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Chapter Two Insane or not Insane?

In this episode, animals are anamorphic like Talespin. I do not own the twilit zone or Lion King.

Mr. and Mrs. Tojo J Kutslasher, Newlyweds, and a new life for each other as Tojo is going to be the newest and youngest executive at the pridlenads bank. On their honeymoon their car breaks down and steps into the Twilight Zone….

"You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!" (Rob Sterling)

Tojo and Kula were being towed to Garage that was going to fix their car right up. The two were deeply in love as they were starting into each other's eyes and ignoring the Lion Mechanic talking to them.

"As I was saying you're lucky it wasn't the transmission that's the problem. Don't worry Ill have your motor up in a few hours. And you'll be on your way." Wildcat the Mechanic was saying.

"Oh…Yes.. Thank you so much for the tow." Tojo said. As he was detoured from the love bliss of his wife Kula.

"Ha Ha Come on Tojo lets explore the town." Kula said with a grin

"Your right dear." as they excited their car and walked around the town ignoring everything and everyone in the way.

"Hey a dinner hon you hungry?" Kula asked

"Yes I'm starved dear." Tojo said as the two of them walked holding paws into the dinner.

They got inside and walked to a table with a little device that looking like a Scar driven Rafiki.

They sat next to each other knowingly in love when Tojo saw the toy fortuneteller.

"Hey what's this, a mystic seeier insert 25 cents here." Tojo points to the toy.

"Yes or no answers only." Kula Points out.

"Lets see, will he/she love me?" I know the answer to that as Tojo Kisses Kula on the lips for a quickly and puts his arm around her. "Will I be rich?" I think I know to the answer to."

"Ask it honey?"

"Alright, Tojo puts in a quarter. "Will I be the youngest executive banker?" Tojo pulls the lever.

"It is decidedly so. The paper said

"Hey it's said something positive." Kula said.

"Hold that thought dear." As Tojo gets up, walks over to a pay phone, inserts 50 cents, and dials zero.

"Hello operator, connect me to Mr. Lions Office the Pridelands national bank please." The main branch in the pridelands central. Thank you.

"Hello Tama, Whats the word?" Yes he will….. Tojos Eyes widen in excite. Yes Yes I will Thank you so much Tama. Bye bye. Tojo said excidlely and hangs up then turns to his wife with full of joy.

"I got the job!" Tojo screams.

"You did how wonderful baby" Kula gets up to hug her husband.

After the long embrace, ended Tojo put a dollar in a jukebox and played some soft music.

"Youngest bank executive in all of the pridelands" Tojo exclaimed and gestured to his wife to dance.

"Lets celebrate!" Kula said joyfully. As the two lions began to dance.

As the dancing ended and they finished their lunch, it was now 1pm.

"Wow an executive" Tojo said.

"You earned it honey"

"Well this thing helped. Hmm… .,..…let's see what It knows."

"No dear don't"

"Can I…. No it has to be a yes or no question." Tojo put in a quarter.

"Will I be happy in the future?"

"It may be possible."

"Will we live in the city?" Tojo goes again.

"Honey it doesn't know any better."

No, it said.

"Will we live in the suburbs? Tojo goes again


"Honey that's enough I think you asked it enough." Kula pleaded

"No it got me the job" Tojo puts in another quarter into the toy.

"Will we have a great day today?"

It is not in your favorer.

"What do you mean it's not in our favorer?" No

"Come on honey let's look around the town."

"Wait will we be safe today."

Danger is foreseen.

"Honey lets go look around town." Kula pleased and took him away.

As they were walking they were about to cross the street when a car almost hi them.

"Whoa you okay?" Kuala asked.

"We must ask it more questions." Tojo said in a scared tone.

"Honey but wait…"

Tojo ran back into the dinner, went back to the toy, and put another coin into the machine.

"Will we leave at 2:15?" Tojo asked panicky

Try again.

"Will we at 2:30?"

"It is uncertain?"

"Will we leave at all?"

Are you sure, you want to know?

"Why is something bad going to happen?"

"What will happen in the next half hour to prevent us from leaving?"

You will know.

Tojo kept plugging in coins and asking questions about the future. As everything kept looking true for them. Then Kula had enough of it. It was now approaching 3:00Pm

"Can we leave at all?"

"Come on dear enough is an enough you can't have a machine predict the future. The future is whatever you want to make it. To make it a good one as she spoke sense to her husband.

"Your right honey it's just a stupid toy." The two hugged and kissed and as they left the dinner happy an older version about 20 years older that looked almost like then enter the dinner and sat at the same table the Kutsllashers did.

"Can we ask more questions now? The male lion asked.


A year later hit the Kutslashers as Tojo, Kula were doing fine, and all was well. Then one day Tojo got himself commented in a mental tree hospital cave way in the mountain pride city. Apparently, he didn't needed treatment that long and could be released quickly. His wife Kula came to pick him up to take him home to the pridelands.

Well dear looks like I'm fine after all Tojo said.

"Yes dear. We will have to take an airplane because this weather isn't clear for train travel. I hope that's ok?" Kula asked.

"Yes it is dear. Now come on the past is the past and I'm over that mystic a year ago. Though it say see some trouble would arise next winter."

"Don't Say that honey you don't want to wind up like you have in another mental hospital." Kula scowled to Tojo.

"I see your point. The two lions made a brief peck on the cheek and boarded the DC-4 airplane. Unfortunately, no other planes were available and this had to do.

Midway towards the flight the storm was getting worse and the plane had to fly lower ground and in the weather. It was now late and time for passengers to relax and get some sleep. Tojo on the other hand was not that sleepy. Tojo decided to look out the window and saw hyena like creature jumping on the wing but scarier. He frantically woke up his wife Kula.

"Honey…Honey He repeated. Pulling her tail.

Kula yawned. "What.. What is it dear?"

"Dear.. I saw something…..Something on the wing…. Something. Tojo frantically spoke.

Kula looked out the window and saw nothing.

"Oh Honey there's nothing there." She said. Go back to sleep.

"I…Swear something was there."

"It's probably your ingemination. As Kula went back to sleep.

Tojo then play with his seat but couldn't go back to sleep. He then looked out the window again and saw the Hyena creature jump back on the wings of the airplane and this time another jump on and started taerring up the wing panels. Tojo looked out in pure shock in what he was seeing. He panicked and woke up his wife. This time he called a brown bear sturdiest.

They did not see anything.

"I swear….. I'm not… mad!" Tojo made a panic face.

"Sir there's nothing on the wings of this aircraft now take this pill and have some water." The female bear said.

Tojo pretended to swallow the water as he slipped the pill under his tong and got knocked out. Then when the sturdiest left and his wife went back to sleep he spit out the pill and pulled back the curtains there were the creatures again dancing on the wing and trying to tear up the paneling on the engine.

Then they got a hold of the engine paneling and were breaking apart the engine. Tojo screamed and panicked as he ran towards the cockpit of the plane. A tall grey sloth bear came out of the cabin and asked what the problem was.

"Captain theirs….something on the wings…something's. What do you call it.. Gremlins…"

"Sir Im the chief pilot of this plane and have been flying for 20 years and I assure you nothing is wrong. We hit a lighting storm and everything is under control. Now calm down." The Gray sloth bear barked back.

"Yes your right well if you come with me." Tojo said.

As they got to the seats were Tojo and his wife were they saw nothing.

"I'm sorry sir but you must be…"

I'm not mad…I didn't dream this they were right ….." Tojo interrupted the pilot and then caught himself rambling.

"No your right."

"Please be calm sir were almost there." The pilot said and then left.

Then Tojo saw the Gremlins again. This time really going at the engines.

"No….No I m not mad. Then he saw a gun on a FAA officer who was sleeping. Tojo grabbed the gun from the sleeping rhino and shot at the window that caused the air pressers to explode and the airplane make an emergency landing. Tojo hanging outside the window with the gun.

As the plane landed, Tojo was put into a straight jacket and carried off to a local loony hospital cave.

"No No I'm not mad there real." Maybe your all mad." He screamed, as he was put into an ambulance and he turned his head towards the wing on the airplane.

As the people deplaned, his wife looked at the airplane and noticed the engines were torn apart from an unknown source. Her husband was right.

MR. Tojo Kutlasher. Young lion that took two trips in the twilight zone… Insane or not

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