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She felt like She just ran head long into a brick wall. She couldn't breathe, She heard this strange noise of somebody choking. She looked up and Simon and Derek. They looked down worriedly at her. Chloe realized that she had to get a hold of herself and closed her eyes. She began taking deep calming breaths.

After a few minuets she stood up. Simon was looking at her expectantly with worried eyes and that's when she realized he was talking to her. She took another deep breath and let it out as she was saying, "Don't worry Simon I'm fine. I'm just tired from moving all our stuff up here,"

She gave him a small smile. He knew all about Derek so she knew he would understand in a minute. She took another deep breath and turned toward Derek, "Hello Derek,"

He was staring at her like.. Well Chloe didn't exactly know what. She figured it wasn't pleasant though. His mouth was in a tight line when he mumbled, "Hi Chloe. I just came over to see how long my new neighbors were going to be moving. I have work."

Her heart fluttered even though he was rude. It had been years since the last time they had a good conversation. Two and a half years to be exact. He cleared his throat. Thank god for Simon. He answered for her, "Yeah we're done for the night."

He said it just as tightly as Derek which was a tip off to Chloe that Simon knew exactly who Derek was. Derek raised his eyebrow at Simon. Simon, of course, being apart of the male species just had to fold his balled fist and raise his eyebrows. That only made Derek smirk, which made Simons hands start to smoke.

Derek took a startled step back which Simon laughed at. Chloe sighed and rubbed her temples, she knew this would end bad if she didn't stop it. She stepped up behind Simon and wrapped her arms around his waist. She started placing kisses on his back and whispered sweet nothings. He calmed down and pulled Chloe to the front so her back was against his front and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Chloe put her hands on Simon's arms and leaned back. She saw Derek look down. She knew he noticed the ring, she tried to hid it way to late.
Something flashed across his eyes but before she could say anything he mumbled,

"Good." and stalked off. Chloe watched him go to the apartment directly across the hall.

'Great,' she thought sarcastically, 'the man I love is neighbors with my fiancée and I. One big happy family'


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