December 23, 2012

Two days. It had been two days since she had left the Doctor; and every minute she was regretting it. Oh of course she knew it was for the best, it had been risky enough meddling with his time line; but she couldn't leave him so broken like that. But Bree knew that by leaving him; she had just made it worse. Oh that didn't mean by leaving him she didn't care about him; it's just she couldn't keep running the rest of her life, as much as she wanted to. So until she was a proper adult, she would have to wait.

Bree knew though what the Doctor was up to; Madame Vastra and her company was keeping him busy, or he would just sulk on the cloud again. But hopefully, things would soon change; hopefully, Clara would live up to expectations.

Bree stood in the middle of the theatre hallway, not quite ready to go back into the theatre. She had come to watch The Hobbit with her family, which she and the Doctor had planned to watch together last week. Aside from taking a break every once and a while for certain reasons, something in the movie was biting at Bree. There was a wizard in the movie, an eccentric, animal loving wizard that bore quite the resemblance to the Doctors seventh incarnation. She could swear the universe was laughing at her.

As she reached up to the top of her head to grab her 3D glasses, when she put them on she stopped; and raised her hand up to her field of vision. They may not be the proper type of 3D glasses, but they were serving their newfound purpose. Around her hand, through the glasses she could see the specks of void stuff. Bree smiled slightly as she twisted her hand to look at the other side of her hand.

Unknown to her, a man in a brown overcoat and with wild brown hair in the theatre atrium stood watching her. Like Bree, he too had 3D glasses on, only his had one blue lens and one red lens. The Doctor watched Bree in marvel and wonder, taking in the amount of void stuff surrounding her. This Bree must obviously be from the future considering the amount of void stuff surrounding her, specifically void stuff that was usually found imprinted in the Doctor and his companions. Like the Doctor though, Bree had time matter surrounding her; although Bree had her own sort of time matter surrounding her from years of traveling her own way.

The Doctor continued to watch her, wishing so much to hug and talk to her; but she gave an impression that told him otherwise. So the pair just stood there separately; marveling in the beauty of time.