Secret Santa Bonus:

It was perfect. The perfect festival, the perfect dance, the perfect kiss…the perfect boyfriend. It was official. Lucy's life was perfect.

After their…"talk"…as far as the guild knew, they had worked everything out and were still great friends. That was it, just friends. No one knew about their gifts, confessions, and most importantly, no one had seen them kiss…either time…

After getting together Natsu and Lucy had both gone back inside to their respective groups, who were anxious to know what happened. The two new love birds had come up with a story that they had been fighting because of the job they messed up on. Surprisingly everyone bought it.

After the dance was over Natsu and Lucy walked home to Lucy's apartment. Natsu acted as any gentlemen would. He walked her to her door, kissed her goodnight, and left. At least that's what Natsu would have done if he was a gentleman.

What actually happened was that Natsu and Lucy made cookies for the guild and destroyed half of Lucy's kitchen during a raw cookie batter fight. Natsu thought the cookies were taking too long so he used his fire magic and they oven caught fire so Lucy had to put it out with a fire extinguisher.

After they had given up on the cookies, Natsu and Lucy told happy about them who went into a deep shock for half an hour before snapping out of it and insisting on calling Lucy "Momma". It goes without saying the idea got rejected by both Natsu and Lucy.

By then it was almost 2:30 am and neither of them even cared. For the first time they felt like they were really happy and they didn't want to waste a second of their time together. For a while they just sat on the couch together, until Natsu had a great idea.

By 3:00 am Natsu, Happy, and Lucy were in the forest ice skating on the very same frozen pond that Lucy had hurt her ankle at. Happy was sat on Lucy's shoulders as Natsu and her skated hand in hand.

After about an hour they headed back into town to get some hot chocolate at the 24 hour coffee shop. Lucy and Natsu also split a cookie that was made without burning down anybody's houses or being whipped at anybody's faces.

They decided that since the guild opened in 2 hours there was really no point in going home now, so they took a walk to the giant magnolia tree in the park center. Natsu sat leaning against the tree and Lucy sat in between his legs leaning her head on his chest. Happy fell asleep curled up in Lucy's arm.

Natsu noticed that Lucy was shivering; she had once again refused to wear a coat. He took off his scarf and wrapped it around the two of them. Eventually sleep claimed Lucy too and she dozed off with Natsu's warm caring arms around her.

The sun was beginning to come up so Natsu picked the two sleeping friends in his arms and walked to the guild. Just outside he woke them up and they went inside to await the arrival of the other guild members.

Natsu and Lucy were going to tell everyone what really happened the night before…

Slowly but surely more and more people arrived ready to give out their Secret Santa gifts. Mira made everyone wait to give out gifts until everyone was present. {A/N – no pun intended}

"Alright everyone quiet down, it's time!" Mira's voice travelled far for such a petit woman. Never the less, people shut up and waited to be called to get their gifts. "Happy come get your present!"

The ecstatic blue cat rushed up and tore off the wrapping paper on his gift to reveal a plump juicy fish with a red ribbon on it. "THIS IS THE BEST GIFT I'VE EVER GOTTEN!" He shouted across the whole guild tears streaming down his face.

Natsu laughed and shouted up at him "I got you the same thing last year!" The blue cat sopped crying and smiled bigger than humanly possible.

"AYE SIR!" Everyone at the guild laughed at the silly blue fur ball as Mira called out who got him the gift.

"You have Levy to thank for your gift happy!" As soon as she finished Happy flew over and hugged Levy, then sat down in her lap for the rest of the time.

"Next up we have Grey!" Mira announced.

"Grey walked up and unwrapped his present. Put of the paper he held a par of icicle covered boxers.

"MAYBE NOW YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON!" Someone shouted from the audience. Grey looked slightly embarrassed but kept them anyways.

"Surprise Grey! I was your Secret Santa!" Mira giggled. Everyone burst into laughter at the look on Grey's face realizing sweet little Mira went into a men's underwear store to get these.

Time went by quickly as people went up one by one to get there presents. Turns out Grey had gotten Juvia and he gave her an ice sculpture of himself…she nearly passed out with joy…! Cana gave Gildarts a coupon for 1 free day of father, daughter bonding together…he also nearly passed out with joy…? Happy got Master a fish almost identical to the one he got, but the master was too drunk to care and took the fish with enthusiasm.

Then it was the moment everyone had been waiting for… the moment when Mira called up Gageel to get his present. The crowd quieted down so much you could hear a feather drop. Slowly he unwrapped the paper to reveal a gift card for a year's supply of iron. Everyone waited in silence to see if he would actually keep it. To their surprise…he did.

"Would you like to know who gave it to you?" Mira asked sweetly. The Iron Dragon Slayer nodded lifelessly. "Your Secret Santa was…Erza!"

A chorus of "OHHH!'s"ran through the crowd as people finally realized why Erza had been so upset with who she got. Gageel gave the red head a slightly grateful nod as he sat back down…beside Levy…

Everyone seemed to be going back to their normal routines until Mira realized two people hadn't exchanged gifts… "Hey Natsu, Lucy! How come you too didn't do your Secret Santa exchange?"

It was too late everyone heard. Erza was first to say something. "You two are each other's Secret Santa's?" The blonde and pink haired Madges nodded nervously. "Why don't you give your gifts then!?" She suggested.

Lucy answered for them. "Because we already did."

"When!?" Mira asked half confused half upset.

"Last night at the party…"

Erza's eyes narrowed. "When could you have exchanged gifts last night without anyone knowing? We were all there."

Natsu took the next bullet. "When we went outside."

Levy piled on to the interrogation. "When you to were dancing and Lucy ran out." The two nodded again. "What happened? Why didn't you wait until today like everyone else."

Lucy smiled. "Because it felt like the right moment to give our gifts after everything that happened…"

"Ya. There couldn't have been a better time or place." Natsu smile at his "not so secret anymore" girlfriend.

Mira put down the tray she was holding. "Wait what do you mean…?"

Lucy coughed awkwardly. "Well…we were talking and…-" Natsu took Lucy's hand and held it in his, finishing her sentence for her.

"-Things worked themselves out."

Cana spit out her giant mouthful of alcohol. "YOU TWO ARE DATING!" She shouted.

Lucy smiled even larger. "Yes. Natsu and I are official."

They stood there waiting for everyone to start the yelling and fussing but instead they just cheered for them.

"Were all really happy for you guys." Mira hugged them both.

Happy flew onto Mira's shoulder and whispered in her ear. "Lucy's my Momma!"

"NO I'M / SHE'S NOT!" Natsu and Lucy shouted at the same time.

All of a sudden two giant gloved hands pushed Natsu and Lucy up onto the table. They turned to see Gildarts laughing at them.

"Go on then Natsu, give me my Christmas present."

Natsu stared at him blankly. "What are you talking about?"

He grinned mischievously at the couple. "As a Christmas present to me and the guild…Kiss so we can all see."

The two went bright red and Natsu started laughing like a bad actor would. "Ahahaha…Pshshhhh…your joking right! HAHAHA good one Gildarts!"

"I'm dead serious." The S-Class wizard replied. Now everyone else was on boardand started chearing for them to kiss also.

Lucy looked to Natsu panicked. He looked into her deep brown eyes and forgot anyone else as there. A big Natsu grin formed across his face.

Lucy saw this and started blushing even more. "W-W-Wait everyone's-"

She was cut off by Natsu pulling her towards him and dipping her placing a soft but passionate kiss on her unsuspecting lips.

When they broke apart the guild cheered and laughed at Lucy's face. Natsu got down off the table and high fived Gildarts…Though not exactly in the Christmas spirit one thought ran through Lucy's head….Revenge.

The Blonde hoped off the table and followed her boyfriend to where he stood. "Hey Salamander!" Before he could reply she grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him twice as long as he had kissed her. "Think about that!" She shouted walking out the guild flipping her hair.

The End.

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