Some hours passed since the kiss. Natsuki had broken through the tense atmosphere saying that what happened was just too cute to be true, making the red-head blush bright crimson and the bluenet look away, embarrassed.

The six were seating on the sofa and chairs that were now in front of the white couch. All of them were holding a glass of fine red wine but none was drunk, they only wanted to celebrate, soberly, the end of their tour.

-Yanno what would be fun? – Natsuki said, his greens eyes glistening–Syo-chan and I have done it since we were children on Christmas Eve.

The smaller blond's eyes darted to Natsuki and then to the others.

-When we were children, we'd always write on a sheet of paper one wish we truly wanted to come true and throw it into a fireplace. It was a kind of good luck charm. We thought the smoke of the chimney would take it to the Gods and then it would come true. That's what we thought when we were children although it doesn't make much sense anymore. Now we just do it 'cause it's a kind of Christmas tradition.

-It's our tradition so it does make sense, Syo-chan! – Natsuki stood up looking to the other. – Like in the old times, let's make wishes and believe the Gods will receive 'em– His face turned to the others. – I'll get a sheet of paper to each one of ya!

-I've never heard of such tradition before… - Masato's index touched his chin.

The green-eyed boy suddenly disappeared of the living room returning after a while with what he mentioned and six pens.

-Here ya go~ - The taller blond said as he gave each one a sheet. - Write whatever you wish to come true and you have to start with "I wish".

-This is nonsense…

-Don't tell me you're afraid, Tokiya. – Ren smirked.

-I'm not.

All of them wrote their "letter" although some were really sceptical about it.

-Now all ya have to do is read 'em out loud. – Syo said as he noticed all the others had finished writing.

-Out loud?! – Heads turned to the two blonds, sitting on the chairs.

-Yeah. – The taller blond nodded. - We didn't tell ya so you could be true in what you write. All ya have to do is read it and burn them next.

-You can start, Syo-chaaaan~ - Natsuki smiled widely, closing his eyes.

Syo sighed and stood up from where he was and stood in front of the fireplace.

- I wish Natsuki would stop making me wear dresses.

His hand threw the letter to the fireplace, letting it burn.

-Ohhh, Syo-chan, but ya look so cuuute with the dresses I make for ya~

-I don't and next year I'll wish you'd stop calling me cute.

-But I'm not that bothersome…

-You are.

-Don't be like that, Syo-chan.

-It's your turn Natsuki. – He sat down on his chair again while the other made his way to the fireplace.

-I wish Syo-chan would act cute like when we are alone.

Syo blushed while his boyfriend threw the letter. When Natsuki returned to his chair, placed a surprise kiss on his lover who turned red.

Ren and Masato were next.

-I wish my Little Lamb would try some fun and exotic things with when we are alone.

When Masato heard Ren's wish and saw a wink directed to him, closed his eyes and turned his face to the side, blushing.

-…I wish...Renwouldstopflirtingwithever yoneheseesbecausethatmakesme seriouslyjealous…

-That's unfair, Little Lamb, I couldn't hear your wish~ – Ren pouted.

-I said it out loud so deal with it.

The last bluenet was next. He made his way to the fireplace, a sheet of paper in his hands.

-I wish we all have a lucky future ahead.

Otoya stepped in front of the fireplace, blushing bright red.

-D-do I really have to read it?

-Yup! – Natsuki closed his eyes, nodding.

-I wish the person I like returned my feelings.

-Is it Nanami? – Syo looked to the red-head, curious.


-Who then? – Masato asked.

-Share it with us, Otoya. – Ren said as he reached the ruby eyed boy, patting his shoulder.

-Aaaaa… - He looked down, his blush deepened

-There is no need to be shy, Otoya. Tell us, we won't tell anyone. It's a pro-mi-se~ – Natsuki grinned.

The red-head felt another pat on the shoulder before Ren sat on the sofa again.


-Shibuya-san?! Since when do ya like her? – Syo looked surprised to Otoya.

The guitarist tightened the grip on his sheet and blushed even more, if that was possible at that time and looked to them.

-I already loved her but realised it today...not sure when it started though...maybe after we debuted? It's kinda funny, we were always together and I didn't even notice it...

His eyes looked at Tokiya absently starting to smile tenderly. The bluenet, like all the others, was staring back at him.

-... She was always so cold but somethin' made her heart melt, dunno what. She was and still is always there, whenever, whatever I need. Singin', dance steps...I shared things with her that I haven't told anyone. – He chuckled. – A hell of a perfectionist, that's what she is but I like it, even those lips are perfect...I wanna kiss 'em so much...oh! and sometimes I'm really worried for her. What if she falls ill due to excessive work? Haha...she's right, guess I fret a lot and daydream too much! Only if she knew what I dream 'bout is her voice...of when we're together again...

A chuckle escaped Natsuki's mouth being immediately followed by Syo's poke and "sshh".

-If you're able to know her well, you'll be surprised that her soul is so beautiful and kind...sweet too. - He threw the letter into the fire. - I just can't help but to fall in love with her…

Otoya jumped surprised, eyes wide open when he glanced to the group, his body frozen. The others were staring back at him. Natsuki was blushing and grinning widely. Syo, Ren and Masato had a smile on their faces. As for the remaining bluenet, he had his eyes wide open, his lips formed a small "o" due to the shock.

-What a confession, huh, Otoya? Ya really love… - His face turned to Tokiya, though the red-head didn't see it, - …Shibuya-san.

-I-I just remembered I gotta get my presents for ya! – He laughed nervously, dashing to the door. – I'll be back in a second!

The door slammed, all the boys looked to Tokiya.

-What are ya gonna do, Ichii~? – Ren patted Tokiya's shoulder making him recover from the shock.

-I have to solve this problem, this is too troublesome. – He moved to the door.

Meanwhile in Otoya's house, the red-head was in the bedroom, walking back and forth again, consuming the floor below his feet.

-Stupid, you're so stupid! How could ya say all that? They'll think ya love Tokiya… which is true…Gah! What if he thinks I love him? Crap, crap, crap! What will I do? I never expected to say that in a torrent. What if…? – He sat on his bed, rubbing his hair.


-Tokiya, what'cha doin' here? – Otoya stood up.

-The same as you, I came to get my presents, can't I?

-Of course ya can… – He sat again on the bed.

The bluenet sat on his assigned bed in front of the red-head.

-Since you seem to be so uncomfortable with the situation before…

Otoya froze again.

-…I will also share something with you.

-What? – The red-head looked to the other.

-I also have feelings for a girl.

-Do I know her?

-She is one of my fans, even before I debuted with all of you.

-You mean…One of Hayato's fans?

-Yes. She…

Otoya's face showed sadness as Tokiya picked the words he was going to say.

-…She is always showing a smile that warms up my heart. I believe she is loved by everyone. I love the innocent look of her eyes, she is so oblivious it pisses me off and annoying at times but is always there for me. Even when I am down and don't say a word about it she notices something is wrong, trying to cheer me up. She always tries her best to succeed and has a passion for music, I instantly feel warm when she sings. Have loved her since some years ago but I feared she would not return my feelings.

The red orbs had tears in them, threatening to fall and collide with the ground.

- Like you, I often find myself wondering about when we met again. I tend to keep silent though I'm more used to her screaming and whining, guess I'd really miss it if she went away. I wish I could just wrap my arms around her and hold her.

-Seems to be the perfect girl for ya and ya do seem to like her a lot.

-And I do. – The bluenet smiled. – Her blushing cheeks illuminated by the fire, her eyes glowing with the flames, her red hair shining in the light of the living room some minutes ago… she looked so cute….

A surprised look formed on Otoya's face.

-But there wasn't any girl there…

Tokiya nodded.

-…And the only one with red eyes and hair in the living room was…me.

-You are the one I love, silly. And… next time, don't call me Shibuya.

Otoya chuckled and smiled widely as he threw himself at the other, making them fall to the bed.

-I'm so happy, my wish turned into reality. – He said while he gave the bluenet an Eskimo kiss.

Both closed their eyes as Otoya kissed him for the second time in that night, taking a while for them to part from it.

-I love kissing you, but we had better go to Syo's house before they start to think we are doing other sorts of things. – They stood up and walked to the door.

-What sort of things? – Confused red eyes looked to the bluenet.

Tokiya opened the door, the red-head stepped outside.

-One of these days I'll show you. – He said as he closed the door, leaving an empty bedroom behind.

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