Sam stared in amazement. The Doctor nodded his head at him, "Anything you want to say? Anything at all?" Sam's face slipped into a huge grin.

"Its, Its, Bigger on the inside!" Sam gasped out. The smile fully reaching his eyes. The Doctor noted he looked much younger this way. Happier.

"Why, yes it is! I hadn't noticed that before now." The Doctor replied, dripping with sarcasm. Sam rolled his eyes and then ran to the panel.

"Is this where you pilot her?" The Doctor grinned.

"Yep! These buttons do different and amazing things!" Turning a knob the TARDIS made a loud noise and Sam felt like he was in an earthquake.

The Doctor ran over and helped him stand up from where he fell. "Isn't she the best, she's sexy!"

Sam chuckled, "You should meet Dean he talks to his car like its his..."

Sam trailed off, his smile falling.

"Sam?" The Doctor asked, his eyes full of compassion.

"I'm fine." The Doctor sighed at his friends response.

"Alrighty then! Come along with me!" The Doctor shouted, grabbing his hand.

"We're leaving? What is it?" Sam laughed.

"Its everything." The Doctor said, opening the door to reveal they had already traveled through space and were now hovering over galaxies.

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