One Year Later

It was Christmas again and he ran to the wooden entrance of the manor.

"Coming!" he screamed and increased his pace. "Goddammit, I need a scooter for this house!" Finally he reached the door and quickly opened it.

"Vee~ Buon Natale!"

He laughed and caught the little Italian. "Felice amico mio. Come stai?"

Feliciano giggled happily and jumped a bit. "Va bene! But it's still strange without you at home!" The little Italian leaned against Germany and sighed. "Right?"

His little brother nodded and was about to answer when somebody interrupted. "Who is it, darling?" the other nation walked up to him and laid his arm around him.

"It's Feliciano and my brother." Gilbert answered and blew a kiss on Rod's cheek

Roderich blushed a bit and shoved him gently. "Hello, you two… and Merry Christmas."

"To you too, Roderich." Ludwig answered.

Feliciano cheered again and took Rod's hand. "You have to show me the chocolate cake!"

Without even waiting he pulled Roderich away. Gilbert chuckled silently and let his brother enter. "Welcome, brother." He smiled and hugged the blond nation.

"Hello, Gilbert."

He patted his little brother's shoulder and smiled broadly. "How are you?"

Ludwig smiled too and followed him inside the house. "Good, but like Felice said, it's still strange."

Gilbert chuckled and sighed silently. "I won't leave him!"

"I know!" Ludwig shook his head. "Everybody can see how see how happy you two are."

They walked into the kitchen and observed their beloveds. Roderich tried to explain Feli how to make cream properly and how to avoid that it became butter.

"What are your plans for January 31st?"

Ludwig took his eyes from Feliciano and Roderich to look at his brother. Gil smiled fondly and showed him his left hand. He took off a silver ring and handed it over to him.

"Liebe meines Lebens December 25th" he read silently and gasped. "You two are…."

"...going to marry each other!"