This is a story which was in my head sinceI first fell in love with Kurt. And so, here is the first of a drabble chapter I will be posting today. I might continue it in 2013 as I have a few ideas. This is gonna be a terribly AU story. Harry was born in 1991. So when Kurt is in his junior year ( 2010), Harry is 19.

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Kurt still couldn't believe that his first kiss had been taken away by a boy who was in the closet, was not coming out any time soon, and had bullied him his whole life. He just couldn't stand it anymore. All the bullying was seriously making him regret not taking the scholarship for Dalton when his dad offered it. But what was he supposed to do? After nine whole years, his dad had finally fallen in love with Carole and they had gotten married.

He didn't want to spoil their Honeymoon to Hawaii by spending that money on a private boarding school fee, especially because bullying was going to happen his entire life. Even though it had a no-bullying policy and he wouldn't have to be frightened for his own safety. No, he forced himself not to think of the advantages and their helpfulness than think of his own needs all the time. Lauren Zizes had somehow come through and gotten some footage of the tape. Kurt had threatened Dave that he would release the video if he tried to bully him again.

Kurt was normally a very gentle person, but not while shopping. He didn't want to go to such desperate measures, but he had no other choice. His terror of being killed for something he didn't do was paused for the moment, but it didn't stop all the silent insults and shame he went through when people left almost a foot of space between him and them. The rumor that homosexuality would spread like cooties was something he had always laughed about but it just made him miserable now. He knew that his dad knew he was hiding something, but he didn't want to risk his dad's health by telling him that people called him names. The usual advice always given was to let the slur words slide off his back; but how could he? How could he let it go, when what the Neanderthals were insulting was an integral part of him? He had started dressing in less fabulous apparel. He hated to compromise his sense of style and way of representing himself, but the amount of couture he had to throw away, because it was irreversibly ruined because of the chemicals in the slushies, was way too costly for him to manage.

The Glee Club had surprisingly come through for him. Burt had discussed the topic of Dalton Academy with Finn and Carole to make sure they were okay with it before telling Kurt of the idea. Even though Kurt had never seen the place, he had said no immediately because he was the one who did the accounts at the garage. He knew the money wasn't enough and that Burt would have to take out another mortgage on the house. But, Finn was a blabbermouth as usual and spilled the beans when he reached the choir room. The kids had immediately talked about espionage and bodyguards and surrounding him with the Glee jocks. Kurt asked if they were serious, because he had refused the offer to the private school. Inwardly, they all had mixed feelings because they loved Kurt but at the same time, they wanted him safe. So, Puck, Finn, Sam and Mike took turns in escorting him to classes. It still didn't remove the sadness he had when he knew this was just a temporary solution and he couldn't be guarded from verbal insults like this all his life. He didn't want to be a Debbie Downer, but there was no one to keep him afloat. No one who could understand his emotions; no one who was going through the same thing he was. In short, Kurt was having quite a horrible wintertime.


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