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Baby Showers and Wedding Bells

"Here," Ichigo said holding an envelope out in an extended motion. Rin stood in front of his desk organizing some paperwork he just handed her. "What is it," she questioned. He looked up at her. "An envelope." "I know that," she barked at him. He chuckled. "It's the invitation to Hime's baby shower."


He raised an eyebrow. "My wife."

"Oh, right. I just never knew her name."

"Really, because you two were talking yesterday so I figured you at least KNEW her name if nothing else."

"It wasn't much of a talk."

He raised his eyebrow yet again and placed his pen on the desk. "You know she's not mad at all about what happened yesterday." Rin sighed and placed the papers against her chest. "How can she be so…forgiving?" "What do you mean?" he pressed her, wanting to know exactly what she was saying. "She just forgave me so easily as if you flirting with me was no big deal." Ichigo removed his glasses and rubbed his temples. "Let's clarify something here: I didn't flirt with you. I may have been a little too friendly, but I never FLIRTED with you." She tightened her grip on the papers. "Well what about at the club, when you slapped my ass?"

"I'll admit it, I can't hold my liquor very well. And when I DO I usually become more flirtatious than I often am."

"That's no excuse."

"It's not an excuse, it's the truth. That's why when I drink it's mostly around my wife."

"Well it's a dumb reason if you ask me."

She turned around to face the opposite direction and allow her back to face Ichigo. He pushed away from his desk, stood up, and walked around to the front to stand in front of Ms. Yukari. He shoved his hands into his pockets out of habit when caught in situations such as this one. "Rin," he began, "I know about your past relationship with your ex-husband." Her body tensed and tears began to build up just waiting to stream from her eyes. "I know it was hard breaking away from someone you thought loved you." Now the tears had fallen from her eyes and began rolling down her cheeks. "He was abusive, Rin." She shook her head, "No. He was only abusive because he was constantly drinking." Ichigo placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's good that you got out of the relationship when you did. It could have gotten much worse." She sniffled, "What could possibly have been much worse than all the terrible things he had tried to do to me?" He looked at her with concern in his eyes. "He could have tried to kill you." She no long tried to fight back her true feelings. "It just hurts. It hurts to know he didn't truly LOVE me," she admitted. He hugged her in hopes of comforting her. "I can't tell you that I truly understand how it feels, but I do know this: It's not the last relationship you will ever have with someone." She looked up at him with wonder. He speaks as if he knows from experience. He reached over and handed her a tissue. She accepted his gift of sympathy and wiped her eyes. She forced a smile and mentally dusted herself off.

"Well we better get back to work boss. You don't want to be working on these forms over the weekend now do you?" She teased attempting to get him back on track. "Yeah, I can't be working on this THIS weekend. Hime would KILL me." He said scratching the back of his head a little frustrated. "Damn, why the HELL do pregnant woman insist on having babyshowers? It's stupid and a waste of time. Woman sitting around, rubbing the mother's belly, and giggling about the silliest things. It's just stupid." He was seething with frustration. "Oh come on it can't be that bad. Enjoy the experience of parenting," she chuckled. He glanced over at her with his brows furrowed. "You're getting a laugh out of this aren't you?" She giggled, "No, not at all." He smirked. "I bet it won't be funny when I take a few hundred dollars out of your paycheck now will it?" She gasped.

"HEEYY, You can't do that."

"Yes, I can I run this damn place."

"You better get your balls checked. All that testosterone is starting to get to you."

"That doesn't even make sense." he held his stomach chuckling.

"Yes it does."

"Well it's not relative to the subject."

"Whatever boss."

He laughed at his assistant, "Get back to work."

"My lady, the time is approaching to make our presence known."

"I see. Have all the arrangements been made?"

"Yes my lady, they have."

"Good. I want you to make sure our plan proceeds without fail."

"Because failure is not an option, my lady, and it is not something that I choose comprehend."

"Yes, that's why I'm sending you as the messenger. I trust no one else with a mission so important. You will not let me down."

Yes, my lady."

"Soon enough the time will come and your life as a soul reaper shall end, Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Welcome, everyone! Come in!" Orihime giggled as she greeted friends at the door. The baby shower had started and guests were still arriving. "Orihime, you're just as beautiful as always." Rangiku smiled. Out of a shadow there was a twinkling eye. Suddenly, the mysterious being lunged at Orihime. "Why wouldn't my darling be beautiful?!" Chizuro exclaimed. "Even when she's pregnant she's still a hottie!" There was a smashing noise as Tatsuki rammed Chizuro's face into the tile floor. "And even when you're an adult you're still a pervert!"

"Ugg," Ichigo grumbled. "Don't worry Ichigo. Try to relax." Renji encouraged his comrade to calm down. "Tch, easy for you to say." Ichigo continued to grumble, "You're not the one throwing the baby shower. I fold." He took a swig of his beer and threw down the cards in his hand. "Wow Ichigo, you're on a roll today." Uryu said sarcastically while collecting his pile of loot. "Oh shut up," he growled and threw a chip at the Quincy. "Speaking of 'rolls', when is Chad gonna get here?" Keigo asked quizzically. "Ichigo leaned back in his chair and raised a concerned eyebrow at his dunce of a friend. "How the hell do you refer to Chad after hearing the word 'roll'?" Keigo shot a surprised look at Ichigo. "Whaaa, how do you NOT refer to Chad after hearing the word 'roll'?" Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Keigo maybe in your brain it all pieces together, but to the rest of us SANE people, it doesn't make any sense." Keigo snapped. "There he goes again making stupid assumptions about how my brain works. Mizuiro make him stop!" Mizuiro ignored his friend's cry for help and continued to shuffle the deck. "Chad is running late though." "He said he had to work late today," Uryu informed them. "Hm, speaking of work, did Rin say if she was coming?" Mizuiro questioned. "Yeah, she said when she's able to come she will." Ichigo answered while picking up his cards he'd been dealt. "Heeey, how come when you refer to Chad and work it makes sense, but when I do it doesn't?!" Keigo squabbled. Ichigo jumped back clenching his fist, "Because what you said wasn't even relevant to the subject." "Yes it was! Mizuiro back me up here!" Keigo cried.

"How have you been Orihime? It's been a while since we've seen each other." Rangiku asked while drinking some sake. "I've been great! Ichigo and his family have been taking good care of me." Orihime smiled. "Well that's always good to hear Orihime." Rangiku smiled a drunken smile. She had only drunk two glasses and was already wasted. Her cheeks were tainted hot pink. "Rangiku, maybe that's enough sake for today." Rukia said trying to cautiously take the bottle from Rangiku's clutches. "No, just one more." Rangiku protested. At that moment the doorbell rang. "I'll get it." Ichigo yelled as he came running out of the recreational room. Orihime smiled at her husband's friendly gesture.

"Oh, hey Rin." Ichigo looked surprised and then smiled at his friend. She smiled back, "I made it." "I see. I hope it wasn't hard finding the place." he chuckled leaning against the door frame. She smirked, "How could I miss this place? It stood out so much I knew it belonged to your boojie ass." He glared, "If you think so you can always get off my 'BOOJIE' lawn." She laughed, "Just let me in stupid." Rin pushed her boss aside and let herself in.

Rangiku squinted her eyes in a glare. "Hm, who is that chic?" she stared. All the girls turned at once to see the woman Rangiku was referencing to. Orihime sparked up all at once, "Oh that's Rin Yukari. She's Ichigo's assistant." Rangiku turned up her nose. "Hm, I see." Something about the girl made Rangiku tense. "She seems a little too friendly with Ichigo, Orihime." Tatsuki said almost reading Rangiku's mind. Orihime smiled reassuringly, "No, they are nothing more than friends. I've confirmed it myself." Orihime waved towards Rin. "Rin, come join us."

"It seems you are being called over by the woman of honor." Ichigo teased. "Don't leave her waiting and you better not screw things up." Rin laughed and elbowed Ichigo in the gut. "Whatever. Orihime and I will get along fine." Rin sashayed over to where the ladies were sitting. "Hello, Rin! I'm so glad you made it!" Hime pulled the woman into a tight hug. "I'm glad I could make it." She laughed nervously from the tight embrace. After a few minutes and talking, the girls had finally warmed up to each other and become friendlier with Yukari.

Rin was in the kitchen helping Orihime with the snacks. The two giggled when there came a knock on the door. "Oh, that must be Chad," Orihime perked up. She waddled over to the door. "Chad I'm so glad you're here." Orihime smiled. "Mm." he nodded in agreement. Ichigo came out to greet his old classmate. "Chad! How ya been buddy?" "Good, I guess." He responded. "Well that's great," Ichigo smiled toothily. They invited Chad inside and Orihime went back to assist Rin with the snacks. She poked her friend who didn't seem to move. "Um, Rin? Is there something wrong?" Orihime asked. Rin couldn't manage to form any words. Her body shook slightly. Her heartbeat was rapid. She was breathing heavily. Orihime tilted her head. She looked over towards the rec room door and smiled. "Rin can you do me a favor?" Rin snapped awake, "Uh, yes." "Can you take this tray of snacks to the boys? I'm sure they're hungry." she smiled widely at Rin. Rin gulped hard and nodded. "Thanks," Orihime said and with that she sat down with the women again.

The routiness of the rambunctious boys could be heard down the hall in the rec room. Rin took a deep breath as she walked towards the room. Why am I acting so weird? She kept thinking to herself. I'm just taking them a tray of food. I can do this. No big deal. As Rin continued to motivate herself she opened the door and was greeted by laughter & argument.

"No, that's not fair!"

"How is that NOT fair?"

"It just isn't OK!"

"Nothing in life could ever please you, Keigo so quit complaining."

"You guys are a bunch of bullies! BULLYING! BULLYING! BULLYIIIINNGG!"

Rin giggled and knocked on the door. "Hey, I brought snacks." "Oh yeah! Time to REALLY get this party started!" Keigo yelled as he ran over to grab the tray of snacks. Ichigo's fist stopped him from reaching his destination. "Keigo, if you grab the tray of food there will be nothing left," Uryu stated as he pushed up his glasses. Ichigo got up and gratefully accepted the tray of food. "Thanks Rin." "Oh, um…you're welcome," she bowed. Ichigo turned around to face his friends. "Everyone this is Rin, my assistant." The boys looked up and smiled. "Nice to meet you Rin," Uryu said. "Thanks for the snacks Rin," Keigo shouted with joy. "I'm glad you could make it." Mizuiro smiled still texting on his phone. "Hey long time no see," Renji nodded. "It's nice to meet you all," Rin smiled. She glanced over at the darker skinned male who hadn't said a word the entire time. He was so attractive and calm, even around these routy men. He doesn't talk much. I guess he's what they call "A man of few words". She inwardly giggled. Chad turned and caught her gazing at him. He pointed at himself with his thumb. "I'm Sado Yasutora." "Oh," she acknowledged. Ichigo slung his arm around Sado's shoulder with a huge grin. "Weell, we just call him Chad. It's much easier to remember."

"Easy for you, but I have to remember to answer to it."

"What do you mean? Isn't it easy after all these years?"

"No not really. It still hasn't caught on."

"What? You mean you don't like it?"

"No, it's fine. Just weird."

"Heh, not as weird as Sado Yasutora."

"But that's the name I was born with."

"Yeah, but I like Chad better."

Rin giggled from the interaction between her boss and his friend. He wasn't a man of many words, but when around Ichigo he seemed to talk a lot more than usual. Chad pulled out from under Ichigo's grasp. "Can I have that beer?" "Oh, sure!" she replied. She handed him the beer at the same time he reached for it. "Oh," she said when their hands bumped. She began to blush, "Oh, I'm sorry." He shook his head, "No it's ok." Ichigo raised an eyebrow and smirked while drinking his beer as he watch the two interact.

After the party had finally ended, Chad and Rin stayed to help clean up. "So Chad, I noticed you and little sweetheart over their got a little cozy, huh?" Ichigo playfully nudged his friend. "She seems nice." Chad mumbled. Ichigo smiled toothily. "I'll say. The way she got all fluffy when your hands touch was funny." He stopped doing the dishes and looked up at his friend. "Besides, I think it's about time you got a little settled in with a woman, don't you?" Chad looked away avoiding eye contact with his friend but found himself staring at Rin.

"She's different."


"She isn't like other girls."

"How is that."

"She doesn't fear that I might seem abusive or aggressive. Her smile was sincere and her actions seemed so friendly and kind."

At that moment Rin looked over at Chad. She quickly turned away obviously hiding her reddened face. "I think he likes you," Orihime whispered. "No, I doubt it really." Rin said continuing to pick up the plates of food. "Don't say that. He seems interested, if you ask me." Orihime encouraged her friend. Rin's face continued to redden. "It HAS been awhile, you know, since someone took interest in me." Orihime smiled and looked over at her husband. "Sometimes, you just have to take chances, give it your all, and hope for the best." Ichigo was putting the plates away when he turned around and caught eyes with Orihime. "You never know. Maybe the entire time, that person you loved, felt the same way about you."

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