Third and last short story! I hope you all enjoyed the entire fanfic! Like I said, this is the last one, so I'm going just going to return to reading fanfictions for a while. See you all next time!

Eternal Hold

"Alright," Anise said. "It's time for the next ritual!" Shion, Emma, are you two ready?"

"I-I guess so," Shion said.

"Y-yeah," Emma said.

"Great!" Anise said. "Let's get started. Now, Shion, Emma, please hug each other."

Shion and Emma hugged each other, despite their embarrassment. They both blushed.

"Do we really need to hug?" Shion said.

"Not really," Anise said. "It's just a lot more fun this way. Now, Luu, do the honors, quickly!"

"Right!" Luu said. She held in her hand a phoenix's tail. She got the tail close to Shion and Emma. Before they could separate, the tail wrapped around them, making their hug even tighter.

"With this, the Eternal Hold ritual has begun!" Anise said. "You two have to stay like that for two days while the magic of the phoenix tail makes the Echidna weaker."

"You're going to enjoy this, aren't you?" Shion asked.

Anise smiled. "Well, we'll leave you two alone. Come along, Luu." Anise left, with Luu right behind her.

I'm totally going to get you for this! Shion thought. Just then, he could've sworn that Emma was trembling. "What's wrong, Emma?"

"About that," Emma said. "I have to use the bathroom."

Shion thought that misunderstood that for a second. "I'm sorry, what?"

"I have to use the bathroom!"

Oh, crap!

For obvious reasons that won't be explained at this time, the next scene will not be explained or described in any way. The scenes after that won't be explained either (yeah, I know, the writer/narrator is a party pooper). So, let's skip to the last scene.

It was night time. Everyone was asleep except for Shion and Emma. There were both on the bed, still tied up. They were trying to go sleep, but because of the way they were currently in, they just couldn't.

An awkward silence filled the room. The one to break the silence after a while was Emma.

"H-Hey, Shion," Emma said.

"Y-yes?" Shion said

"I'm… I'm actually really happy we can sleep together."

"I… I am too."

After Shion said that, the awkward silence returned. The one to break that silence was Emma, again.

"Shion, do you mind if I ask you a question?" Emma said.

"Not at all," Shion said.

"Do you… do you think we can continue sleeping together once this ritual is over?"

Shion blushed. He averted his eyes. "Well, technically, we are married, so… sure."

"That's good."

And, once again, the silence returned. This time, it lasted a little longer. The other difference was that the one who broke the silence was Shion.

He looked at Emma. "Hey, Emma…" Shion's voice trailed off. Why? Because Emma had her eyes closed. In other words, she was asleep.

Whatever Shion had to say, he had to leave it for next time. For now, even though Shion was embarrassed, he kissed Emma on her forehead. "Good night." And with that, Shion closed his eyes and went to sleep.