As this is my last fanfic I would like to thank all my readers and reviewers that suported me threwought. This will be my last fanfic and I hope you all enjoy it as its been a while since I wrote anything. This Scifi came to me when I read something from The Real Simba. Unfortunately he deleted it. I do not own the Lion King as it belongs to Walt Disney animation studios and Twilight zne belongs to Rod Serling Productions and Desli Lou productions.

Twilght Zone meets the Lion King.

Chapter one

Simba returned from a long day of patrolling the Pridelands. He had wandered off and was alone as with his duty. Nala was off leading the hunts and his Majordomo was sick. Everyone was needed somewhere. Simba didn't realize that he'd wandered so far to the East of the Pridelands. In fact he walked into fog. When the fog cleared, he thought about turning around. Unfortunately,when he did turn it wasn't the correct way...

"You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!" (Rob Sterling)

Simba thought he was walking back when he heard an explosion. Worry and fear gripped him. He began to run. Faster and faster his heart raced but soon it calmed as he entered familiar land. It was his home from birth. It was the Pridelands or so he thought.

My goodness Ive been gone for a long while. But its still daylight how interesting. Simba thought.

Simba walked to borders to see the wonderful grasses of the land he called home. The glistening sun was bright and the sight of familiar streams, trees, and water holes came into view. Far off into the distance was the giant rock monolith that was home. Pride Rock as he and the animals called it.

Simba continued to walk and thoughts of his Queen filled his mind. I hope Nala's doing well with the hunt. She learned from my mother and her own. The King smiled at the thought of his mate. In his walk, his ears rose, hoping to hear the sounds of birds. But there was nothing. It was quiet. No birds chirped and no animals were around. He shook his head, thinking the animals were hiding from him. He was the King of the Pridelands and there was a reason to fear a King. Then again it was kind of strange not seeing anyone or anything. Not even elephants, which were known to roam, whether the King was about or not. No sign of the large creatures.

His ears went back. Maybe they're on a long migration. He chuckled and spoke aloud. "Finally, they took my advice. those stubborn packaderms. Simba thought. Simba continued to walk and look around.

He looked around again. It's awfully quiet around here. Wonder if I can find the hunting party. Nala is leading. Maybe we can spend some time together away from the pride. The King heard himself chuckle and headed in the direction he knew the hunting party would be at this time of day.

"That's odd," he said softly. "They're not here, not even the animals." Before he could fully process this, a piercing noise sounded in his ears. Simba winced in pain and after a moment the noise stopped, much to his relief. He looked around once more, thinking on where the hunting party might be. They could be on a long distance hunt. I hope they get home soon.

"Ah what's that noise I again!" Simba winced in his pain of the noise. Then the noise stopped. Then he was fine again.

Maybe there also on a long distance hunt. I hope they get home soon he thought "Maybe I can pay my friends Tojo and Kula and see how they are doing," He said

Simba walked to where the Kutslashers cave was.

"Hello..."Hello anyone home?" He yelled in there cave.

Not a sound of response.

That's strange usually someone's home at this time of day. I know they have a cub what was his name again Kava kuvo? Bah it doesn't matter maybe they taking him hunting or maybe there back at pride rock."

He turned away from the cave then the piercing noise came again. He cringed. His ears fell flat against his head. He growled and when the noise left, he gritted his teeth. "That's it, I need to see Rafiki." The ruler was thankful that the shaman's keep was nearby his friends' home. He hoped the mandrill was somewhere in the tree. The sky was turning to the color of night.

When he arrived at the tree, he looked upward. "Rafiki, you there?" he called out. His ears rose then fell. No reply. "Rafiki!" he tried again with an insistent voice. Still nothing, and Simba was getting frustrated.Time to return to Pride Rock… Maybe everyone is there.

While he ran for home, the noise returned and the more he continued to run, the louder the noise increased. He forced himself to bear it until he reached Pride Rock's base. The giant monolith was home to many generations of Prideland royalty and its lion pride. The beauty never ceased to amaze him, even when he felt panic at the events of today. Simba ran up to the main cave. "Is anyone here? Nala…Tojo… Rafiki…!" He even called out for Bluey, one of the birds who stayed with Tojo, and replaced Zazu as the King's majordomo of the Pridelands.

"Hello...Hello! He repeated even louader into the main cave. Anyone! Nala... Bluey...Rafiki...Tojo! He yelled. Simba got fratic. Then it suddleny was dark. Odd it just went dark like that.

No one came out to greet him. He went to the rock steps and looked downward. No one was around. It's like they just vanished. Even Nala… my mate, my other half… He felt his emotions at the reality of everyone he ever cared about in his life being gone like this. Where are you? Oh, I had better get some sleep this is ridicules maybe they will be back in the morning. I am going crazy.

Darkness had settled in, and Simba was tired. He thought about his shaman, his majordomo, his friends, and, of course his love.

Exhaustion started to weigh in on him. He wanted to sleep. That's not a bad idea. They might return in the morning. Simba lay down on the rock and closed his eyes, hoping a good rest would calm him and when he woke up all this – the strange disappearance of the animals of the lands, of his friends, of his mate and their pride – not to mention the high noises he heard throughout the day – would be nothing but a dream. He wanted that. He prayed for it. All through the night he grunted and panted.

When he woke up, the smell of water buffalo entered his nose. He got down off the rock platform, thinking that such a smell was the reason behind the hunting party's strange absence, or so he hoped. He wanted to see the lionesses. As soon as he was out of the cave, nothing was there. No one was there, not even the water buffalo.

He startled. Did I smell the scent of a water buffalo? Why do I smell something only for it to not be there when I go to look?

Then a shocking thought he should've considered yesterday but didn't come to his mind. Could his pride be in the Elephant Graveyard or the Outlands? His eyes widened at the idea. Fear gripped him and he made a run down the rock steps and into the grass, running as fast as his legs could carry him. His stomach growled. He hadn't eaten which was a rare thing for him.

"Helloooooo he Yelled. Nothing Silent.

In the midst of running and feeling his heart pound he stopped. What was he doing? Why would everyone in the Pridelands be in the Elephant Graveyard or the Outlands?

It makes no sense…

Sighing in defeat, he returned to Pride Rock and stood on its promontory. He wanted to call out but Confusion filled him, followed by panic. He looked out into the distance. There was still nothing… nothing at all. No sight of animals or lions. Where is everyone? Are they dead, and if they are, how? No, it's impossible. He shook his head. They can't be dead. If they are, where are their bodies? Filled with anger and frustration, rage and confusion, he let out a tremendous painful it would be in vain. "This can't be right," he said to himself. "It just can't be."


"He's in a state of shock and can't take it anymore," said a male voice. "His heart rate is way above normal."

"No," said someone else. "We must continue the experiment for the good of a trip to Ceti Alpha II, or we will never know..."

"No please. My husband has had enough. The test was a failure. Lions can't tolerate this kind of freeze sleep for such a time," Nala pleaded to the doctor.

"As you wish. Release him Dr. Becker," the other doctor ordered.

"Sir, he will have to go to a recovery room. And this may shock him too."

"Please, let me be with him," Nala said. "I will recover his memories."

"Well the patient is waiting and his heart rate is up."

The doctors proceeded and brought out the crimson red maned lion onto a sleeping bag that was on a gurney and they brought him to a recovery room. Nala followed the doctors to the room where Simba would be revived to join the real world.

Mr. Simba J. Lion test subject…... in the Twilight Zone.