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"You must be tired after such a long match, eh Echizen!" Momo exclaimed grabbing the younger boy in a headlock, "You should go home and get some rest, you should. I'm sure Oishi-fukubuchou and buchou won't mind making the celebratory party tomorrow, ne buchou?"

Tezuka shook his head, "Of course not." the brunet adjusted his spectacle, glancing at the first year, "You really should go and get some rest Echizen and don't worry about the party, we'll call you tomorrow and let you know what time you should meet us at Kawamura's."

Though put out by the change of events, Ryoma couldn't disagree with the claim, he was a bit tired and sleeping did sound like a good idea, "Alright. I'll see you guys tomorrow then." he replied, shouldering his tennis bag, turning he was about to leave when three people appeared behind him.

"Hello Echizen-kun." Yukimura greeted with a smile, "Do you mind if we walk with you? I wanted to ask you something." Not seeing any harm, boy wonder shook his head, waving towards his friend the quartet, consisting of the prince, the child of God, the emperor and the devil headed towards the doors. "That was an interesting match wasn't it? You're quite talented for one so young, and I wanted to ask you about joining Rikkai next year to help Kirihara run the school." the blunet smiled.

Kirihara crossed his arms and pouted, "I don't need help with the school, Yuki-buchou especially not from a chibi." the petulant reply earned him a sharp look from Sanada, who reprimanded the boy for his words, "Whatever." the seaweed headed male replied, green eyes close and nose stuck up into the air.

Ryoma rolled his eyes, "I'm fine at Seigaku though." he replied, adjusting his bag.

Sanada nodded his head, "It's always good to keep your options open." the emperor was about to continue with his speech when a startle sound caused the group to glance towards Kirihara, "What is it Akaya?"

"I forgot my bag in the locker room!" the second year cried out causing both Sanada and Yukimura to frown at the boy. Kirihara could be so forgetful at times that the team tended to worry allot about him, to the point they would worry about the kid losing his head if it wasn't attached to his body. "Can someone come with me to get it?" he turned hopeful eyes upon his captain, who just smiled.

Ryoma murmured something beneath his breath, "I guess I'll go with you. There was something I needed to ask buchou and the others anyways so while you get your bag, I'll go and speak to them." the rookie stated pivoting on his feet and leading the older male towards the stadium once more, much to Kirihara's appreciation.

Yukimura chuckled, "Boy-a sure is nice, isn't he Gen? He didn't need to make up an excuse to go with Aka-chan, I'm sure you would've caved eventually and gone back with him." Sanada crossed his arms and nodded his head. It was true, for all of his apathetic and indifferent attitude, Echizen Ryoma was very kind where it mattered most.

"Hey thanks for coming with me Echizen." Kirihara grinned as they reached the entrance, both stopped upon hearing talking, wondering what was going on. "Looks like your team is still talking, you can go and hang out for a while until I get..." the older boy froze, when Ryoma placed a hand over his mouth, shushing him.

Golden cat like eyes glared at the team in front of him, "They're talking about me." he whispered, causing Akaya to widen his eyes as he turned towards the group, allowing Ryoma to drag him towards the darken corner where they would be able to see and hear Seigaku but they wouldn't be able to see them in turn.

"I can't believe he actually did it. Nice call in getting that brat to play against Yukimura, Tezuka, genius. How did you know he'd be able to pull it off?" Oishi questioned, a smirk tilting his lips. "I mean, not many people could defeat the 'Child of God', not even you. so you had to have confidence in that kid?" Despite pretending to be the 'mother' of the team, Oishi was far from motherly and it hurt to pretend otherwise.

Tezuka shrugged his shoulder, "With his attitude, I was positive he wouldn't be able to stomach a lost, especially not when he'll be letting his team down."

A snort was issued, "Yeah." Fuji chuckled, a sadistic sound that caused many to shiver, "It's too bad that we won't be able to hurt the little bastard though." the tensai crossed his arms, "I can't believe he actually thought we cared about him, well at least one good thing happened with him joining our team."

"Yeah! We're finally the champions, and to think, all we had to do was suck up to a brat, pretend to be all nice and shit." Green eyes turned and glanced at the captain, "Can we kick him off the team, tell him that he needs to focus on the US Open or something. I don't want him on the team anymore, it was hard enough not to strangle the interloper when we needed him, It'll be impossible to stop now that we don't need him."

Tezuka smirked, uncharacteristically, "We can get rid off him as soon as possible. We don't really need him now that we hold the National title. I can't believe how foolishly naive he could be, and all I had to do was spit out some touching crap that Yamato use to preach, 'Be Seigaku pillar of support.'" Fuji and Oishi chuckled at the thought of their previous captain, "As if."

"He did well choosing you as the captain." Fuji teased, "If only he knew how manipulating you could be and the real reason for you being injured by that senpai was due to your taunting of the poor guy." the tensai snickered.

Oishi smirked, "Foolish move indeed, but that's how we wanted it." green eyes glanced towards his partner, a hint of worry entered his eyes when he saw the guilty, regretful and remorseful expression gracing his partners face, but before he could voice his concern for the younger male, he turned his attention towards Momo who asked him something.

Off to the side, four people shared a look. At first they had all been in it to win it and using a kid they didn't know was alright but the more time they spent with Ryoma, the more they started to have real feelings for the kid and it hurt Eiji to realize that after tomorrow, he'd never get to hang out with the small boy.

Kaidoh hissed and Taka chewed on his bottom lip. Inui scribbled into his notebook, glasses glinting, but they didn't dare intrude in the conversation, after all, they had been apart of the scheme from the start. They dreaded to think what would happen if their coach heard what they'd been doing. They were sure the punishment she'd come up with would be a thousand times worse than drinking Inui juice.

Having heard enough, Kirihara wrapped an arm around the trembling shoulder beneath his arm and pulled the boy away. The poor kid didn't need to hear anymore of his team, his friends badmouthing him. "Come on Echizen, I can always get my bag later, I'm sure it'll still be there tomorrow. I'll just have Sanada or Yukimura accompany me."

Hearing footsteps Yukimura and Sanada glanced at the younger boys, the former with a smile about to ask something, but the smile was wiped off almost immediately at the sight of Seigaku's first year, "What happened?" he questioned, Sanada's frowned looked allot worse then his usual ones.

Kirihara's eyes narrowed, "Seigaku is a bunch of bastards. We heard them talking." green eyes glanced at the younger boy, "They were using him from the start. They saw his potential and used him to win the Nationals. We heard them saying how they'll drop him since his no longer needed." Yukimura and Sanada stared shock at that.

Ryoma bit his bottom lip to stop the cry that wanted to escape his throat. He thought he'd finally found real friends, but it was all a lie, he should have stayed in America, gone to the prestigious academy his cousin attended and joined their tennis team. "I need to get home now." he whispered, lowering his head at the three. "I'll see you later." with that said, boy wonder took off and the other three didn't have the heart to stop him.

"They're going to pay for hurting that chibi." Kirihara hissed. He had become quite fond of the kid since the goodwill games. He was beyond grateful that Ryoma had given him a chance to prove to the others that he had changed from who he had been to who he could become in the future. Yukimura and Sanada couldn't help but agree with their baby's statement, the former wrapped his arms around Kirihara and pulled him towards the exit. They had to leave before Seigaku arrived, there was no way he could assure their survival should he see them anytime soon.

Ryoma ran, angrily swapping at his eyes, golden orbs flared, he would make them pay for this. No one made a fool out of Echizen Ryoma and got away with it. "Oyaji, call Naru-chan, tell him I'm going home and that I have some stuff I need to talk to him about."

Nanjiroh blinked and glanced at his son, "What happened?" Ryoma took a deep breath and told his father what he had heard. Scowling, the former samurai stood up and paced the floor, "Those ungrateful shits, how dare they use you like that! I have half a mind to call that old hag and rant at her." he turned and glance at his son, "Go get packed up, I'll call Naru-chan and tell him what happened as well as notifying Ryuuzaki-sensei about your transfer and how it was a last minute emergency dealing with a family member that ought to keep those lying idiots away."

Ryoma nodded his head and stood up, "Thanks oyaji." he whispered before making his way towards the stairs. "Is Ryoga still there?"

"The last I heard, no." he replied shaking his head.

With a nod, Ryoma ascended the stairs and headed towards his room to pack up his needed belongings. It would be a few years before he makes his return and by then he would be strong enough to make them pay for hurting him. "Your going to regret ever messing with me."


(To be continued)

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