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Logan Mitchell's head begins to ache as he looks down at the math homework in front of him. He only has one problem left to go, but he could really use a break. His muscles are tense and he can barely keep his eyes open. Not to mention that there is a six year old girl in the living room that is currently calling his name. When his sister passed away in a car accident six months ago, he was given custody of little Gabriella.

Closing his math book, he trudges to the living room, where the little girl is jumping on the couch. He shakes his head, reaching for her. He has told her a million times that he doesn't want her doing that because she could get hurt. But you know how little kids can be. They never listen.

"I told you not to do that." He says firmly, putting her down.

"But I'm bored!" Gabby whines.

"Just sit down." He tells her. "I'll get you a coloring book."

In the apartment's small office, there are some coloring books laying on a table. One of these should be enough to keep that child out of trouble. Logan is almost finished with his homework and he wants to get it done now, so he can have the rest of the weekend to relax. His teachers are all really understanding of his situation, but that doesn't mean that he gets special treatment.

"Here." He says when he returns to the living room, handing the coloring book and some crayons to her. "I'm gonna finish my homework, okay? I better not catch you jumping on the couch again."

"Kay kay!"

He gives her a quick kiss on the head before returning to the office. He sits back down and picks his pencil back up, his eyes becoming glued to the sheet. Just one more problem, then he's done. The only problem is that it's the hardest one. He has tried everything, but has come up with nothing. He grumbles under his breath, glancing at a picture in a beautiful silver frame.

Six months ago, his older sister was killed in a car accident and Logan was given custody of her daughter. Most seventeen year olds are thinking about upcoming football games and prom night, but his life revolves around caring for Gabby. Their parents were drug addicts and, at sixteen, he got emancipated. In Kelsey's will, she cited Logan as Gabby's legal guardian should anything ever happen to her.

"Okay, this is ridiculous." He mutters, flipping through his math book. "Wait, I've got it!"

By looking at an example, he gets the problem done within five minutes. He jumps out of his seat and eagerly exits the office, peeking into the living room. Finally, Gabby decided to actually listen to him. She's enjoying her coloring book, rather than risking a broken leg by jumping on things that she shouldn't.

"Baby, do you want a snack?" He asks her.


"I don't have brownies." He chuckles. "But I can give you some cookies and milk. How does that sound?"

Gabby closes her coloring book and skips to the dining area, crawling into a chair. Logan grabs a bag of Oreos (Gabby's most recent addiction) and pours a glass of milk for her, taking the snack to the table. As soon as he puts it down, she digs in. While she stuffs her adorable face, he sits across from her and pulls out his phone, logging into Facebook. He absolutely adores his Timeline cover photo of him and Gabby at the zoo. In the photo, he is carrying her and giving her a kiss on her cheek.

"Okay, why is there a moving truck outside?" He murmurs. A middle aged woman and another guy, whom Logan is assuming to be her son, get out of a pickup truck. He furrows his eyebrows, watching carefully. He had heard something about getting some new neighbors, but he wasn't aware that they would be arriving today.

"Who are they?" Gabby asks, looking out the window.

"I guess some new neighbors are moving in." He replies, getting up. Stretching, he goes to the kitchen and grabs a coke, taking a small sip of the drink before placing it back in the refrigerator. He and Gabby are both way overdue for a nap. Well, at least he is. Gabby is a little too hyper, which wears her uncle out sometimes.

"I'm done."

"Alright, let's clean up." He says, picking up the empty glass while Gabby closes the bag of cookies. He puts the glass in the sink, then he takes the bag from Gabby and puts it back on the kitchen island. A pair of arms wrap around his leg and he looks down to see Gabby giving him a hug.

"Hey, it's snowing outside." He says, picking her up. "How would you like to go outside and play?"

Kenzie nods and Logan kisses her cheek, caring her to her room. It takes only thirty minutes for him to get both her and himself dressed for a snow day. Then he takes her hand and they exit the apartment. You know, caring for a child is even harder since he's practically still a kid himself, but he would do anything for his sister.

"Next week, all the kids get to bring their daddies to school." Gabby tells him. "One boy's daddy is a fireman. Can I bring you?"

"Baby," Logan sighs, picking her up. "I work at a convenience store. It's not that cool."

"Can you get a different job?"

Logan chuckles. Oh, this girl and her questions. "I haven't even finished my high school education. There aren't very many options for me yet. Now, once I finish college, I can get a much cooler job."

"You're gonna be a doctor!" Gabby says happily. "I'm gonna call you Doctor Logie."

"You're not allowed to call me that in public." He playfully taps her nose. Once they've made it outside, he puts her down and she practically dives into the white blanket. Suddenly, something cold hits his face and he gives his niece a flat expression. Of course, she would want a snowball fight. She loves snowball fights.

"Oh, it's on." He gets a snowball of his own and tosses it at her, laughing whenever she squeals and claps her hands together. Soon another snowball is thrown in his direction, but not from Gabby.

"Hey!" He whips around, coming face to face with the same guy he saw earlier. What, is the dude just gonna stand there and stare at him? Don't people usually make sure it's okay before they start tossing snow at complete strangers? Ugh, so rude. "What was that about?"


"Well, are you gonna say anything?" He questions. What does he get in response? Sign language. Oh, now he gets it. This kid is deaf. Man, now he feels kind of bad for getting so defensive. The poor guy just want to have a little fun. He didn't mean anything by it.

The boy's mom taps him on his shoulder. She signs back at him and he nods, waving at Logan before following his mother into the apartment building. He watches for a moment, shrugging before returning his attention to Gabby. She gives their new neighbor a wave and he waves back in response.

"We might have to bake some brownies later." Logan finally says. "And take a plate to them."

"Yay!" Gabby cheers. "Now, I want a piggy back ride."

"Alright, hop on." Logan turns around, groaning when the little girl jumps on his back. She keeps her arms wrapped tightly around his neck to keep from falling flat on her butt. Unfortunately, they've had quite a few experiences with her falling on her rear end. That's actually why she isn't allowed to jump on the couch or her bed anymore. No broken limps, just a bruised behind.

"Can we visit Kendall and his mommy?"

"I think they're suppose to be out of town today." Logan answers. Kendall is one of Logan's classmates that lives in a nearby neighborhood. He was one of the few people to really support Logan after Kelsey died. And Gabby absolutely adores him ever since he babysat her a couple months ago.

"Now," He says. "Let's go back inside and make those brownies. I'm freezing out here."

"We can't drop these." Logan says a few hours later, holding a plate of brownies in one hand and Gabby's hand in the other. He saw the new neighbors walking in and out of apartment 120, so he knows exactly where to go. He has a careful grip on the plate, especially since he and Gabby worked so hard on these brownies.

"Mommy said that you dropped your mommy's favorite vase once and she hit you." Gabby mentions. "Your mommy didn't sound very nice."

"Baby, she wasn't." Logan responds quietly. Oh, how well he knows that. His and Kelsey's parents were the worst. Child Protective Services was called numerous times, but he and his sister were never taken out of that awful household. Kelsey moved out as soon as she turned eight and when Logan was sixteen, he couldn't wait any longer, so he made the decision to get emancipated.

"Alright, we're here." He takes a deep breath, knocking on the door.


"Why don't you give these to the nice lady?" Logan says, handing the plate to Gabby. The door opens and Logan gives the lady a friendly smile, kneeling beside Gabby. "Ma'am, this little lady and I have a welcome gift for you. Gabby, give her the brownies."

"Oh, thank you!" She says. "Why don't you come in? Things aren't very organized around here, considering we just moved in, but we would love to have some visitors. And you look like you're about James's age. I'm sure he would love to have a new friend."

Logan stands up straight and reluctantly follows James's mom into their apartment.

"Just call me Brooke or Mrs. Diamond, I don't really care." She tells him and Gabby. "Let me get James."

Logan taps his foot against the wooden floor, playing with Gabby's dark brown hair. He's only nervous about spending time with James because he doesn't know sign language. Therefore, he can't properly communicate. He has never interacted with a deaf person before either, so he has a feeling that he and James will have a hard time getting to know each other.

"Your names?" Mrs. Diamond asks.

"Oh! Um, I'm Logan and this is my niece, Gabriella."

Mrs. Diamond proceeds to sign language to James, who does the same in response. Logan feels like he has entered an entirely different world. He knows that he wants to learn sign language since he plans on becoming a doctor, but the fact that he doesn't know it yet could be an issue.

"He was born deaf." Mrs. Diamond explains. "He's pretty nerv..." She stops to sign language another message to James, who is running a black comb through his short hair. He rolls his eyes and hands the comb to her, crossing his arms. "Anyway, he's pretty nervous about starting school on Monday. I've already spoken to the principal, though. He'll be properly accommodated."

"I actually go to Cook County High School." Logan tells her. "I can always introduce him to some people. I have a couple of friends that I think he would get along with."

"That would be wonderful!" Mrs. Diamond exclaims. "I'm sure he would love that."

"Yep." Logan agrees. "He would."

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