Author Note: So you all seemed to be a little agitated by the fact Ichigo "cheated" on Orihime. Well this chapter will settle everything. Will they work it out or will Ichigo be packing his bags. Guess you just have to read the chapter to find out.

Do You Still Love Me?

Ichigo kicked a rock leading up to the stairs of the Kurosaki Clinic. He had taken the day off to try & cope with the current situation hoping to recooperate and figure out where Orihime now resided. After she walked out on him last night he hadn't been able to sleep or think straight.

Ichigo reached the front door when a tall dark haired man answered the doorbell. "Well if it isn't the man-whore," he said. Ichigo turned his head to avoid eye contact with his father. Isshin was snarling at Ichigo. "How could you treat Hime this way? I thought you were a man not a five year old boy at the playground." Ichigo didn't say anything fearing that his father would use his words to his advantage. "She told me everything you know." he rambled on. "And you still have the nerve to come and see her." Ichigo sparked up at this insult. "Hime's here?!" he questioned. "Oh I guess I said too much," Isshin looked like a confused little kid whose ice cream fell on the floor. "I have to see her," Ichigo remarked as he walked in the house passed his father. Isshin stopped Ichigo before he could go any further. "No, she doesn't want to see you." Isshin squabbled. Ichigo's eyebrows narrowed. "How would you know that?" "A father's instinct." Isshin lied through his teeth. "No it isn't. Besides she's not even your child." Ichigo pushed Isshin back. "Yeah, but she's my daughter-in-law." Isshin pointed out. Ichigo was starting to get frustrated with his dad. "Where did you find her?" "She was headed towards Tatsuki's house in the rain last night. She looked sad, cold, and lonely so I told her to come stay with me because that's what a great father does." Isshin explained. "Well I'm glad she stayed here and not at Tatsuki's place or Tatsuki would kick my ass." Ichigo sighed in relief. "I wish she would kick your ass," Isshin mumbled. "Let me through so I can see Hime," Ichigo said one last time. "No," Isshin firmly said again. "Fine," Ichigo turned around to head out the door. Isshin dropped his guard long enough for Ichigo to whip around to maneuver past his dad.

Ichigo ran, placed his hands firmly on Isshin shoulders, and spread his legs in a split as he jumped over Isshin. "ICHIGO!" Isshin yelled as his son darted up the stairs. "Gosh, I hope they can work this out," Isshin murmured while rubbing the back of his head.

Orihime was sitting on Ichigo's old bed, rubbing her belly when the door flew open. Orihime was startled and a little surprised. There in the doorway stood a panting Ichigo. She turned her head towards the window to look away from his glistening eyes. "Why are you here?" she questioned. "Because I love you," he said closing the door behind him. She coldly ignored him continuing to rub her belly. They sat in silence for a minute before Orihime spoke. "She's pretty Ichigo," "HIME." he sternly jumped back. "I don't have feelings for her. I only have eyes for you." Orihime shrugged, "It didn't seem that way to me." He sighed and leaned back against the door.

"Hime she was drunk, I keep telling you that,"

"That doesn't explain why you were touching her."

"Hime she was coming on to ME. I even told her that I am happily married."

"Are you Ichigo? Are you really?"

She stopped him dead in his tracks. "Uggg, Hime." There came a snicker on the other side of the door. Ichigo slammed the sole of his foot against the door he leaned on. "Woah!" Isshin yelled falling backwards.

"Piss off, old man!"

"Sorry, I couldn't help but overhear."

"Yeah right! Between you and Yuzu, you eavesdrop the most!"

"Sheesh, I said I was sorry. And let me apologize in advance for the trouble that I'll probably cause."

"What the hell do you mean?"

"I uh-"


"You bastard."

"Hey I apologized in advance."

"You called Tatsuki? Damn, now that's another bitch I have to deal with."

"Excuse me?" Orihime squawked. He turned around to face her. "Not you, Hime. I was talking about, never mind." "Here she cooOOoomes." Isshin warned in a sing-song way. Stomping was heard from the stairway as an angry Tatsuki made her way to Ichigo's room. "Hey there, Tats." Isshin greeted. "CUT THE CRAP! WHERE THE HELL IS ICHIGO?!" she was breathing like a deranged man. She backed up and kicked down Ichigo's door. "It was unlocked dumbass," Ichigo glared at her. Tatsuki growled. Isshin crawled in on hands and knees. "It's ok, I can fix that Tatsuki." He then crawled over to Ichigo. "You're paying for that door," he murmured to his son. Ichigo groaned.

Tatsuki stomped over and grabbed the collar of Ichigo's shirt. Who the hell do you think you are?! She barked. "What are you talking about? YOU'RE the one who barged in here," he said removing her hand from his shirt. He shoved his hands into his pocket while she continued to rant and rave. "How DARE you treat Orihime like that! Messing around with another woman!" Ichigo jolted back. "I wasn't messing around with another woman!" Tatsuki backed up a little surprised by his reaction. Orihime looked at her best friend and her husband. "Ichigo," she murmured. He balled up his fist trying to hold back his rage. "I LOVE my wife, but sometimes I just… GAAAHHHH!" He slammed his fist into the wall leaving a giant hole. Everyone in the room jumped completely caught off guard. "I missed your touch. Ever since your 7th month of pregnancy, we haven't been able to be as interment as usual. It just got to my head and when Ms. Yukari began to come at me like she did, I just couldn't help myself." Ichigo slumped down on the bed with his hands over his face. Orihime walked over to her husband and kissed his lips. "Ichigo, I had no idea that you felt this way." "Hime," he said looking into her eyes.

"We can fix this Ichigo, both of us."

He smiled at her and then stood up to pull out his phone. "Yes, Ms. Kichida. I won't be coming in to the office for the rest of this week." Orihime looked at her husband in surprise. "B-but Mr. Kurosaki?" Kichida stuttered on the other end of the phone. "The rest of the week?" He looked up at the ceiling and then back at his wife. "You're right," he smiled. "For the rest of this month." "WHAT?" Orihime, Tatsuki, and Ms. Kichida questioned in unison. "Yeah, just tell everyone I'm on a business trip and Mizuiro's in charge. You can handle that can't you Kichida?" he winked at his wife. "Uh, y-yes." she replied. "Good see you in 2 weeks." he hung up his phone and turned to his wife. He grabbed her waist and pulled her in for a passionate kiss. "Ahh, it's good to be back."

Author Notes: This chapter was kind of short, but I wanted it to be the make up scene. I even threw Tatsuki in there. I really don't like writing her into my stories. Hope you all enjoyed it. The next chapter should be cute and humorous. *hint hint* ;)