thankfully he was able to set it down carefully without nicking off any corners. His worried face quickly melted into a glare as he turned his attention to the door of his private study. Phil gave Santa Claus the best apologetic look he could muster under all that fur before wildly gesturing to the workshop and voicing a series of grunts.

"What? What is it? You are speaking too fast... An attempted break-in?"

The yeti dashed away from the door and North closely followed, hoping it was not an unexpected visit from their recently defeated enemy. Quickly glancing around the shop, there was no sign of disorder or black sand which alleviated a bit of worry from the warrior giant's face and replaced it with confusion. The rest of the yetis were continuing their usual jobs with the exception of Phil who was as quiet and still as the larger man.

A loud clash caused the master swordsman to snap his head in the direction of the sound. A group of elves were sprawled out on the stone floor with broken cookie pieces and crumbs littered around them. A few rolled around in an effort to stand back up while others quickly snatched a broken piece and nibbled away bits of the cookie.

North's frown slightly curled upward in amusement until a gush of wind nearly froze his right arm as it sped right past him. The guardian of wonder instantly spun around with a fierce look in his eyes, ready for a fight. The door to his private study was now shut with a familiar teenager leaning against it. Before either could say a word, the guardian of fun pulled out a lightly frosted envelope from his pocket and set it on the nearby table. Then the ice elf approached the Russian warrior with an intent look on his face.

"Jack! This is surprise. Looks like you finally made it past yetis."

"…we need to talk."

AN: 340 words. This is for the Rise of the Guardians Secret Elf on tumblr. I hope she likes it. This is the second of four interconnected oneshots.