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Harry got out of the car and walked towards the bookstore. He didn't want to do much, but Kurt had told him this was good for his career. And Kurt knew best, mostly, so he agreed to do it. As he walked on the streets of England, a small girl stopped him.

He bent down on a knee and asked her, "Hey, what's your name?"

She had bright red hair and a cute smile. "Lily."

Harry's heart skipped a beat, as the kid continued, "I saw you and had to stop you."

After the war, Harry had been stopped many times for random photographs with Wizarding people. However, it had been ten years since then, and he lay low in the Wizarding world. So, this surprised him, but he still acquiesced seeing how it was a little girl.

They took a picture using the WizPhone, developed by Hermione and George. She then smiled widely at him and shoved a book in his face.

"Can you please sign this too?"

Harry laughed, as he realized there was one more reason for him to be famous now. He looked at the familiar cover, designed roughly by him and approved by Kurt in December 2012.

'Trials with a happy ending' by Harry J. Potter

He took out a pen from his pocket and wrote

Always keep smiling. Love, H.J. Potter.

He returned the book back to the girl who looked a lot like his Mum and got a quick hug from her. Just then, she looked behind him and her eyes grew wider. She looked behind and called out for her Mum. An older lady came up to them and looked happily surprised at the person standing behind him. He immediately realized there could be only one person and got his hand out. His husband of three years put his hand into his and smiled.

"And who is this precious girl?"
The mother smiled, "She is Lily, and I'm Martha. It's so nice to see you, Mr. Hummel."

Kurt smiled politely, "Call me Kurt, please."

"I loved your portrayal of Gabe in Next to Normal."

Kurt blushed on cue. "Thank you so much."

He also went through the formalities of autographs and hugs before the mother-daughter pair walked away. Kurt then looked at Harry, "You ready?"

Harry pecked his lips lightly. "Yeah."

They then walked inside the bookstore, outside of which a poster was put up.

Author for the month

Harry Potter

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Autographs allowed


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