Chapter 10

"Do you have its scent?"

"Yes." Edward relaxed, knowing the rabbit will never see him coming.

"Good. How far is it?"

"300 feet away, feeding in a field."

"Alright. Just remember to stay relaxed at all times. Vampires are the fastest things in the whole world, and the most deadly. You can do this."

Edward nodded. "I'm ready."

Roy smiled. "Then go." Roy watched as Edward relaxed, if Edward succeeded, this would be Edward's first kill on his own. Roy blinked and Edward was gone. Roy followed Edward and found him drinking from the dead rabbit. Roy clapped. "Well done."

Edward grinned, showing fangs, after finishing his meal.

"Not bad for your first kill." Roy smiled and kissed Edward's forehead. "Next time though, make sure you kill it first by snapping its neck before biting it, okay?"

"I'll work on that."

"Good now. Let's go home. We need to finish packing."

"But Roy, what about your dream of becoming Fuhrer?"

Roy laughed and held Edward close. "I have all I want right here." Roy kissed Edward's cheek to emphasize his point. "I got us a nice place in the western mountains. It's great; plenty of game, no one around to see us, and no one able to hear us." Roy smirked, playing with the button on Ed's pants.

Edward blushed. "But Roy…"

"Come on. You told me that you always wanted to." Roy kissed Edward's neck. "We are engaged, that gives us more of an excuse to do it."

"No. Not until my last name is Mustang." Edward said, defiant.

"Awwww… Ed, that hurts. I think that is the virgin side of you talking."

Edward laughed.

As they walked down the crowded streets, Roy held Edward close to his body as Ed fidgeted, smelling the humans. "Just focus on getting home." Roy advised.

"I just want a taste, just one taste." Edward begged.

"No. You are on a strict diet."

Edward gave Roy the kicked puppy look.

Roy led Ed home. "See how easy resisting temptation is?"

"You're mean!" Edward turned and jumped, startled, when he suddenly saw Riza there.

"Come to help us pack?" Roy asked her.

"No. I finally came to get a good look at the newborn you created." She looked at Ed and smiled. "Hello Edward."

"Ummm… Hi."

Riza examined Edward and nodded. "You did a good job Roy. I trained you well."

Roy shrugged. "It was a little of the spur of the moment."

Riza noticed the engagement ring on Edward's hand. "Are you two still going to get married?"

Edward smirked. "Yep, I think we've been through enough hell. We deserve some happiness of our own."

Roy walked over and wrapped an arm around Edward. "I plan to marry Edward as soon as I can train him not to attack a priest." Roy laughed at his joked and was nudged in the ribs by Edward's elbow.

Riza smiled softly. "You two will have a great eternity together. Hopefully, I will run into you two again in the future."

"Hopefully, and Riza, I hope you find the right one for you one day."

She smiled and disappeared, leaving a small breeze.

Edward packed up the last box and slide it into the back or Roy's car. Edward turned to look at the outside of the apartment. "I will miss this place."


"Yeah. This is the place we did lots of things for the first time; our first time cuddling as we listened to the radio or you read to me, our first time we kissed, and the first time we slept in the same bed." Edward laughed. "Remember how awkward we were?"

Roy nodded and chuckled. "I remember." Roy gently kissed Edward. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Ready to go home?"

Edward smiled and got in the car as Roy circled around to the other side to get in. Edward was ready. He wanted nothing more than to start a new life with Roy, sure it might be a long life, but he was ready to live it. Edward looked straight ahead as Roy drove, never looking back.

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