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Author's Note: What Michael might have been thinking during You Can Run; Game Change.

Cleaning Up My Mess

I watch as the beautiful Fiona Glennanne, or Fi as I sometimes call her walk up to me in the garage. I know that she has been interviewed and in a holding cell in the CIA facility. I nod to her escort to let her go and so that we could have privacy. I take her into my arms and hug her. The first thing I wanted to do was to get them out, but there were many things to do. Olivia Riley finally got what she deserved and the CIA would be handling her. I had no idea what they were going to do with her and I didn't really care. What she did was over the line and I had to put a stop to it. It ended with me.

Fi asked me all kinds of questions. I watch as the CIA walks my Mom, Sam and Jesse out to the garage too. I smile at them and then turn back to Fiona. She asked me where I've been and that they had been debriefed and tell her that I have been too. She looks around and says.

"Really, It doesn't look like the same. I've been in an 8x 10x foot-holding cell. You're riding in helicopters and ordering around CIA officers. What's going on?" She asked.

I look back at my Mom, Jesse and Sam and then look down. I couldn't say it right then. The anguish that was going through me when I knew I had to tell her was devastating me.

"Michael get in and get out. In Panama you said we were done with this."

I sighed. "I needed to protect all of us."

"Michael what have you done?" She angrily asked.

"I couldn't leave you in there forever. They wouldn't just forget what happened and release you, so I made a deal. I did what" but the rest was never said because Fi had said it.

"No Michael you did what you wanted to do."

I try to step forward to comfort her and to tell her that everything is going to be all right, but she pulls back from me and it seemed like she flinched. She's never done that before. Tears start to fall down her face as she gasps. I turn my eyes to the team and my Mom and could see that they were just as shocked as Fi was. I watch as Fi covers her mouth and stares at me with tears running down her face.

Did she really think that this was an easy choice for me to make? Did she really think that I took this deal lightly? Did she think that I wouldn't do anything for her, my Mom, Jesse and Sam? Did she expect me to let her rot in that holding cell while I ran from the CIA and leave them behind? Did she really expect me to do that? I wouldn't be me if I did that. What would she think that if she heard that I had left them? I can't believe that she wanted me to do that. It was my mess and I cleaned up my messes.

The End