Life wasn't always terrible and dreadful for the people of Panem. Ok, it was nearly always dreadful, but they still found some joy in the dismal nation of Panem. Many still celebrated the ancient tradition of Christmas where they gave gifts and celebrated the greatest gift which was love.


Marvel bundled up in his new winter coat and wool hat and mittens. He went over to his girlfriend Glimmer's house and knocked on the door. The number 5 was in a jewel encrusted stone slab to the right of the front door. "MARVEL!" A voice squealed before he was engulfed in a hug. "MARVEL! COME IN!" She squealed pulling him inside the house. A real fir tree decorated with ornaments that were decorated with flecks of real silver, gold, and gemstones.

"I brought you something." Marvel said holding out a velvet box. After he returned from his after school training lessons, he would work on a ring. It was a simple silver alloy band dotted with Glimmer's birthstones.

"Oh -" Glimmer gasped. Marvel grinned. "Oh - Marvel!"

"Will you wear it for the spring dance?" Marvel asked thinking about the Aspen Mountain High School dance that was in several months.

"Yes!" Glimmer gasped. Suddenly she felt bashful about giving Marvel his gift. "Um - Oh, I have a gift for you!"

"Ok." Marvel said smiling. Glimmer produced a small package. Marvel opened it. "Wow! A training equipment shop gift card?" Glimmer grinned. "Thanks." He peeled back the tissue paper in the box. "Oh - and - deodorant." Glimmer laughed.

"Because I can smell you when we're done with training." Marvel laughed.

"Merry Christmas, my beautiful Glim!"

"Merry Christmas, Marvel!" Glimmer squealed before they hugged.


"Clove!" Clove sighed and glared at the mahogany door to her room. She closed her eyes and aimed one of her small throwing knifes at the wooden target nailed to the wall in her room. "CLOVE!"

"JUST A SECOND, MOM!" Clove yelled before throwing the knife into the target. She opened the door and hurried into the kitchen where her mother was in the kitchen. "What?" She snapped, irritated that her mother ruined her concentration.

"Don't 'what' me, help me with this turkey." Clove donned oven mitts. "Put the trivet down on the counter, Clove!" Her mother yelped. "Goodness! You know the hot pan will ruin the granite!" Clove placed the trivet on the counter and then helped her mother heave the turkey out of the oven and onto the counter. The door opened.

"DAD!" Clove yelled running out of the kitchen to meet her father grateful for a reprive from the kitchen. Her mother was the cook as her father only knew how to cook mac and cheese, and Clove burnt a pot boiling water a few months ago.

"Hey! There's my mighty little lady!" Her father laughed picking her up and twirling her around.

"DAD! Stop! You know I can snap your neck even when you're spinning me!" Clove said with a slight playful glare. However, her father knew she was completely serious.

"I had to get my ladies some Christmas gifts." Her father said. "Oh, and you know we're having company, so you know what that means."

"No throwing the steak knives." Clove muttered.

"Come again?" Her father asked.

"NO THROWING THE STEAK KNIVES AT DINNER!" Clove hollered. "Ok, well, you're helping Mom in the kitchen." Her father chuckled.

"Ok. Well, you set the table." Clove nodded before setting the extra leaf into the table. She saw getting the extra chairs from the basement as an extra weight lifting activity. The doorbell rang.

"CLOVE, GET OVER HERE!" A young man's deep voice called through the slightly open living room window.

"CATO! That's no way to speak to company on Christmas!" A shrill woman's voice yelled.


"CATO, SHUT UP, THE WHOLE BLOCK CAN HEAR YOU!" Clove screamed from the dining room. She opened the door. Cato paused and then walked in. He and his parents wiped their shoes on the mat before walking across the marble floors of Clove's house. Cato growled in approval at the sparkly red dress Clove was wearing before Clove pushed him against the wall in the living room to begin a make-out session. Clove's father cleared his throat.

"Ahem - welcome in. We have the food out." At the word 'food' Cato darted into the kitchen.

"Turkey!" He grunted.

"Wait until we sit down, son." His father reminded him. He flopped into a chair and patted the seat next to him. Clove sat down as her parents brought the food out. Her mother brought out the knives last as they would be too tempting for Clove just sitting on the napkins with the rest of the silverware. After the two teenagers piled their plates high with turkey, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and bread, their two sets of parents served themselves the rest. "Cato, manners."

"I'm hungry." Cato said around a drumstick.

"Well, if you eat in the Capitol, you will need to eat nicely." His mother reminded him. "Elbows off the table, my Cato-kins." Cato blushed furiously at his mother's use of his family nickname. Clove smirked at him. She might be deadly during training, but knew her manners when she was around company.

After dinner, they sat around and exchanged Christmas presents. "Oh -" Cato sighed opening his gifts of three brand new extra-large moisture wicking training shirts. Clove handed him a package which was a book on the use of swords. Clove grinned as she opened her present of a knife sharpener and a gift card for buying more training equipment. She smiled at her mom even though she was revolted by the sparkly magenta hair ribbon her mother gave her for Christmas. She had her fill of turkey, was sitting next to Cato, and had more gear to train for another few months. It was a good Christmas indeed.