AN: There're various nations using their native language so I'm going to list the expressions up here; I hope I got
them all :)

In the first chapter it's mostly saying "Merry Christmas" in their language
Then we've some Spanish around:
mi amigo - my friend
mi amor - my love

va bene - all right
stupido - stupid
Spagne - Spain

excuse-nous - excuse us
ma chère - my dear
mon amour - my love

and german:
Ich bitte dich, sieh mich an - I'm begging you, please look at me
Es tut mir leid - I'm sorry
Das kannst du mir nicht geben - You can't give me that

It was the morning of December 23rd when Austria, also known as Roderich Edelstein, was about to decorate the big Christmas tree in his huge living room. Golden and silver tinsel hung in his dark brown hair. Silently he hummed Wonderful Dream and every now and then he even whistled. He always loved Christmas. All its lights glowed through dark blue nights, and the glistening snow. He chuckled inaudible when he thought about all the cookies he made through whole December. The scent was fresh and flew through his manor and it was like he was still baking them.

He was just about to place some stars on the green tree when Hungarian Elizabeta rushed in the room and waved with a huge piece of paper.

"Finally!" she exclaimed and stopped right next to him.


"They are coming."


"Roderich!" gently she punched his shoulder. "I just got the promises from Germany." Again she waved with the paper, which actually was their guest list combined with the stuff she still had to do.

Roderich sighed and touched his glasses to move them up his nose.

"On the last minute." he murmured.

Suddenly his heart made a strange leap when some synapses in his brain popped to life. "Ludwig is coming….?"

"Yeah, didn't I tell you just a minute ago?"

Slightly annoyed she blew one of her light brown curls out of her face.

"With Italy?"

"Oh, come on, Roderich, please! Do you really think they would spend Christmas without each other?"

Roderich smiled and shook his head. "Of course not." he said more to himself then to Hungary.

"Oh dear, there is still so much to do, and now they're coming over too, and so less time and… and… and…."

While she talked she waved with the list again and walked circles around Rod and the tree, but the Austrian wasn't listening anymore.

"And I hope Matthew won't forget the maple sauce, oh, and I've to call Alfred to remind him, that we're going to celebrate Christmas tomorrow and not the day after."

She was just about to rush out of the room again, when Rod wasn't able to hold back his question any longer.


When she turned her dark green skirt rustled silently. She sighed but smiled at him. "What's wrong?"

"When Ludwig and Feliciano are coming… w-what about…."

"Prussia?" she interrupted and pulled a little card out of her white apron. "Nope, he hasn't signed the card."

Roderich didn't know why, but somehow it made him sad that Gilbert wouldn't come. He sighed and nodded. "Better is that. He just would have made a mess, like always." With those words he turned his attention towards the Christmas tree again. Eliza was right, there was still much to do.

"Roderich…" she whispered silently and looked at him sadly. She sniffed and left the room.

"Feliz Navidad, mi amigo. Thanks for the invitation." the Spaniard cheered happily and hugged Roderich dearly.

Lovino wasn't that cordially, even growled when Antonio hugged the Austrian. Roderich knew his friends and because of that he also knew Lovino wasn't always that grumpy, cursing little fellow. Actually Roderich knew Lovino could be the totally opposite when he was alone with Antonio, because the latter always used to brag with those moments.

"Thanks, Tonio." he smiled and stepped aside so the two could enter.

Suddenly Antonio pulled Lovino inside and pressed a kiss on the smaller one's lips. For a few seconds Lovino struggled and tried to push Tonio away, but then he gave in and even sighed happily.

When Tonio finally released him, Lovino was slightly flushed and pushed him again. "Stupido, Spagne, why did you do that, stronzo?!"

Tonio chuckled warmly and softly stroked over Lovino's cheek. "Do I need a reason to kiss my sweet little Romanito?"

Lovino snarled and punched his ribs, but his cheeks became even redder and he couldn't help but smile. "Idiota!"

"Mi amor, Lovino, look up."

It wasn't just Lovino who looked at the ceiling, but Rod, too. Austria started chuckling, but the little Italian just raised an eyebrow. "What the…?"

"Hush, Lovi mio. Don't curse about such a nice tradition." Antonio murmured.

Before Lovino was able to complain again his beloved took his hand and pulled him further inside the house.

Again Roderich chuckled silently, when the doorbell rang again.

"Duuuuude, Merry Christmas! Well, actually Christmas is tomorrow, but you guys celebrate it today, which is sooo weird, you know!"

Rod was hugged stormily and had to make a step back to prevent himself from falling back. The American was way too enthusiastic.

"Stupid git!" somebody behind Alfred snorted and lightly slapped the back of Alfred's head. "You are a guest in his house, so behave yourself!"

Roderich waved a dismissive hand and laughed. "No worries. I'm fine, but please come in." He stepped aside again so the two nations could enter. "Good evening, Arthur."

The green-eyed nation smiled friendly and nodded slowly. "Thanks for the invitation, Roderich."

"You're welcome."

"Oh, and we brought New Zealand and Australia, too. They were on our way… somehow."

"Yeah, because you lost the way!" Alfred screamed from the hallway, and then he pulled on Arthur's hand like Antonio did with Lovino before and kissed him dearly.

Roderich shook his head and looked at the other two nations who approached his door.

"Hey, mate!" the taller one exclaimed. "Bloody cold here, but nonetheless we wish you a Merry Christmas!" He hugged Roderich and smiled broadly.

"Kyle." Roderich answered and hugged him back. "And William."

He released the Australian and embraced the smaller nation. "Hello, Roderich." Will smiled and handed him a little package. "It's a cake from all of us!"

"Oh…, ehm, thank you!" Roderich said politely.

"Don't worry, mate! Arthur just got us the recipe!" Kyle laughed loud and gently shoved his darling into the house.

"Hey, I heard that!" Arthur screamed from afar.

Roderich laughed, too and put the package on the drawer next to him. That was the reason why he loved Christmas. It was the time where the nations had the time to visit each other. And if you invited the one, the other one had to come, too.

Then the doorbell rang again.

"Joyeux Noël, Roderich!" Francis greeted him.

He released the Canadian next to him to hug Roderich and smiled happily. "To you too, Francis, Matthew." Roderich let them enter and put the maple sauce, which Canada handed him, right next to the package from the other English guys.

Like the others Francis and Matt started kissing right in the middle of the hall.

"Francis,… Matt! I thought you would never come!" Hungary suddenly appeared in the hall with a little flour on her cheek.

"Excuse-nous, ma chère Elizabeta." The French bowed a bit before her and blew a light kiss on her hand. "We had a little problem with the weather."

Eliza sighed and blushed slightly. "Oh you!" she pushed him a bit and giggled.

Like Great Britain France was the born gentleman and Hungary had a little penchant to such a behavior.

While Elizabeta pulled the two nations in the kitchen the doorbell rang again. Quickly Roderich opened the door again and smiled at the huge grown nation in front of him.

"God Jul!" he murmured and smiled almost unnoticeable.

The smaller nation next to him grinned broadly and carried a huge bag. "Hyää Joulua, Roderich!" He cheered and waved.

A little dog looked out of his jacket and barked happily.

"Fröhliche Weihnachten to you, too." Roderich let Sweden and Finland enter, so Norway and Denmark could follow. The latter one's hair stood up in every known direction and he smiled from one ear to the other.

"So everybody greets you with Merry Christmas in his nation's language? Very well: Glædelig Jul." Matthias said and hugged Roderich..

"Thank you, please come in." Austria answered and winked at Norway who was smiling slightly.

"God Jul!" he muttered and smiled like Sweden before.

"Thank you, Lukas. Please come in."

Tino had pulled his beloved Berwald into a sweet kiss and didn't even notice that the other two Nordics had followed.

"Why…?" Lukas murmured and lifted one of his thin eyebrows.

Denmark chuckled and looked at the ceiling. "I see…" So he pulled Norway closer and kissed him.

Austria sighed silently. "Hey!" somebody stopped him from becoming depressed.

Immediately Rod turned around again. "I'm sorry, Sealand."

The little nation held the hand of the silver-haired man next to him. "And hello, Emil."

Iceland nodded friendly. "Gleðileg Jól, Austurríki!"

"And Merry Christmas!"

"Thank you, Merry Christmas to you, too!"

The two nations stepped in and Emil's Atlantic puffin jumped from his shoulder and flew over to the barking dog.

Iceland chuckled silently and followed Sealand down the hall to the living room. In contrast to the others they didn't stop for a kiss in the hall.

Roderich was just about to bring the cake in the kitchen, when the doorbell rang again. He sighed and put the package down.

"Good evening, Roderich!" Bulgaria greeted him and hugged him. "And Merry Christmas!"

"Good evening, Damyan and of course to you, too, Alexej!" he said and looked at Romania right next to him.

He nodded friendly and smiled. His pointy eye tooth glistened within the light of the hall. "Crăciun fericit!

"Well, that's kind of a jawbreaker, don't you think, darling?" Damyan chuckled and took the Romanian's hand.

Alexej shrugged. "Like yours sounds better: Весела Коледа!"

Roderich laughed and shook his head. "It's okay, as long as I can imagine what you were about to say; so Merry Christmas to you guys!" He winked and stepped aside. "Please come in."

It didn't take long and Bulgaria and Romania ended up kissing in the hall before joining the others in the living room.

Austria wasn't able to close the door when he heard happy chanting and suddenly Feliciano stood on his doorstep.

"Buon Natale!" screamed Italy and jumped Roderich, cuddled him and sighed happily. "I'm so happy to see you again, Roderich. Thank you so much for the invitation, and I'm sorry that it took us so long to respond."

"Easy, Feliciano!" Roderich laughed and stroked over the little one's back. "And don't worry about that, at least you came." He winked and patted the little one's shoulder.

"Va bene!" the Italian laughed and jumped in the hall waiting for Germany to follow.

"Ludwig…" Roderich smiled and hugged him gently. "Fröhliche Weihnachten."

"Danke, Rod." The German answered and smiled too.

"Ludwig, look!" Feliciano screamed slightly, and pulled on Ludwig's hand. He jumped the German and kissed him enthusiastically.

"Woah!" Ludwig chuckled and cuddled his beloved.

With a kind of longing glance he looked outside for a moment. He still had hoped he would've come, but he didn't. So Roderich thought about the guest list and mumbled every name to make a mental tick behind each listed member and sighed again.

Somehow his heart ached and he carried the package and the maple sauce in the kitchen. Matt, Francis and Eliza were about preparing the food and were happily laughing.

"Mon amour, Mathieu…" he heard Francis.

"That flattering won't help; you really have to add more sugar, believe me!"

Half-heartedly he pushed the French, but smiled fondly.

"Guys!" Eliza interrupted their flirting and shoved them apart and took a deep breath. "Did you take care of the goose?"

"Pardon? What goose?" Francis chuckled, when Eliza was just about to explode.

"Lizzy, ma chère, he's just teasing you." Matt said and touched her shoulder so she would calm down. "The goose is ready, you just have to decorate it and bring it in the living room."

Elizabeta cursed. "Damn you, France!"

"Easy!" he chuckled and ducked from her wielding pan and hide behind his beloved Canada. "It's the festival of love and family!"

Hungary laughed and stopped trying to hit him and put the pan down. ""You're right!"

Love and family!, Rod sighed silently and quickly shook his head. "Eliza, they're all here now."

Everything was so peaceful. Each nation had his darling or best friend with him and even Hungary has been with Romania's older brother for years, now. Like his younger brother Transylvania also had pointy eye teeth and dark reddish eyes. Slightly shivering he carried the goose over to the table and placed in the middle.

"That looks so…"


Immediately Rod looked up right into two light blue eyes which glowed in the light of the candles.

"Actually I wanted to say delicious, but awesome fits too." said Arthur. He took the hand of the American and squeezed it gently.

"Thank you, anyway." Austria's voice sounded a bit creaky.

Smiling at the two English guys was very hard for him at the moment or smiling at all. Even when he wasn't there he caused Roderich trouble. Just a simple expression and Roderich's heart ran wild. Damn that stupid Prussian! Last year they had a terrible fight and Prussia swore he never would come back visiting Austria.

"Rod..?" The only female nation interrupted his thoughts.

"Yes?" a bit confused he looked at her and blinked.

"The goose." She answered and handed him a huge and very sharp carving knife.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Rod murmured and took the knife.

"Are you okay?"

He nodded and blew a kiss on her cheek. "Of course, and now would you finally sit down and calm. Everybody's here and the food is on the table, you did a wonderful job."

Gently he pushed her down on her seat. "So who wants one of the wings?"