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*That Night*
-At the canteen-

Kanda cleared his throat, glancing around the room, "I have news for all of you." At the sound of the man's voice, everyone glanced towards the front of the room where all the coaches stood. "Your opponents from Herrington Heights Academy arrived earlier today, and they'll be joining us for dinner. They're going to be here any minute, led by their coaches, so..." before the Hyotei coach could continue, the doors opened allowing the HHA students entrance.

The first to enter was Team ANBU led by Hatake Kakashi. They walked single file across the floor, before pivoting on their feet, military style, with the captain and vice captain standing in front of their team. The Kichōna hōseki followed moments later, led by their manager, Echizen Ryoga. They stood beside the other team with the captain and vice captain taking the front, both Kakashi and Ryoga retreated towards the other coaches.

Everyone, sans Rikkaidai, were shock by the teams appearance. The team nicknamed ANBU were dressed in black pants, gray vest and black boots. While Kichōna hōseki wore gray pants and black vest. The porcelain mask they bore shone ominously beneath the lights, especially the ANBU's.

"Hello." The tone was cheerful with a hint of ice. Glancing towards the speaker, they blinked at the image of a snarling fox, "I'm the vice captain of Herrington Heights Academy's tennis team, ANBU, and I'm pleased to be here." he pointed towards the
one standing beside him, "As I'm sure most of you have deducted, but this is team ANBU's captain." Everyone glanced at the captain and recoiled in surprise at the sight of a grinning crow. Seeing the reaction, Fox crossed his arms, "Why is everyone always scared of a grinning crow then a snarling fox."

A snicker was issued from behind, "You're just not terrifying enough." Naruto turned and scowled at the one wearing a sneering wolf mask, "Admit it already Kit, you're a little girl in comparison to Karasu." Sasuke (Wolf) was elbowed harshly in the side by two people; the first being concealed behind a rabbit mask and the second was hidden by a Hawk. "Ouch."

"Watch how you speak to Kitsune-sama, Ookami-teme." Neji (Hawk) replied, his sneer being hidden from view. He hated when anyone teased the blond. Naruto was a younger brother to him, and as the older he was quite protective over him. Sasuke scowled but didn't bother to retort.

Itachi patted Naruto's arm, smile concealed as he moved towards the front, the blond falling into step behind him. "ANBU's captain, Karasu!"

"ANBU's vice captain, Kitsune!"

Wolf and Rabbit took a small step forward, "Ookami and Usagi. We're ANBU's double one pair." Haku stated as Dog and Beetle moved to join the other two. "ANBU's double two. I'm Inu and that's Kabutomushi." The last two of ANBU moved to join their companions, "He is Shika and I'm Taka, we play singles three and two, respectively, though we alternate when the situation requires it."

"And my name is Hatake Kakashi, I'm ANBU's coach."

Everyone stared at Herrington Heights ANBU team in awe. Most of them were impressed, while those from Rikkaidai smiled in amusement. They couldn't wait till everything unfolded

Ryoma stepped forward with Kevin on his heels. "I'm Cats eye Apatite, most just call me Cats eye though." he glanced towards his vice captain, who grinned behind the mask he wore, "I'm the vice captain, names Star Sapphire, fans call me Star, Sapphire or even Double S."

"We're Kichōna hōseki's double one's team, I'm Tourmaline and that's my partner, Snowflake Obsidian. Fans call him Snow or even Obsidian." Another pair stepped forward, "And we're Kichōna hōseki's double two, my name's Lepidolite, often called Lepi and he's my partner, Sodalite." The last two stepped forward, "I'm singles two, Smithsonite, shortened to Smith and that's single's three Pyrope Garnet, usually referred to as PG."

Ryoga smiled, "And I'm Echizen Ryoga. Kichōna hōseki's coach. In a few days another will be showing up, he's Kichōna hōseki's trainer, and is pretty close to the captain, so I'll advice you watch how you speak to either one in the others presence."

Naruto turned, "What do you mean by that Ryoga? They better watch how they speak to Cats eye no matter what. I won't hesitate to maim anyone who even looks at him the wrong way, much less utter a cruel word against him." Itachi wrapped an arm around the younger, holding him back from doing anything too drastic.

"Of course, of course." Ryoga waved his hand, a smirk on his face. "I relent, the team is protective over both Cats eye and Kitsune, so I'd watch how you speak to either of them." As if to back the claim, the group nodded, voiced their agreement or grunted, though you could tell they cared by the dark aura that practically swam around their bodies.

Rolling their eyes, which went unnoticed, both Naruto and Ryoma turned, "We're leaving now." the blond stated, his eyes glanced towards the Rikkaidai team, who got the hint. "We'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good night." with that said, the cousins led their team from the room. A few moments later, the Rikkai team slipped out, which went unnoticed by everyone.

ANBU: Itachi (Crow) (Necklace: Sphalerite)

Naruto (Fox) (Necklace: Spessartite Garnet)

Sasuke (Wolf) (Necklace: Pletersite)

Haku (Rabbit) (Necklace: Tanzanite)

Kiba (Dog) (Necklace: Smoky Quarts)

Shino (Beetle) (Necklace: Seraphinite)

Neji (Hawk) (Necklace: Moonstone)

Shika (Deer) (Necklace: Goshenite)

Coach: Hatake Kakashi

Kichōna hōseki: Ryoma (Cat's eye Apatite: Cat's eye) (Necklace: Panther)

Kevin (Star Sapphire: Star, Sapphire, Double S) (Necklace: Cougar )

Billy (Smithsonite) (Necklace: Tiger)

Terry (Tourmaline) (Necklace: Butterfly)

Tom (Snowflake Obsidian) (Necklace: Lion)

Alexander (Pyrope Garnet) (Necklace: Hummingbird)

Elliot (Sodalite) (Necklace: Wolverine)

Chroma (Lepidolite) (Necklace: Lynx)

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