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Christmas in LA, I will never get use to that, Nell thinks all of the sun, sand and warm air. Growing up in the Midwest, they would normally have been freezing for month at least, here it is Christmas Eve, and she is going into work wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants. No one else would be in yet, she wanted to get in a work out and maybe some time at the range. Putting her items in the locker room and deciding to first get some practice shooting in before doing her cardio training.

Entering the shooting range, picks up some ear and eye protection. Hitting the button that sends the target down the range, she sighs, thinking about the gun she was holding in her hands. Diminutive and demure, no one passing her on any given day would imagine that she would ever shoot a gun, let alone get some enjoyment out of holding the piece in her hands. Once she got the job with the secretive NCIS Ops unit, her boss, Hetty a small secretive woman, came to her advising that she get a small gun for protection and learn to use it, she started out with a Beretta .22 Bobcat, didn't take her long to realize she had a knack for aiming a gun, once she realized that she could be called into the field she started practicing and moved on to a gun that pulled more of a punch so she could be more comfortable and useful if that time came where she was called upon. Thinking of her co-workers, Kensi is the first one who comes to minds as the only other female agent, she would have a lot to live up to if she wants to be able to protect herself. There are days that Kensi can scare some of the grown men she works with. A small smile crept on her face, quickly replaced by concentration as she raised the recently purchased, Smith & Wesson 9mm, closer to what the other agents carried in the field. Squeezing the trigger, she felt relieved and satisfied with the grouping of bullet holes on toward the center of the target, smiling to herself, not bad Nellie, let anyone mess with you. Taking a little more time and firing a few more rounds at the target so brought it close and was happy with the time at the range for today. Putting everything away from where she got it, didn't want to be questioned by the others if they found anything out of place, Hetty knew she was working on her marksmanship but none of the others did. Not something that she really wanted to talk about, since they all saw her as a computer geek, she could imagine that the others would be worried she would get hurt and wouldn't ever think of the possibility of her getting called in to the field, Nell knew better with Hetty. Hetty knew how to push people to get the best out of them. Also Hetty knew about her history. Back in the locker room, she put her target in her purse and will be taking it home to put with her others.

Since it was warming up in the gym and she still had plenty of time until the others come in the office, she stripped off the t-shirt and decided to do her work out in the sports bra and yoga pants, putting her IPod on shuffle and getting moving. Stretching out and warming up, doing some yoga positions that she and Kens do when working out together, when she thinks about it, they have to look ridiculous when working out together. Kensi is around 5'10, long legs, dark hair and eyes and completely gorgeous, Nell is… well… 5'1 if that, red hair, hazel eyes and no one ever looks her way twice. Finally loosened up and ready to go, she gets on the treadmill in the corner near a window, a window that she can barely see out of but see can catch a glimpse of orange on the horizon. Setting a high pace and pushing all of the other thoughts out of her mind and just running. A release she didn't realize she needed, letting the stress of the last few months just melt away.

6 months ago, moving from St. Paul, MN to LA for a job she couldn't tell her parents or family about was the hardest thing she has ever done. But it was a necessary evil. She was the smartest and smallest in her class both in high school and college, she worked hard at everything she did but most never took her seriously.

Going back a few years prior to her move. Who know that she brains would get her a visit from someone who was just as small as she was but way more intimidating that she thought a little lady could be. She was in her last year at Georgetown where she had been studying a ridiculous course load. She hadn't been able to decide on what she wanted to do so being Nell, she did both, once she graduated she would have a masters in both Eastern European politics and South American cultures. Little did she know that would put her on some people's radars, especially when you through in her ability with a computer and easy with learning languages. With all of her abilities she did have her drawbacks, she had control issues, not like rage but she could be debilitated by embarrassment, she never saw herself as good enough, always the second fiddle to someone, her sister, best friend, anyone….

"Hetty Lange Is my name" as she stuck out her fragile looking hand "Nell Jones and I have been hearing wonderful things from your guidance counselor." The look of dismay crossed the young woman's face as she was trying to figure out what had happened.

"Nice to meet you Ms. Lange, what can I help you with." Still slightly confused, she knew her consular, a requirement from the university as she had such a course load for the last several years. But she can't figure out how that man, who she knew was previously a Marine officer, could possibly know this woman.

"I have something for you to mull over while you are completing your studies this year. I work within an office of the military that not many people know is there. And I have always told Major Allen to keep an eye out for someone with your talents. I hear not only are you studying Eastern Europe and South America, you can do many, many things with a computer if left to your own devices. No answer needed now but if you want a job that is going to put all of your talents to good use and let you work with people with just as much talent, I implore you to think about it." Handing her a business card with just her name and two numbers on it, the woman walked away. "I look forward to hearing from you Ms. Jones, trust me, it is worth it."

And like that she was gone. Standing there with the card in her hand, Nell thought Oh my god what did I do to get a visit like that…. Deciding she needed to make an appointment with Mr. Allen as she calls him to find out what is going on.

Back to reality, she is still running, not realizing how much time has actually gone by. People are starting to file into the office, from the bull pen area, her co-worker, Marty Deeks; the LAPD liaison can hear the treadmill going wonders who might be there already. There is wall between the bull pen and gym with a few small windows and a door, which Nell left open, expecting to be done before anyone came in. He looks up to see their little Pixie, running without her shirt on, first off no one has ever seen Nell use the gym and second, his head screamed SHE HAS HER SHIRT OFF!. He has always appreciated the human body, especially the female figure but this makes him a little uncomfortable because she is like his little sister. Who knew she was that buff, she hides it well. He is still trying to process this when Sam Hanna and G Callen walk in to work.

"How in the hell did you make it to work before us Deeks" Sam questions "You normally don't roll in until after even Kensi. What is that noise and why so confused looking?" Noticing that Deeks is staring in the gym with his head slightly tilted, "if you are staring at Kensi she is going to kill you, you know that."

"She is not the one in there, it is a little disturbing, as I have never seen this person run and she is actually graceful at it" Still with the Deeks confused look and shaking his head slightly.

Sam and G join Deeks to see what he was talking about and also get the stumped look on their faces as they realize it is their little Intelligence Analysis. G breaks the silence with "Didn't she walk into the door yesterday and trip over a piece of paper she dropped?"

Together Sam and Deeks answer "Yep."

"Is that a scar down her back?" Sam asks "Anyone heard her say anything about that?" He started wondering what she could have done to get that. It is a long line that goes almost all the way from her neck to the swell of her back but is squiggly, not straight. All of them shake their heads.

All three are surprised when the treadmill stops and she gets off and does this little jig or dance, like jumping or something to whatever she is listening too. G thinks to himself Wow that body has been hiding under those clothes.. Don't get me wrong she is always cute but damn she has a rocking bod.

That was a good run, Nell thinks to herself, time to get ready before anyone gets here. Picking up her stuff from the floor, she all of a sudden gets this weird sensation that she is being watched. Dreading the idea of turning around, she does and sees Marty with this look on his face that is somewhere between confusion and pain.

Realizing he is caught, he looks around and both Sam and G have abandoned him and he alone, staring and is now more embarrassed and hangs his head and throws up one hand in the air like My bad…. Not sure what I was doing….Didn't mean to creep… If you can say all of that from one hand motion.

Running for the locker room, Nell is beyond ashamed that anyone had seen her like that. She tries to not bring any attention to herself like that. Criticizing herself for letting anyone see her like that, especially if he saw it. God, he asks questions all the time of everybody… what if he asks… should I tell someone here…. So they know I understand what they go through with being hurt…..No they can't know about that… that is behind her. Also they may not believe her, her family didn't so why should they.

Nell ran from sight and Deeks sighs "thanks guys, now she thinks I am some kind of creep…."

"Well you are" comes from his partner Kensi Blye who just walked "Who thinks you are a creep and why?"

Sam with his smirk "Nell, she was running on the treadmill when we came in and we all were a little amazed."

"You mean after the door and paper yesterday"

"Yep, plus, as this pains me to say, she had her shirt off and was running in like sweat pants and a sports bra. Not something any of us would have thought to see her in. You, always do, but not her, so we all were a little taken a back." Sam replied. "Also has she said anything about a scar?"

"Not when we hang out, but we normally get pedicures and talk about movies and music. She doesn't share a lot in the way of personal. What do you mean a scar?"

They are interrupted by G clearing his throat as Nell runs past the bull pen, trying to lighten the mood, Deeks asks "So what were you rocking out to Nell Bell?"

Without breaking stride she says "Flogging Molly" and "Drunken Lullabies" two separate statements that confused Kensi as she had no idea what happen and keeps going, not wanting to look at any of them. She was going to be tortured for any information, she is sure of it. Dropping her stuff on her desk and then rushing back out of the room and down the hall to the filing room, where she sits in the corner and tries to relax. Breathing to herself and saying it will be ok, give them time, they will go back to not thinking of me, I will just be the nerd in the corner. Maybe they will just let it go. Then she hears Eric's whistle, that means there is work to do, they have a case, time to stop being, well me, get a grip Nell. Trying to sneak into OPS and into the room where they all stare at her and Eric is already briefing them.

"We have had a recent rash of date rape cases in the night clubs in LA. LAPD has asked that we come in and help due to the last victim was a young mechanic, Cpl. Annie Scott, stationed at the naval base." Eric is explaining as he watches Nell walk into the room like she wants to run right back out. "They think it is tied to a Russian gang that is relatively new to town and they want us to look into it as they have heard we have 2 members who are well versed when it comes to Eastern Europe and the languages and culture from the area."

Looking around, G asked "Who else is versed in Russian culture?" As he has always been the go to guy for anything Eastern European.

"I have a master's degree in Eastern European Politics with extensive studies in Russia and the Baltic States." Nell states quietly. As everyone turns to look at her. They knew she had studied some out of the ordinary subjects, as you would need to, to attract Hetty's attention and they all knew she was picked by Hetty several years ago while still in school and it took her some time to agree to the job.

"I thought you studied South American Cultures." Asked Sam, she had helped him last week when the case was about a Brazilian kidnapping he was working on with the FBI on.

"I did that too, I went to Georgetown and majored in both Eastern European Studies with focus on Russia and the Baltic States and in South American Cultures. Because of those studies learned a total of 6 languages along the way, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch. I am smart… sometimes to a fault. I learn when I don't know what else to do" She got quieter as she spoke, forgetting that she didn't really want to tell them how big of a dork she was. But at the same time she could feel Hetty smiling at her, knowing that Hetty all too well knew everything about her. Good and bad and all in between. All eyes even Eric's went large, staring like she just sprouted another head.

'Well. With that being said, I guess Nell we are going to get to know each other well as it always seem we deal with Russian drug cartel at least 4 times a year. Or at least it seems like they are always around." G said with a small smirk.

"You have been holding out on us, Nell, we all knew you were smart but damn, plus the stuff you do with your computer, remind me to not piss you off." Deeks laughs. She tries to smile but unsure what they are all thinking of her now.

"That I learned on my own, I like to pick at the computer, see what I can break and then fix." Finally getting use to the admiration of the others she straightens up a little and smiles. But still hanging her head just a little.

"Kensi and Deeks, go and talk with the last victim and make sure it is in the same MO as the other attacks. See if she remembers or can give you anything." G breaking every one of their trance on the small woman sitting next to Eric. "Eric and Nell start compiling all of the information you can from each case, mapping out, time, victim and location, so we can see if there is any pattern. Sam and I will go to the last club where the Cpl was last seen. Keep me up to date with what you find."

As everyone files out, Hetty speaks "Nell, I would like to have a meeting with you in my office please in about 2 hours around 10am?" and leaves the room.

Before she can go, Nell is stopped by Eric, "Everything ok? You look like you could puke."

"I just need some air. Be right back." She heads to the women's locker restroom to clear her mind.

Eric didn't notice Kensi hanging back for a minute, quietly "Eric, is anything bothering Nell? Has she been acting weird?"

"Not that I have noticed until today"

"Ok, just keep an eye on her and let me know if you think if anything is up." With that Kensi left and she and Deeks headed out to talk with the last victim.

Nell creeps back in and gets to work saying, "I am fine, I just want to work, please don't ask me any questions right now." As she can feel Eric looking at her and wanting to ask.

Downstairs, G follows Hetty into her office and starts with questions. "Hetty do you know why Nell has such a scar on her back? Was she in an accident? She hasn't said anything to any of us about anything traumatic in her past. If she has issues I need to know as the agent in charge."

Hetty lets him get it out of his system and just politely states "Mr. Callen, if she wanted you to know, she would have said something. Yes, I know why she has the scar and I imagine it will come up soon. But I strongly suggest you do not push. The story behind it, is a very dark one. It is also linked to the reason she does not speak with her family. So tread very lightly because she is a strong woman but she does have some trust issues and she will need all of us very soon. With that, I need you to take her to the range and help her with some target practice. I have convinced her to have some protection around the house as she is a young lady and living alone very far from everything she knew. So please make some time with her this afternoon." With that she dismisses him, when he tries to say anything, she holds it up as to stop a petulant child from questioning her any further.

He returns to the bull pen area and says to Sam "Ok, let's go check out this club."

Everything is very quiet in the office for an hour and a half or so. The time is ticking by and Nell is glancing at her watch, 30 minutes until she has to see Hetty, she probably is going to fire me… She needed the time to prepare the paperwork. I probably did something I shouldn't have and now I am going to lose my job. First my family and now my job. What am I going to do.

Eric continues to glance at his partner and finally, "I can listen to anything you want to tell me. I am here for you. I know you don't talk to your family but you can talk to this family. We all care about you."

It is quiet for quite some time, "I am fine, trust me, I have some of my own demons I have to work out. It is time for my meeting with Hetty. Be back later." Out the door she goes.

Downstairs in Hetty's office, the older woman sits behind her desk and is on the phone. Waving the young analysis in "Yes, Leon, I understand, she has done it before but that does not make me really very happy about asking her. You know what this could mean. She may not want to." Nell sits down uneasily, thinking to herself should I be hearing this, what she is talking about. Hetty hangs up the phone with force, startling Nell. "That man could drive Mother Teresa to kill. Him and Granger. They both get under your skin, you know." All Nell can do is nod.

"Why did you want to see me? Did I do something wrong? I know I was in a bit earlier today but I wanted to get target practice and a workout in before the others got here." Thinking back to this morning, well that didn't work and sighed. Opening her mouth to start another apology for anything she can think of.

Hetty holds her hand up and states, "Slow down Ms. Jones, you are perfectly within your rights to come in use the facilities when you want to but my dear 3:30 am, that was a little early, not to mention that meant you spent over 2 hours in the gym. I don't want you to wear yourself out. But speaking of that, how is the target practice coming? Are you getting comfortable with the Beretta I gave you to start with?"

"I have bought myself a new gun, I wanted one with a little more punch. I have been working with a Smith & Wesson 9mm. Was in there this morning, I think I am doing well. They all hit the target." Nell says sheepishly, laughing slightly.

"Wonderful Nell, I would like though if you were to work with one of the gentlemen out there and get use to firing with someone right there. It is easy to shoot when no one is around. I have to ask, you are a little more on edge than normal, what is going on?" Hetty states matter of factly.

Chewing on her lip, Nell is afraid to answer but does so anyway as Hetty is easy to talk to, at least for her she is. She knows that the other agents find her terrifying. Starting into a famous Nell ramble and 100 miles an hour "I am afraid they know about my scar. I was in the gym today, thinking that I would be done before anyone got here and I wasn't. I was hot so I was running without my t-shirt on. I don't know what possessed me to do it, Kensi does it all the time so I figured no one was here and it wouldn't matter, no one would see. I don't want them asking me a lot of questions. I don't know how to answer them, they all know about being hurt but they will look at me like it is my fault if I tell them what happened. They will think I am weak. They won't want to work with me"

"No one will think you are weak, you went through something horrible, yes, but that has made you a stronger person. You are a very capable woman, who can take care of herself and those she cares about. They will continue to trust you. No one will doubt that you did everything you could to prevent what happened. Unfortunately in the line of work we all do, things sometime happen. That is why the discussion I need to have with you is going to be difficult. Director Vance has asked that I ask something of you."

"What does he want me to do?

"He and I are well aware of the undercover work you got recruited to do as you graduated from Georgetown and he has actually requested that you do the same type of work here on this case. I would work with you on every aspect of the case. You would have me as your first contact, so there is no question in trust. Because I believe you trust me completely."

"YOU WANT ME TO DO WHAT?!" was loud enough that Sam and G heard in the bull pen area and looked at each other. Both having the look on their faces, like, I wish I wasn't here right now.

Back in Hetty's office, "Please calm down Ms. Jones, I understand this is difficult for you to comprehend. As I know this would be difficult for you, I agree that you are the best person for the job. You already know what to do, we know that you are convincing in the role and you are the only young woman we have that has the Eastern European background. We would like to you to go out to the clubs starting Friday and try to get into contact with a young member of the Russian family that we think are involved. I didn't discuss this with the rest of the team as this is need to know and they do not need to know yet. We want to keep a few of your secrets, a secret." Slyly smirking Hetty sits down to let it all set in.

"So you want me to get dressed up each night, go out dancing and try to befriend the daughter of a man who might be drugging young ladies at dance clubs? Really, did you guys look at how that one ended? Why it took me over a year to agree to this job with you? I didn't do so well with the last assignment." Bitterly. Thinking of the scars she bares not only on her back but in her mind. "I almost died. The people who were supposed to be protecting me, they were in on it. That is why it took so long to figure it out, agents were corrupted. I have gotten better about trusting the agents here but that is asking a lot of me." With her arms crossed she sits back and looked incredulously at the woman and what she has asked her to do.

"I know dear, that is why I didn't want to ask you but I agree with Director Vance, I think this has you written all over it. I think you will be the key to pulling this off. But yes you will have to trust the others, even without them knowing the truth. They will not be read in on it until later. We will be getting you ready to go out in to the field by Friday and give you a night out by yourself to scope it out and then on Saturday I will send the team out, that first Saturday night, they will most likely all be in the club but we can pull 2 of them out and have them doing surveillance if needed. This is Monday, Christmas Eve, so we need to get a plan into motion if we are going to do this."

Not wanting to let Hetty down, as Hetty has proven to show more confidence in her than she has in herself. "Fine, I will but I will be honest, I do have some reservations about it. I will need to get some idea of the women this is happening to, so I will review the file and then go out to try and purchase some clothing to fit the bill. I already have an idea that wardrobe won't be able to help me much since they are used to dressing Kensi." Standing up and getting ready to leave, she turns, "Can I go, and is that everything?" Hoping that is all, she can't take any more surprises.

"You have my word that you will be safe, that we will be there for you. You may go."

On her way past his desk Callen stops her, "Hetty wants me to meet you at the range this afternoon to go over some target practice with you, can we meet at 3?"

"Fine, see you then." And races away, leaving them all confused for the second time today. Then continuing up to OPS to get away from everyone. As Kensi and Deeks were just coming back from questioning Cpl. Scott.

Back upstairs, Eric has been working on the clubs, dates, times, victims, every possible item from each case. He has everything logged into the system, so that you can pick one thing and will list that items from each case. For example, hair color, eye color, what they were wearing, which, thinking to herself that will come in handy for picking out what to wear when I go out. He looks as her inquisitively and she shakes his head so he leaves it alone. They work silently for about an hour, Nell silently composing a list of items she will need to get if she is to pull off this look. He hands her a file full of paperwork and just says "this is the information that G would want, you want to take it down?"

"Sure, I think I am going to go do some errands for Hetty after that, I may not be back up here today."

On her way down, she is deciding where to go shopping, first a stop at her house, to get a grip on things. With everything going on she catches the glimmer of Christmas lights out of the corner of her eye, she forgot it is Christmas Eve, again no plans but she does have a lot to prepare for. G had just gotten up from his desk on his way to the coffee machine when he meets Nell in the middle of the room as she is explaining a little of how the file is broken down. They hear a wolf whistle from Deeks and he and Sam are smiling and Kensi is giggling and pointing to look up. Looking up, Nell sees mistletoe above them, G shakes his head but Nell figures, my day can't get any worse. She grabs G by the front of his shirt and pulls him down to her level and plants one on him. Something that no one saw coming, just one toe curling, un-expected, WOW kiss. He has no idea what to do other than to just go with it. He never expected so much passion from just a kiss, just a kiss from the little Pixie they all adore. He had no idea what to do with his hands so he placed them on either side of her face, cradling it and leaned forward just a little. Then she broke it off and with a "Merry Christmas" she leaves "going out to do errands for Hetty, be back by 3 for target practice." G is still standing there, like a dumbfounded teenager, unsure of what just happened. His hands kinds of not sure what to do, kind of in up in the air but then hanging by his side, he is jittery. Not really there. The others can't quite believe it either, they are seeing all sorts of sides of Nell that they didn't think was there.

"How you doing there cowboy….." Sam trying to break the ice.

"Holy shit, glad I didn't get up for coffee right then" Deeks is laughing. This gets him one of the G Callen death stares.

"I won't try to come up with anything." Kensi bluntly says "but wow, didn't see that one coming….. Ever….. Not like in a million years…. You look like you almost enjoyed that." She says smiling and ducking afraid G may throw something.

"вот это да" G is unsure what to do. "I need a minute to process that" still a little groggy looking, like he just had the most amazing kiss ever. Half a smile, even drops the case file she handed him. This invokes another round of laughter from the group. No one has ever gotten the better of G Callen. Embarrassed a little, he decides to head to the gym until Nell gets back, as Hetty told him to take her the firing range this afternoon and show her how to shoot. This is going to be an interesting case….

"вот это да" (wow – that takes the cake, I can't believe it) _ I do not speak Russian, this is from Google Translate.