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"Oh My God! Mustang! I can't get it to work!" Edward stormed in with a little device in his hands.

"What's wrong Fullmetal?" Roy sighed as Edward stormed up to his desk.

"The one you gave me is busted." Ed threw the device onto Mustang's desk.

Roy pressed a button and the screen flashed on.

"How the heck did you do that?" Ed asked, snatching the phone. "I tried everything!"

"I guess, not the power button."

"What power button?"

"The button here that read power." Roy pointed on the device.

"That doesn't read power. If it read power it would spell p-o-w-e-r; it doesn't make sense for it to be a circle with a line through it!"

Roy buried his face into his hands, frustrated.

"Why do I need one of these stupid things?" Edward asked as Roy handed him the phone.

"It's called a cell phone." Roy informed.

"I don't care what it is. Why do I need it?"

"It is now military policy. It helps us keep track of our soldiers while they are out on the field."

Edward sighed and stuffed the phone into his pocket.

Roy handed Ed a mission folder. "Make sure to turn in a report by tonight, or else."

"Yeah, yeah!" Edward walked to the door and smirked. "I will be expecting a reward for my paperwork."

Roy smirked. "I will happily comply, based on the quality."

"Then I will strive for a perfect." Edward smirked and walked out.