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She got in her car, shaking, unsure of what she really just did. She kissed G Callen, she molested him… made him uncomfortable, she was sure of it. Why did she do it. That was not in her normal character. She doesn't act like that. But it was good, she would admit. Really good, gave me butterflies in my belly. I bet Deeks and Kensi will have something to say about that one. Oh well can't think of that now, got to get ready for this op that Hetty and Vance think she needs to do.

"So is the world really coming to an end. Have we missed that much when getting to know Nell in the last 6 months." Deeks wonders aloud. "She can't walk without tripping but runs miles on the treadmill. Has a rocking body, big horrible scar on her back, is going to get shooting lessons from Callen, and probably took more classes for her degrees than all of us put together for college. Am I forgetting anything?" He asks Kensi and Sam. "Oh and can lay a man out with a kiss, I don't know if Callen can walk straight after that one! I am just baffled by all that we learned in the last 6 hours about here, when she has been here 6 months."

Kensi tries texting Nell You ok? If you need to talk, I am here, any of us are here for you. Waiting for a response, she says to Deeks "What did the scar look like? You guys have mentioned it several times already?"

"All right, I have already spoken with Mr. Callen about this and will address it once with all of you." Hetty speaks up, scaring them all. "Nell has been through some very dark times in her life, in the last few years mostly. I am aware of this scar and how she received it. Be warned all of you, do not push her. We are lucky she agreed to take to position she is in after what happened to her. She put her life in the hands of people she was supposed to be able to trust and it ended extremely badly. People who were very much in her life like you are now, her co-workers, peers, they let her down. She has trust issues, that is why she does not say much. She will discuss it with all of you when the time is right. But her own family did not believe her when she tried explained what had happened. I have spoken with her and she understands that none of you will think any differently about her when you do hear the story. She is afraid you will find her weak because of it. We are all, Ms. Jones has. Be careful what you ask and say. If she loses faith in the light again, we may never get her out of the darkness." With that she was gone.

Each of the agents looked around and secretly thought to themselves what it could have meant. Each of them thought about the trust they have in their partners and families and wondered what it must feel like to be so alone.

Sam sighed thinking of his wonderful wife, Rachel, who knows a good portion of what his day to day life entails. After the life almost tore them apart, he demanded to Hetty, "I either tell her what I do or I am done." He had expected to turn in his resignation by the end of the day. But to his surprise, when he returned home that day, he found Hetty speaking with Rachel.

"My dear, what I am going to tell you is very important and you must understand that you cannot tell anyone, not your parents, not your children. This is for you and you alone. Your husband is one of those people who protects the common person from knowing some of the evils we have in your lives. We work at keeping others safe, every day. From small issues to large ones. Most of which, he cannot tell you, because it would put you in danger. But please know, you are the one person, he wants to come home to every night. He is very lucky to have you as most of the people we work with do not have that luxury. Most live very solitary lives because they don't have someone in their lives that is able to stand the secrecy. Please understand he does not keep things from you because he wants to but because he has too. I hope this helps you with some of the questions you have with what your husband does each day. You can contact me, anytime, if there is ever anything you wish to discuss." With that she had left and Rachel and he had a better understanding of each other. She was less upset with him, still frustrated at times but for some reason that small woman put her at ease.

Deeks shook his head at the idea of sweet little Nell having dark demons in herself. But he knows all too well we each have demons to fight. He was happy with the friends he had made from the LAPD but he understood the part about not having family. He hadn't spoken with the living members of his family in over 10 years. His parents were not in his life, both were dead, he had been extremely young when it happened but he still remembers when he heard the news. You're dad killed your mom, she is not coming home and you are coming with us and then several years later when they told him his dad had been killed in jail. He then got passed back and forth from his grandparents to aunts and uncles. Never bad people like Callen dealt with just people who had no interest in raising someone else's child. He dealt with it. He is good. Now he has his NCIS family, a great partner and Monty, his dog. Smiled at the thought of the life he now has.

Kensi sat there and thought about it, she loved her dad. If he was still here and had told her he didn't believe her about anything important she would be crushed. She felt her heart break just a little bit for the unassuming Ops agent. She would have never thought that there was anything but a lack of self confidence in Nell. Being another female in a primarily all male world she can understand not wanting to feel or seem weak. But Nell is maybe 24 if that, what hell has she been through. Before she can ponder anymore, her phone beeps Thanks Kensi, I know you are there, I just need some time to process a few things. XX Nell that makes Kensi feel a little better. She still worries but she puts that aside to work on the case at hand.

Callen is in the gym, using the punching bag, thinking about the conversation he and Hetty had this morning, I thought that Nell was just some computer whiz that one of Hetty's contacts had come across, what in the world had she been into that Hetty couldn't or wouldn't tell him. It frustrated him, when people have underlying issues, it can cause issues in the working dynamic like they have. Was she attacked, that can't be, he couldn't imagine that little frame taking much of a beating and what it looked like on her back she would have been close to death if that was the case. The idea of someone laying a hand on her made him rage inside, she shouldn't have to deal with something like that. Unless, had she been in an accident? Trying to push it all out of his head. He needed to concentrate right now on getting so frustration out before this afternoon's target practice, whatever Hetty wanted. Breathing heavily, his mind wandered to that kiss. He smiled at the thought of it. He had never understood the idea of hanging mistletoe to try and get someone to kiss someone else. But today he was glad to be standing there when she did that. He can feel the force of her lips on his, there was no other action to the kiss. Just her grabbing ahold of him and asserting herself. He can't remember the last time someone got the better of him. She certainly did, he tasted the cherry lip gloss she had been wearing and could smell her perfume, and it was light and fruity just what he expected. Come on G, snap out of it, you are in the middle of a case, a case that young women are being hurt. Striking the heavy bag and working it he was more relaxed within the hour. He showers and returns to his desk, waiting for 3 o'clock to get here so he can see what Nell knew about shooting.

Back at her house, the flashbacks begin for Nell. Thinking of how carefree she felt in school, never the one to draw too much attention to herself but she was finally feeling comfortable, realizing that there are more people like her than she ever thought. She thinks about college, finals, trying to decide what she wanted out of life. Then she received a call from Ms. Lange, "Ms. Jones, have you thought any of a job with my organization? I think you would be a great fit with my team. Also I have been speaking with several of my friends about you. One thinks they may have an assignment that you could be an asset to. He might be in touch, please don't worry if someone from the FBI calls, it is not a prank."

"I didn't really think you were serious. I have been trying to decide what I want to do but still have no idea." Nell admitted once she was able to get a word in.

"I think, if you are up for it, I would take the opportunity to work with me and the FBI too, when they call. I can explain a little more of what they are looking for if you would like to meet? I would rather not discuss it over the phone. How about noon at the café around the corner from your apartment? The one you like? I will see you there." As she hung up.

Looking at her phone, she must be used to getting whatever she wants, what does she do? Nell ponders. Noon is not far away, she starts packing up her books and notebooks, and she had been studying when Ms. Lange called. Figuring she would just head to the café and study there while waiting. Approaching her destination, she sees a familiar form. That can't be, she didn't want to meet until noon but she is an hour early.

As she approaches, the tiny but imposing woman starts to smile at her. Motioning to join her at her table. "Ah, Ms. Jones, I figured you would be early and wanted to be here if it was true." Nell notices two cups on the table, the one in front of Ms. Lange looks to be tea and the one opposite looks to be her favorite, large white chocolate coffee with whipped cream, caramel sauce and sprinkles (she has an insatiable sweet tooth). "I took the liberty of ordering your favorite… I think you will find it to your liking."

"Ms. Lange" Nell starts.

"Please Hetty will do." She is told.

"Hetty besides it being a little creepy that you know my favorite coffee, how do you know so much about me? I don't have many friends here; my family is in the Midwest and doesn't know this much about me. What do you do that you were discussing me with the FBI? It is a lot to take in." finally taking a breath, Nell tends to talk hundred miles a minute when frustrated.

"As I told you, I work with a branch of the military that many do not realize is there. It is called NCIS, Naval Criminal Investigative Service; we service the military and assist with items that the police would normally attend to if the person involved was a civilian. Such as murder, kidnappings, drugs, undercover operations, we never know what is going to come across our desks. We also work with other government agencies, FBI, CIA, NSA, the whole alphabet soup. We look for the best and brightest and offer them jobs." She explains. "You are one of those people we search for and rarely come across, we have excellent people in the organization but you have several areas that would be of use. You are well educated about 2 areas of the world understand several languages and are extremely proficient on the computer."

"I have never been anyone, whom someone has searched for, I am a mousy bookworm. I have always been the last choice to be on a team. I blend in and people look right past me." Nell doesn't know why she said all of that but for whatever reason; Hetty is easy to speak with. She feels like she understands her. Instantly embarrassed when s large smile crosses Hetty's face, Nell is sure that Hetty now she's why she is constantly overlooked and they she has made a mistake in pursuing her.

"I have a great sense of people, Ms. Jones, and you are going to be a force to be reckoned with. You need to just get a little confidence behind you and I think it will be interesting to see how far you can go with give the right resources. My friend at the FBI and I think you could help with a case we currently have on going in Italy. There has been a recent rash of disappearances from near the American Air Force base of Aviano, near Pordenone Italy. I know that Italian is not a language you know but we are looking for someone who also has information on current events in Russia. We believe that the missing girls are being taken and sold into human trafficking. We want to send you over to work with the FBI and NCIS agents that have been investigating this case. We need someone who can blend in, look like a college aged dependent but at the same time be responsible and have a good head on their shoulders so that they do not get themselves into trouble." Hetty explained very easily.

Nell thinks about it, this woman makes everything sound so easy. "I am just trying to process everything you said, it is a lot to take in." Rubbing her forehead and sighing, she can't believe what she is thinking but her gut is telling her to do it. This could be her calling, what she needs to do with her life. She could see herself working with an organization that helps solve crimes and mysteries. "I am thinking that I could help but what do I tell me family? They won't believe me if I tell them I am going to be helping the FBI?" They will want to have me committed is more like it Nell giggles to herself.

"That is the only drawback to this career, you would have to tell your family that you are going on vacation with some friends from college that you want to ride the Euro rail and have a little adventure. Something, anything but they can't know what you are doing. It could put you in danger if they happen to tell someone. It is not easy to do but in the long run, I think it has been worth it. You get a team that becomes your family and can understand what you can't tell your blood family." Hetty smiles thinking about her NCIS family, she would do anything for them.

"Ok, I will do it. I can't believe that I am saying that but I don't know what I want to do but I have always been able to work on my own and it works for me. What do I do, when would I leave, and what do I need?" Her head starts to spin with questions.

"I hoped you would say yes, here is your ticket you leave in 3 days; I believe that is 2 days after your finals are over. This ticket will take you to Italy and then someone will be at the airport to pick you up. I will keep in contact with you, to check on you and see how you are doing." She also hands her a new phone, it is quite like the one she has but is aware there is probably something more too it, "I would pack for 2 weeks if I were you. We will provide you with room and board and a small stipend for if anything is needed. Please make sure you ask if you need something or don't understand. This phone has all of your contacts in it plus me, it will work oversees and it also has a tracking device in it. I would keep that information to yourself that is more for just you and me to know. I think this is a start of a career in NCIS. Once you have completed this, we can discuss you coming to LA and working for me permanently." Hetty stands and shakes Nell's hand and with that she is gone.

Back to reality, Nell's shakes her head and thinks, again, what have I agreed to. I can't believe that I let her talk me into another op. I don't know how I will get through this. I need to sort this out if I am going to get in close to this girl. In her conversation with Hetty earlier, Hetty suggested she think about changing her look a little, since it was an op in her own town, she doesn't want to possibly look familiar. Nell knows exactly what to do. Picking up her phone and dialing, "B, can you squeeze me in, I need to get something done and it needs to be done now….. Sure I can be there in 10 minutes….. I will let you know when I get there…. Thanks I owe you one." Hanging up, she leaves her house and gets in her car, the little red Mini Cooper, her big spurge when she came to LA. Heading down a few blocks, parking in front of the salon she goes to. B's Beauties…. Cheesy but she likes the owner, B, not sure what it stands for but the young girl always makes Nell feel comfortable. Walking in, the doorbell chimes and B comes running up, gives her a hug,

"Hiya Nelly B, what is the big fuss, you got a hot date for Christmas?" bubbly as ever, Nell can understand why this girl went into her profession; she can make anyone smile at anytime.

"No but I know you are going look at me crazy when I ask you to do this. I want to dye my hair….." She knows she needs to come up with a good lie for this, B loves her hair color and is going to argue when she asks for it "I have gotten a new job offer at work" B thinks she works at a TV station "they want me to do a modeling job but want me to look a specific way. I need to dye my hair really dark, like that black with the red hue you had a few weeks ago but I think we can do just part of my hair, the top half and leave the bottom red? I need to look edgier, a little gritty? Like eastern European? What do you think?" Nell says hoping that B doesn't ask any questions.

"I think that would be awesome, it won't take anytime at all. Let's do this!" Grabs Nell by the hand and pulls her through the salon, it is pretty quiet today and Nell likes it that way. They chit chat through the appointment about nothing and everything, as B colors, washes and styles her hair. Turning Nell around in the chair and squealing, "I love it, you can do this, you are gorgeous anyways Nell but this just takes that up a notch."

Nell can't believe that is herself looking back, she has never dyed her hair. She loved her natural fiery red hair. She thought it was her only asset but this looks pretty good too. Looking to this side and that side and back again, she slowly starts to smile, I can do this, I will do this. She gets up, pays B and leaves heading back to the mission.

Driving she gets lost in her music she sings to herself and her dashboard…

"It's time to try defying gravity
I think I'll try defying gravity
And you can't pull me down"

She is feeling something she can't quite describe but she feels her confidence coming back. She can do this, she can be a part of this team and she will help take down this person or persons who are attacking girls. She never wants anyone to feel like she did, ashamed, afraid, alone. She and her team will do this. Smiling and still singing as the song flips again, still singing, she wonders what the others would think if they could hear her know.

"I am going to show him what little girls are made of, gunpowder and lead, His fist is big , but my gun is bigger, he'll find out when I pull my trigger"

Pulling into the mission, she walks in, her head held high, right past the agents and into Hetty's office. "So what do you think? I think it will complement my cover well."

"Outstanding, I think it suits you well, I would like you to go and talk with Tara in wardrobe, she thinks she can make you a few things for this op. She is looking forward to putting some, blood sweat and tears as she said it into making some clothes please make sure you get to her before you go to the range so she has time to get started. I would make it very clear if there are things you cannot or will not wear."

Leaving Hetty's office and heading straight to wardrobe, she walks in and there is Tara already starting on a few items for her. Muttering to herself. "Tara, Hetty said to come see you. You are going to make a few things for me."

"Yes, yes, I can't wait, please change into this so I can measure you better. Hetty got these for me, she said they were yours." Handing her shorts and a tank top to put on. "I don't get to make from scratch often and am looking forward to this. You are going to be so easy to fit. Your tiny frame is going to be easy to show off."

While changing, Nell starts "Tara, I do have one request, I don't care what I wear but my back has to be covered. I can't show it off. I have a …" she is cut off before she can finish.

"Hetty already advised I had to cover your back, I didn't ask and you don't have to tell. When Hetty goes out of her way to say something, I listen, are you ready, please come out." Tara sounds anxious. Wringing her hands and smiling, "up here please" helping Nell up on a platform so she can measure her. Quietly talking to herself "Long legs for being so small, we can play that up, tiny waist and decent bust" looking up at Nell "sorry I tend to talk out loud when measuring please, no offense meant."

Laughing out loud Nell states "You just told me I have long legs, tiny waist and a decent bust. How can I be upset with that determination? It does me some good to hear someone say that." Stepping down with the help of Tara, she asks "How long do you need to make what you are thinking of?"

"I will have it done before I leave today, so stop back later and check. That way I can give you the clothes and you can take them home to try them on." Tara says as she is already working on the material she had out on her desk.

Deciding to just leave the shorts on, she puts a T shirt on over the tank top and walks to the women locker room to get her tennis shoes, rather than changing back, she will just wear this over to target practice. Sighing to herself, she heads into the range, to see what awaits her there. She knows that she should apologize to Callen for kissing him but she doesn't know if she wants too. She quite enjoyed it; he seemed to at least not be completely against it.

Two songs mentioned, don't own either of those either but I can see Nell listening to both:

Defying Gravity from Wicked the musical

Gunpowder and Lead from Miranda Lambert

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