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New Year's Eve 31, December 2011.

"Happy New Years baby!", Chloe smiles and turns around to look at her boyfriend. She love him, she truly does but it's not the same since... Him.

She forces a smile on her face, "happy New Years Simon!"

He practically beams at her, she feels bad for thinking about Derek so much but how can she help it? He's the love of her life and he just left her two years ago. She met simon a year ago at a coffee shop. He really is sweet but he's just not Derek.

She was brought out of her inner rambling by Simon getting down on a knee, her eyes started tearing up. Form happiness or dread she didn't know. "Chloe I love you more than anything, more than myself or anybody else or anything else. Please marry me,"

She doesn't know what made her give the answer but when she opened her mouth she whispered out, "Yes"

The next thing she knows she sees Derek's face in her mind.


Present day 1, March, 2012


Chloe laughed again at Simon trying to get the last box up the stairs. They have been moving all day into our new apartment and of course the day we move in the elevator is broken. He's panting heavily as he puts the box on the floor and slumps against the wall flailing his arms and legs out which causes her to laugh harder.

"Oh you think that's funny do you?" He playfully growls getting up from the floor.

She squeals and starts running away, he tackles her down onto their new couch and lands on top of her. "Your going to pay for that!"

He starts tickling her all over and she's laughing, squealing, and panting out, "Simon... St..op... Pll... ease!"

He laughs and stops tickling her. Then he gives her a wicked grin and starts kissing her all over. On her forehead, then her nose, then her cheeks. It all becomes softer and sweeter then, he kisses he eye lids and each corner of her mouth. He then places the sweetest of kisses on her lips. She sighs into him and responds immediately. Every time they kiss she she's another face.

She sighs and pulls away from the kiss. Simon doesn't notice that something's wrong, he never does. He gently caresses her face, "I love you Chloe, I can't believe we're getting married in two days!"

I gave him a small smile, "I love you too Simon."

She couldn't tell him what she really thought. That he only has pieces of her heart. He tried to put it together but he couldn't Derek broke it too much. Have you ever seen a broken vase? How it shatters and splinters into a million pieces? Well have you tried to put it back together before? It will never go back to the way it was before.

It won't be as strong as it was. The vase won't hold as many flowers like it used to. Her hearts like that, it won't hold as much love as it used to. She given Simon as much as she possibly could. It's like Catherine and Edgar from Wuthering Heights. Catherine loves Edgar but it will never hold a candle to her and Heathcliff.

She reaches up and kisses Simon again, she puts everything into it and deepens the kiss. Simon groans and pulls her closer, but that's when a kick on the door interrupts them. Simon groans again but not in the same way. Simon gets off her and offers her a hand to help her up. Her face is flushed and a pretty shade of pink. They walk over to the door together and open it. Who is it?



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