Title: Near Misses Ch 1 Pairing: Spike/Xander Rating: PG Summary: ummm..slash, kinda. Sap, kinda. General monologue by Spike. To Xander. Yay slashy goodness..^_^ Contact E-mail: imasisara@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: I really wish that Spike belonged to me. But I am just borrowing him for a while. For as long as possible, actually. But eventually I have to return him. Damn.

Near Misses: Chapter 1 Confrontation

What the hell were you thinking? You can't go after something like that! You are human, you idiotic git! You can't just run into the middle of things and think that you are going to come out smelling like roses..or like the Poof. What the bloody fucking hell were you thinking?

Ooooooh no, don't think that you can distract me like this. Those puppy- dog eyes will not work on me. At all. Much. I think. Damn it, what is it with that stupid kicked puppy look? Like you're just begging for more from the one who just kicked you? Why do you think that I won't kick you again? Are you stupid enough to trust me?



I am evil. Soulless. The Big Bad, remember? The one who tried to kill you and Slutty and the other Scoobies? Allied with Adam and Dru and anything else hell bent for destruction. Repeatedly. Constantly. So why the hell do you trust me?

You can't love me.

It's not possible. You are one of the good guys, a bloody White Hat and all that. You can't be with a soulless demon. The picture doesn't fit.

I certainly can't love you.

Wasn't it one of the goodies that said you need a soul to love?

I don't have a soul.

But..I can't not feel for you. You make me want to wrap you in blankets and hide you from the world, so that nothing can bump, bruise, or generally try to slaughter you. They can't. They aren't allowed to.

You are mine.

And that is about as good as I can give you.

That is all I can give you. There isn't anything else.