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Gohan gulped nervously, his left hand sweaty as it was curled around a small, red box tucked away in his pant pocket. The atmosphere was overall tranquil and soothing, snowflakes were gently falling outside the frosted windows and a warm fire was crackling in the living room.

His girlfriend and he had decided to stay over at his parents' house for Christmas. Gohan's parents and brother were conveniently out to give them some 'alone time', as his mother had put.

Videl curled up on the couch in a manner similar to that of a cat, her cerulean eyes bleary with sleep. She yawned, her ruby lips forming a perfect o. Flipping a page, she continued to immerse herself in the report she was working on.

Yes. Very peaceful.

At least, that was what Gohan kept telling himself over and over again, hoping to qualm his frayed nerves. His heart felt like it was going to leap out of his chest, and his breathing sounded unusually loud to his ears. He casted another glance at his girlfriend to see that she was unperturbed.

He jumped out from his position on the couch. Now or never. Clearing his throat, he broke the silence and said, "Umm… Videl?"

She looked up from her report curiously. "Yes, Gohan?" Her eyes bore into his, and for a moment there he feared she knew what he was up to.

"I-I uhh… well what I err-" he stammered, redness flooding his cheeks immediately.

"Mhmm?" Videl was used to her boyfriend's stammering, something he did quite often whenever he was about to say or do something he thought was horribly embarrassing. One of them would be to show affection outside of their apartment. To her surprise, he got down on one knee. Was… was this…

Gohan pulled out his hand and opened his palm, revealing the box he had kept hidden. He pinched the top, which popped open.

Videl covered her mouth in shock.

It was a ring with a thin silver band, the diamond set in the middle with an intricate pattern, reflecting off light and making it shimmer. The ring wasn't fancy, just the way Gohan knew she would like. She was captured by its beauty.

"I know you only meant this as a joke last week in the café," he said quietly, "but I really mean it. I love you, Videl, with all my heart, and you're the one and only person I will ever love. Promise I'll take a good care of you." He looked up with large, earnest eyes.

When he was met with only a blank expression, he panicked. Then she broke into a wide grin. "Of course, silly. I've been waiting for this."

Gohan smiled, too, and took her outstretched hand tenderly, fitting the ring onto her forefinger.

"Best Christmas present ever," she said and leaned over to kiss him.

Follow-up oneshot from Coffee, but can be read separately. It's short, but I think I like it better like this. Hope you guys enjoyed it, and a Merry Christmas to all! :)