Chapter 7

I could smell death already as I opened his room. Tonight would be his last in this world.

A week ago, Edward got to see Alphonse and Winry with their newborn son, Jacob. Edward held Jacob and smiled, he was so happy to see his nephew, his little brother's son. That now seemed like months ago.

I walked in. "Edward, I brought you some stew broth."

Edward weakly opened his eyes.

"Take your time." I gently propped him up so he could eat.

Edward only drank a few spoonfuls of soup before he was done.

I gently stroked Edward's hair. "Edward, there are so many things I wish I could've done."

Edward lost the strength to speak a long time ago.

"There are so many things I wanted to do with you." I watched as Edward's eyes teared up.

"You know how they say that at the end of your life you look back and reflect on all the things you didn't do? Well, I don't want that regret with you. I'm sorry Edward." My canines elongated and I bit into Edward's neck and drank his diseased blood. Edward looked at me with wide eyes, he was shaking a bit. "I don't mean to scare you, I'm sorry." I bit into my wrist and drank a mouthful before kissing Edward and forcing the blood down Ed's throat.

I sat back and watched Edward change, he was fighting it the whole time as his body was sent through spastic seizure-like movements. I watched for a minute or two before it was all over and Edward returned to his sickly looking form.

I walked over and sat down and held his hand. "I'm sorry. But to live again, you must first die." I watched as Edward's eyes closed and he drew his final breath. I kissed his soft lips.

"I will be ready for when you wake up my love." I said and got up. I closed the curtains throughout the house and walked to the broom closet. I pulled out a few packs of dog blood. I knew that I needed to train him early that human blood consumption is off limits. I drank human blood, but a newborn like Edward needed years to learn self-control. I locked the windows and door, I knew that he could escape if he wanted, but I highly doubted he would, he would be too weak at first. I light some candles and turned out the lights. A newborn vampire's eyes were extremely sensitive to light. I walked into his room to close the curtains when I noticed that he was perfectly still. I closed the curtains and sat beside him.

He wasn't breathing.

I gently kissed his cold lips and sighed. "I will be right here when you wake." I promised and held my love's cold hand.

After an hour, Edward's eyes fluttered open.

I was hurt to see that his beautiful golden eyes were now the color of blood, indication of a newborn. "Hey." I smiled and pushed his bangs back. "How are you feeling?"


I smiled, he said my name! "Yes. I'm here." He said giving Edward's hand a squeeze.

I let Edward rest a bit longer before getting up and walking to the kitchen. I poured the dog blood into a cup and walked into the room and sat him up. I held it to his lips and helped his drink.

Edward drank the whole cup and asked for another.

"No, that's enough for now." I said and held my love.

"Roy, what happened? Why am I not dead?"

"Shhh. Rest, you are still way too weak to remember if I told you now." I said tucking him in. "Rest, you will be ready soon." I promised and watched as he passed out instantly.