Christmas Eve

His eyes fluttered open and saw a hole in the roof of the place he lay. He sat up, looking around at his surroundings. He sighed. Well, if he fell, at least he fell for the one he loved.

How was it wrong that he loved this man? He guessed it was because he is what humans called a 'homosexual' man. He stood slowly, pain shooting up through his body. He walked out of the warehouse, and looked around at his surroundings.

New York City.

He started walking, and found a payphone. He paid the device money he asked for from a stranger, and called Dean's number.

"Hello?" Dean's voice asked. Relief filled Castiel's body.

"Dean." Castiel said.

"Cas?" Dean asked. "Where are you?" Dean asked.

"I believe I am in New York City." Cas stated simply.

"Okay, Sam and I are close. Just pop in whenever."

"I cannot do so Dean." Cas said.

"Why not?"

"I just can't."

"Okay then Sam and I will be there in a couple hours."

"Very well. Goodbye Dean."

"See ya."

Couple Hours Later


Castiel looked up from his lap at the roar of an engine and Dean calling his name. Castiel stood.

"Hello Dean." Cas said.

"Hop in!" Dean called. Castiel nodded, and got into the back seat, and Dean drove off to god knows where.

An Hour Later

"So, Cas, why couldn't you just use your angel mojo?" Dean asked. Castiel remained silent. He didn't want to tell his lover of one year why he fell. Dean would be pissed, and he knew it.

"Well Cas?" Dean asked.

"You will find out tomorrow." Castiel said with a sigh.

"Fine." Dean said, wanting to know more. However he couldn't bring himself to do pester his angel.

The Next Day (Christmas)

"So whats my present Cas?" Dean asked, inching closer to Cas.

"Remember yesterday?" Castiel asked, smiling.

"Yea. Why?" Dean asked.

"I fell Dean." Cas said. Dean and Sam looked at him in disbeleif.

"What?!" Dean yelled.

"I fell so I could be normal." Castiel said, obviously hurt by Dean's reaction. "I wanted to be normal. For you Dean. I waned to love you without knowing that I am a disgrace to heaven." Cas said, tears welling in his eyes as Dean kissed him passionably.

"Cas, I love you. And I love your decision." Dean said, pressing their foreheads together.

"Now you wanna know what your christmas present is?" Dean asked, smirking. Castiel nodded and giggled like a school girl as he let Dean lead him into the extra room they got at the motel.

Sam chuckled and shook his head, pulling out his phone to call his own angel.

Hope you all enjoyed! I will update alot more seeing as I have a new laptop, and there will be more Destiel on my profile soon! Love you!