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Nezumi jolted awake to find Shion's side of the bed empty. He sat up and stretched.


Nezumi looked over to see Shion cooking. Nezumi stood up and stumbled over to Shion in a sleepy state. He wrapped his arms around Shion's waist and rested his head on his shoulder. He place a soft kiss on Shion's cheek. "What's for breakfast?"

Shion turned his head and coughed into his hand, he turned and smiled. "I made some coffee." He answered and turned to cough again.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Shion lied and poured up the coffee. He handed a cup to Nezumi as he drank his own cup. "I have to go to Inukashi's to wash the dogs." Shion grabbed his coat as he finished his cup of coffee.

Shion always was relatively pale with his white hair and pale complexion. But today he looked as white as his hair.

Nezumi walked over and grabbed Shion by his jacket and turned him to face him. He placed his forehead against Shion's. "You're not going to work." Nezumi finalized.

"What?" Shion looked at him, eyes wide."

"You have a fever, the last thing you need to do is be outside washing some stupid dogs." Nezumi took Shion's coat off and hung it up. "Go lay down." He ordered.

Shion nodded and obeyed. He stripped down and changed into slumber pants and a sweater. He crawled into bed as Nezumi watched Shion cough and turn over in the bed to look at Nezumi. He blushed, "Nezumi…?"

"Yes?" He asked looking up.

"Can you…," Shion interrupted himself to cough. "Can you stay with me, until I fall asleep?"

He smiled as Shion's childlike request. "I'm not going to just sit around and wait for you to go to sleep." Nezumi huffed.

The white haired teen looked down sad, he suddenly felt the sheets move. Arms wrapped around his waist and he was pulled close. He looked up to see Nezumi.

Shion blushed.

Nezumi gently kissed the scar around Shion's neck. "Relax. You act like we haven't been going out."

Shion's blush didn't let up, he knew that Nezumi was right, but he wasn't going to say anything.

Nezumi turned Shion's face to look him in the eyes. Shion's eyes were such a beautiful red and stood out against his snow white hair. He gently kissed his lover.

"Nezumi, you'll get sick if you kiss me."

Nezumi smirked. "A little cold never hurt anyone." He kissed Shion again playfully.

Shion turned to cough.

Nezumi pressed their foreheads together. "Just rest," he whispered.

Shion closed his eyes and snuggled up close to Nezumi, quickly falling asleep.


"Ahhh-Choo!" Shion opened his eyes and smiled when he saw Nezumi turn away from making breakfast to sneeze.

"Bless you." Shion said and got up. He kissed his boyfriend and took the stirring spoon away. "Go get some sleep." He ordered.

Nezumi walked to bed to got lie down, Shion turned off the stove and joined him.