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-Professor Grabiner is a wee-bit on the OOC side because I kinda made him soften up a bit as a result of Ellisana being married to him for one year. He is used to Ellisana visiting him, but often he has kicked her out citing she is disruptive, distracting, and annoying. He also often says she should be studying! :

-I might add another fanfic about the 'development' of these two characters over the year...such as letters they exchanged over the summer. Those would be amusing and how Ellisana's grandparents reacted to her getting so many letters, "Is it a boy from school you like?" :P

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-Ellisana is my original character of my first play-through of Magical Diary. She is a bit of a nerdy kind of witch. She hungers for knowledge. She enjoys learning as a wildseed witch who came into this magical world by surprise. She is terrible at gym class. She pretty much avoids going to that. She attends all of her magic classes regularly. She is rather awkward, quirky, and clumsy in her own little way...a wee bit of outcast sprinkled in there. She becomes more of one when she gets married to Professor Grabiner. Before the events of January 25th 2011, she had a bit of a schoolgirl crush on Grabiner. She would probably not admit that to him though. XP However, she has a sad past she rarely talks about. The day she discovered she had magical powers was also the day she lost her parents in a house fire. Her magic kept her safe from harm, but her parents were not so lucky. She lived with her grandparents until she got contacted to go to Iris Academy.

-I keep playing MBLAQ's Winter Rain while writing the other chapters to this fanfic: watch?v=aqIpeDViOhw :)Kudos to kpop ballad songs!

Chapter I: A Marriage...to be continued..

A year ago, Ellisana O'Faolain made the stupidest decision of her life.

A year ago she was wildseed freshman at Iris Academy in Horse Hall. She was a talented student who worked hard to achieve top marks. She became class treasurer and took on important responsibilities to help the freshman class. She thought of herself as a smart and cautious girl who stayed out of drama or trouble. She never got a demerit in her life.

Then suddenly one day, her life changed forever in the middle of her freshman year. It was January 25th 2011. Her quiet and calm life began to get stormy ever since this eventful day. It was supposed to be an average Saturday for Ellisana O'Faolain. She woke up early every Saturday. She was getting ready to deliver weekly allowances to her fellow freshman class members. She heard a strange and unusual noise coming from a nearby room and walked inside.

In the room, she saw Professor Grabiner on the floor and a Magus demon in front of him. She thought he was in danger. She jumped instantly into the situation thinking he needed help. The demon was ready to hurt Ellisana and then another professor walked in suddenly. Professor Potsdam said something about Ellisana being House of Grabiner to make the demon back off of her. It was quite the confusing situation to Ellisana. The demon disappeared. Professor Potsdam told her in a rushed manner that she had to get married that very day! She suddenly ended up having to marry Professor Grabiner in order to save herself from the Magus demon. It was an embarrassing and troublesome memory at first. She became Ellisana Grabiner..the accidental wife of a Professor?!

Many of her friends alienated her after finding out they were married. Many thought she was 'sleeping' with the Professor all along and that is why she got such high grades. It upset her. Not many let Ellisana explain the story behind her marriage. Her freshman year was ruined by one moment of courage and confusion. In all the loneliness of it all, she oddly found comfort in her husband by 'paper'. She slowly began to get closer to the mysterious and bitter teacher that she once feared and admired at the same time.

One year later, Ellisana became a sophomore at Iris Academy. She still continued to work hard despite the rumors and alienation she often experienced. She worked hard to try and get to know Grabiner a little more as well. She secretly was falling in love with him and his unique charms that not many noticed about him. Professor Grabiner was an intelligent and protective man, who had an air of mystery to him. However, he was cold and indifferent to her. She wondered how he often felt about her. His mood was constantly changing and she could not tell where their relationship was heading. Well... also if there even was a relationship in the first place! She was quite confused.

Then suddenly…January 25th came again. The calendar in her room had January 25th 2012 circled as an important day. The next day was where Ellisana could divorce Hieronymous Grabiner. Today marked a year since they were married by accident. Ellisana and Professor Grabiner were in Professor Grabiner's chambers during the early evening hours sitting at a table by candlelight.

Ellisana had barged her way into his chambers like always. She watched him read a book and would often talk to him about any small thing that would come to mind. Ellisana suddenly let out a yawn, "Oh...I'm sorry."

Professor Grabiner's eyes narrowed and he glared at her a bit irritated "I see that I am keeping you up Ellisana. I suggest you go back to the dorms. I do not wish to have the time-wasting chore of carrying you back to the dorms tonight." He shuddered at the thought of that, "I detest the thought of having another vile rumor spread. The urge to lock you in the underground dungeons of our school would rise."

Ellisana smiled sweetly despite his threat. He was all talk and no bite. This was probably the tenth time he threatened to lock her in the school dungeons. She chuckled, "No worries Professor! I will not fall asleep! I want to stay for a little longer today!" She wondered if he knew what today was. Today it was January 25th 2012. A year of being married...on paper that is. In a day, Ellisana or Professor Grabiner could suggest divorcing. Ellisana figured that he would be very much willing to remove her from his already complicated life. She thought she was like a thorn in his side often. Ellisana looked down, "You do know it has been a year since we have been...married...You know we married to save my life?"

Suddenly the atmosphere felt serious.

"Ella..." His voice became serious, "This is hard for me to admit, but I have grown quite attached to your company over this past year. Yes, you were like a thorn in my side, but after a while...you seem to get used to the pain I suppose."

Ellisana looked shocked. She blinked a few times. Generally Grabiner was very cold and indirect about his feelings toward her. It was odd that he was even using her nickname "Ella" instead of Ellisana as well. When did he ever use that? During the course of their year married, she would often get kicked out of his chambers if she overstayed her welcome. She blinked, "Really Sir?"

Professor Grabiner nodded, "I would not go as far as to lie to my wife." He looked down at a book of his on the table slightly, "However, I feel that it might be best that we will part our separate ways tomorrow. You are still young and you will miss out on life because you are married to me."

Ellisana saw him look down at his book. He often hid his true feelings by cooping himself up here in his chambers reading the hours away. She got up and pulled his book off the table. She was feeling brave just like she was a year ago when she saved his life. She sat on his lap and looked into his eyes, "Hieronymous, what if I were to tell you...I don't care for the petty nonsense I will miss out on." She smiled and put her arm on his shoulder, "What if I were to tell you, I prefer sitting at this table reading with you and learning all there is to know. What if I were to tell you…" She stopped looking a bit scarlet.

Professor Grabiner felt how warm and soft his wife Ellisana was. They rarely touched and he often kept his distance from Ellisana. It strangely felt 'right'. He did not push her away for once. He closed his eyes for a moment then looked at her, "Tell me what? Go on."

It was quite odd that Professor Grabiner even let her stay seated on his lap, he usually kept his distance from Ellisana. Ellisana continued, "That I love you and want to be your wife…for real now. Not just on paper. I want to be more than a wife on paper Hieronymous." She bravely pulled in and kissed him on the cheek and then looked into his eyes lovingly.

Professor Grabiner pulled her toward him and wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace for the first time, "Then we shall continue to be husband and wife, if you wish. I warn you, it may not be an easy path for you Mrs. Grabiner."

Ellisana rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes enjoying this rare warm embrace from Professor Grabiner, "Mrs. Grabiner knows this, but she will continue to try to please him."

Professor Grabiner whispered in her ear, "Well for starters, you need to continue getting high marks. Mrs. Grabiner needs to be the best in her class. Otherwise she will tarnish the Grabiner name! The moment..your grades slip, I will divorce you!"

Ellisana giggled nervously, "There is no need to worry about that! I'm an excellent student Hieronymous! I live to study magic as a wildseed witch! My family is non-magical and...I have been blessed with such powers! I might as well take advantage of the opportunity and learn all there is to know about magic. That is how I feel about learning"

Professor Grabiner stroked her hair gently and nodded, "I know. Unfortunately, a few Horse Hall freshmen tend to say you sleep with me to get extra merit points on exams. Fortunately they are the ones that score so little merit points and have barely any skills. Not even worth me deducting points secretly for them accusing of my clever wife of such foul horseplay. They spend so much time spreading rumors when they could be studying. How wasteful!"

Ellisana blushed a bit, "You are right. They are wasting their time. They should study more instead of spreading dirty lies about me! I wish they would not spread such rumors. You are way harder on me because I am your wife and you have such high academic standards for someone of that caliber. They would be surprised to know…I now spend all weekend in the library reading additional books not covered in class."

Professor Grabiner nodded, "I do have quite high standards for you to meet. Mmm…I wonder if you will ever reach my level Ella." He pulled Ellisana closer and daringly kissed her on the lips.

Ellisana was stunned at first. He had not kissed her since the May Ball last year when she admitted she had never been kissed before. This kiss felt more like a loving kiss between a husband and wife this time. It felt so sudden to her. Did he love her too? She kissed him back gently, "Professor I should let you get back to your reading." She pulled away from him and got up out of his lap, "I am distracting you from your work."

Professor Grabiner felt strangely tired and oddly felt like curling up with Ellisana. It was an odd feeling, but he was a man who once lost a love in the past. He did not like to talk about that. He spent most of his life alone. This was the longest relationship he had ever since the one love he lost tragically. It was strange, he was starting to think, maybe a part of him could try...to love again. He shook his head, "I can make an exception for Mrs. Grabiner for today only. It is a special occasion."

He took off his wizard hat and put it on the table. He rose up and looked towards his bed. He let out a yawn.

Ellisana saw him looking towards the bed and froze a bit. Does he want me to..I AM NOT READY FOR THAT! I...just confessed today. That is moving too FAST!

Professor Grabiner gently grabbed Ellisana by the hand. His hand was warm and welcoming, "I'm tired. I want to sleep. My mind has been restless today. It was just filled with so many thoughts. I just want to fall asleep with Mrs. Grabiner next to me."

Ellisana blinked. Oh he just wants me to lay with him. Phew! That..I can do for him...for now at the very least.

Professor Grabiner got into his bed and looked up at Ellisana, "Is that much to ask for?"

Ellisana shook her head, "Of course, I will comfort my husband. I recall that I vowed to give you my courage and kindness." She moved next to him and Professor Grabiner curled up next to her. He closed his eyes and fell asleep holding her hand tightly.

He muttered in his sleep, "I don't…want to lose…Mrs. Grabiner. I never want to lose anyone close to me…never again. I will protect her with my life."