August 1st.

"Are you sure you can do this, baby?" Scorpius asks.

He leans down, placing a gentle kiss on my neck. His arms tighten around my waist, an automatic response, a second nature. I sigh as I nestle into the pillow, the warm blanket draped around us both. His bare chest to my bare back. I nod slowly. The light streams in through the open windows. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore filling the room. The breeze off the beach doesn't affect us. Our bodies together are fire. A raging, ravenous, red fire.

"Positive," I reply.

He sighs. He rolls on top of me, kissing my forehead gently. We're both naked. The sweat from last night's exertion sticks to my body. His lips brush against mine for a moment. He then sighs, a small smirk playing on his soft lips.

"What on earth are you smirking about, Mr Malfoy?" I question, rolling my green eyes at my beautiful fiancée.

He leans down further. Reaching his warm, calloused hand to stroke my hair, he murmurs playfully,"Oh, Miss Potter, I was just reliving your rather loud reaction to last night. You are quite an entertainer, Red."

I grin wickedly. My body flushes, reacting to his delicious words. I reach down, wrapping my fingers around his length. He tenses in surprise. Then he moans, the sound barely makes it through his gritted teeth, "Fuck."

I smirk, reflecting his trademark right back at him. I lean up, my lips graze his ear. Then I bite down, hard. He gasps, and I grin wickedly. I place a small kiss at the spot I've nipped, "When do we have to leave?"

"Seven, according to Logan."

"Ah, yes, your boyfriend." I say with a smirk.

"Why, Miss Potter, how did you find out?" He questions, with a winning grin.

"I have my ways," I say with a deceptive grin, "What time is it now?"


"In the morning?" I question raising my eyebrows.

"Yes, love." He murmurs, rolling his eyes, "Why? Are you planning on taking advantage of this wonderful timely opportunity?"

I giggle softly,"We don't have much time."

"I can't go fast." He says, watching me with a burning intensity.

I roll my eyes. Too overprotective for his own, well rather my own, good. Now is not the time for a fight, "I called Healer Charles, she came by a few days ago."

"What did she say?" He questions, concerned.

"I'm five months along," I reply, smiling.

He smiles brilliantly. Reaching over to stroke my stomach with his thumb. He trails kisses from my bare shoulder down to my swollen baby bump. He kisses the top of my stomach gently. Pride oozes out of his voice as he says, "It will not be long until our third child be here. I can not wait to meet her."

I smile. Tangling my fingers in his hair, I gently pull him up so we're only inches apart. He cups my cheek, pressing a small, sweet kiss to my forehead. I yank on his hair, crushing him to me for a very satisfying kiss, "I know."

"How is little Calla?" He murmurs.

"Perfectly healthy. However, Healer Charles thinks that I will not be able to go through with a natural delivery." I say, disappointed.

He moves from my side. I think he is going to keep his distance, but instead he moves closer. He straddles my upper thighs. He takes extra care to keep his weight off from my swollen stomach, "How bad are you now?"

"Healer Charles says there is no repairing the damage. It is just simply too late. If I were to go through with a natural delivery, the baby and I would die. All theoretical of course." I tell him.

He leans down, placing a gentle kiss on the top of my baby bump, "Merlin, that is not a risk I am willing to take."

"I'm failing at being a mother, Scorpius. I should be capable of delivering my child naturally."

He shakes his head.

"Red, you could never fail our children. It is not your fault, and if you ever say it is again I will personally hex you into the next century." He says, stroking my cheek, "Besides, it is not like it's some natural health issue. We know who did this." He says bitterly.

"You are not going after him seeking revenge." I snap at my fiancée.

"Why the hell shouldn't I? He damaged my fiancée, permanently. He damaged what's mine. I protect what's mine, Lily. You know this." He says and I roll my eyes.

"I can handle it myself when the time comes. For now we need to focus on our children." I tell him but at his pout I continue, "Besides, you have everything that he does not. You have me, children with me, and a son."

"Damn it, do you always have to be right?" He says with a small smile, then he leans forward and joins our lips in a passionate embrace.

I giggle. Tangling my fingers in his hair, we fight for control. He caves in first, rolling over so that we are sideways. The sheets do little to cover our naked bodies. His lips make their delicious way down my neck, pausing to nip at a pulse point. I lean into him more, moaning loudly.

"You are," He says pausing to place a kiss on my forehead, then my nose, "So sexy."

His lips join passionately with mine. His hand traces my skin, moving up my bare side. He works his way to pull on my upper thigh. Pulling me closer to him, and his brilliant warmth.

I feel a few kicks. Smiling, I take his hand from my thigh and press it against my swollen baby bump. He breaks the kiss, smiling down widely at my jolting stomach. He leans down pressing a heartfelt kiss to the top of my stomach.

"Good morning, little lady." Scorpius greets our child.

I sigh. Leaning back against the pillow, I enjoy the kicks of my daughter. He looks up at me, a small smile on his face.

"You don't feel well anymore, do you?" He questions and I shake my head.

"I think I might vomit." I say with a distasteful glare.

He sighs. His grey eyes examine my body hungrily, before he mumble something. Hurriedly, he sits up, pulling on a pair of fresh boxers. He helps me pull on my bra and knickers from last night. I nod my thanks to him. He knows I do not like to be sick, naked.

"Do you need anything, Lily?" He asks.

Our baby continues kicking. I sigh, shaking my head. I rub small circles against the top of my swollen stomach. I hope it has the same effect on the baby, as it does on me when Scorpius does this.

"Calm down, honey." I murmur soothingly.

I sigh, and he rests his hand against my cheek. I am thankful for his soft, soothing touch on my clammy face. It does not make me want to vomit more, but I know if he touched me below the neck I would surely puke my guts out. He examines me once more, his eyes moving hungrily down the length of my body. He smiles widely suddenly, his mouth dropping open as he gapes at me. Our child kicks quite hard once again.

"What's wrong?" I question.

"Uh..." He says ashen faced, "I think I just seen a foot."

I raise my eyebrows questionably. I shake my head in disbelief, "Scor, what are you talking about?"

He looks at me, outstretching a hand. He moves his thumb down to stroke my with child stomach. He smiles brilliantly. His grey eyes turn cloudy, a joyful storm.

"I seen the outline of a foot. A tiny foot, inside of you. Five toes, everything. " He says with a boastful smile.

"No," I say, shocked, "You have to be kidding."

"I am not kidding, Red." He says rubbing my stomach, "I seen our baby's foot. Almost the size of a finger. I swear it."

"Whoa," I gasp as the baby kicks hard once again, "That is incredible."

I look down at my stomach with wide eyes. I have gotten larger in just a short amount of time. I am still able to fit into my pre-baby jeans, thankfully. But it was becoming very apparent that my pregnancy is real. My shirts fit tighter than usual, as did my jeans. But I do not care. With each centimeter my stomach grows, that means my baby is as well. My baby is healthy. Healthy and growing inside of me. And to think, I almost took this life away from us both. The nausea is not as bad as it used to be. I think that the medication has had a positive impact. It is becoming more random, the waves of nausea. It used to be every time someone touches me. Or during sex. We do not do a lot of things here. Probably because of the many scares I had with the twins. Scorpius keeps our family safe here. We have been paying an increasing amount of attention to the news. The wizard news, preferably. There is almost always something on about that bombing that occurred two weeks ago, back in July. The rebuilding process has not quite begun yet. Probably because everyone that survived has left the village in fear of another bombing. The small amount of people who did decide to stay have not even bothered to dispose of the dead with dignity. Bodies, ash, rubble, and pieces of people's lives scatter the streets.

Things have not been so wonderful with my family either. Dominique, Seth, and Roman have been staying here among the rest of my family. Well some of my family. The rest is staying at a hotel on the other side of the island, unfortunately there is no vacancy left for the rest of my large family. Some sleep in the living room, some in the basement. Only Roxanne, my brothers, and the Malfoy's took the guest rooms. Almost all the adults, with the exception of my mum and dad, have gone to the hotel. Teddy, Victorie, Remy, and Raven share a room in the basement. James and Chloe share a room down the hall from us. Albus and Rae share a room across from ours. Roxanne, Logan, and little Morgan share a room next to my brother's. A very pregnant Rose and her husband, Nathan, have taken the living room. Mum, Dad, Dominique, Seth, and Hugo also sleep in the basement. sleep in the basement as well. There is no empty room, except for one, Calla's room. Next to Mackenzie's, the room is alike the twins in many ways. The only person we ever want to live in that particular room, is our new daughter. Roman rooms with a very reluctant Orion, in hopes of a friendship between the two.

Dominique and I have been avoiding each other at every chance. According to Seth, she is pissed off at me. Unlike myself, she has no reason to be. I am even more pissed at her. She has no right for her anger, no justification. But I do. Dominique is now dead to me. Her betrayal was a knife in the back, and it entrusts that I will never even treat her like family again. She might as well be a rotting corpse taking up space in my house. The only thing that is keeping me from actually making her dead, is Seth and Roman. I see the way Seth looks at her. He loves her. Roman calls her his mother, and she tucks him into bed at night. Every single night. I can not bear to hurt two innocent people. Especially because of my daughter's fondness for Roman.

Dominique is not the only person I am having problems with. Mum and Dad have been nothing but utterly formal and stiff towards me, their own daughter. I think that they are livid. They nod their heads at me, in a servant's manner. Stiff, and overly polite. When I try to make conversation, they simply reply in their clipped tones with a forced, one worded answer. Mum's anger towards me is more obvious than that of my father's. But I still get the point. They are not a main concern now.

My main focus for today is going back to my first home, Godric's Hollow. I have to face the broken pieces of the town that was once so comforting to me, reduced to nothing but waste and ash. I must retaliate. Everyone must. That is the whole point of today. Rita Skeeter has agreed to be completely honest, for once in her miserable life. Only if the message we are trying to get out is juicy enough. It could possibly be a cover story for the Daily Prophet, a Ministry controlled newspaper. I hope she knows the risk she is taking with this story. But of course, she has demanded personal information, an update on our 'crisis', and pictures. But she is not just asking for pictures of Scorpius and I, but of the twins as well. I would do anything, move heaven and hell to keep the twins from danger. But them going there, is now a necessity. But they need protection. I have entrusted Jamie, Logan, and Roxanne come with us, for the twins.

Albus was too busy fighting with Rae, but he has also contracted the flu. My father ignored me when I asked him. And Teddy wanted to help, but Vic reminded him of Remy, who has caught the flu from her Uncle. He was forced to decline. There is no one else I trust that has enough power and muscle for me to feel somewhat confident and secure in the twins safety.

I kiss Scorpius chastely on my way to the shower. I turn it on, revelling in the cold water on my clammy skin. I lather my body with wash. Then I proceed to wax, brush my teeth, and dress. I dress in something I never thought I would be willing to touch again. But Skeeter had sent it to me, as a gift, but also a demand. She sent it with a note.

~Here is something that will make our story so much jucier!

~With love, Rita Skeeter~

The jumpsuit from the Games. I eye it warily. I dress then stare at myself in the mirror. The green stripes run straight down my body. The leather tight and stretching around my growing stomach. It is just how I remember it. I lace up my combat boots. Memories flash behind my eyelids, brought on just by this simple piece of clothing. Katie dying in my arms, the fading in and out memory of when I was on fire, almost dying, when I thought I was dead. This was where it all started. I will be rising from the ground, like a skyscraper.

"Red?" Scorpius questions.

He walks into the bathroom. My breath catches in my throat as I turn to face him. My straight red hair falls perfectly down my back. This is also what I wore before Scorpius and I had sex together for the first time. I feel my face heat, and I flush.

"Hey," I murmur softly.

He looks at me carefully. He shrugs off his leather jacket offering it to me. I take it, sliding my arms through it. He smirks at me for a moment, "I find it undeniably attractive when you wear things with my name on it."

I smirk back at him. He smiles gently, looking down at my stomach. Calla is still kicking quite harshly. The urge to vomit is rising more and more every second. I sigh before I turn back around, away from Scorpius. I magically apply makeup that focuses around my eyes. It makes me look more rebellious, and badass. My trademark look. The smokey eyeshadow helps make my eyes look smoldering. Scorpius swallows hard as he admires me. He slides on another leather jacket, not from the Games. I look at his appearance. He looks sexy wearing dark wash skinny jeans, a green Slytherin tee, and a pair of grey nikes.

"You look so beautiful, baby." He assures me and I smile shyly at him.

Shyly? Huh, that is new.

"I wish I did not have to wear this," I say, smoothing my hand over the fabric covering my swollen bulge, "It brings back such horrendous memories."

"I wish I could take the pain away, Lily. It kills me to see you like this," He murmurs, taking a step closer to me.

He wraps an arm loosely around my waist. Pulling me closer, he rests a hand on my stomach, the other on the small of my back. He presses a sucking kiss against my neck. I revel in his touch. Nothing is more comforting than his love for me.

"Is it time?" I question.

He looks down at me sadly. Then he nods slowly, "Yes, love. Unfortunately, it is."

I nod. I squeeze my eyes shut for a moment, trying to reign in my mixed emotions. The pregnancy hormones are not helping either. I lean up on my tip toes, and press my lips to his chastely.

"I love you, to the moon and back."

He grins, "Is that all? I love you to every planet in every galaxy and back."

"You always have to win," I grumble, smiling slightly.

He rubs my stomach. His lips press against my ear, nuzzling my scent. He takes my hand, then leads me from our room.

"I hate you!" Mackenzie screams at the top of our lungs, her voice greeting us from the stairs.

I groan, slightly amused. Scorpius laughs, clearly more amused than I am.

"Baby, what's wrong?" I question as we step into the living room.

"Fuck all of you! I need my own private space!" Mackenzie yells and I roll my eyes groaning.

"James, stop telling her to swear at every opportunity!" I yell at my brother.

He starts to laugh so hard milk is coming out of the corner of his mouth. Chloe looks at him with disgust and affection, wrinkling her nose, "You are so disgusting!"

"Princess, is everything alright?" Scorpius asks.

Mackenzie runs to me. I bend down, and she bounds into my arms. I scoop her up, and settle her on my hip. She looks down at my stomach, shaking her head for a moment.

"Now, Princess, tell me what's wrong?" I question.

Scorpius bends down, scooping up a small sleeping form. His ruffled blonde hair and peaceful face resemble Scorpius in so many ways, Orion. He is dressed almost identically to his father. Mackenzie is dressed the same as me as well. Orion snores loudly, and I roll my eyes. Chloe smacks James with a copy of the Daily Prophet, rolling her eyes. He spews milk from his nose and mouth.

"Gross," Rae exclaims, wrinkling her upturned nose.

Mum turns to glare at James. That is your DNA, Mum, and I do not envy you.

"James Sirius Potter, that is enough!" She scolds loudly.

Her voice reverberates off the walls in the silence that follows.

"Sorry, Mum." James mutters, like a dog with his tail between his legs.

He wipes at his mouth with his sleeve.

"Ugh," I roll my eyes, shaking my head at my older brother.

"Everyone is so bloody annoying! I want to be left alone!" Mackenzie snaps.

I have walked in her shoes as the youngest out of my immediate family. I smile slightly, and stroke her hair. My little Princess who has her father's hair and my eyes. She is so much alike me in so many ways.

"I know, love. But we will have the house to ourselves again soon. Besides, in a few days it is Daddy's birthday. Grandpa's was yesterday." I remind her, and she sighs.

"I don't care, mama! I just want to be with Roman alone! I want to be with the voices alone!" She murmurs, burying her face in my chest.

My eyebrows shoot up in confusion, but I decide not to interrogate the already upset child in my arms. I sigh, smiling at Scorpius who rubs her back soothingly.

"It will be okay, Mack. We are going out with just a few people in a few minutes." Scorpius says gently.

Mackenzie beams. She leaps from my arms and runs to Roman. She hugs him tightly for a moment, and I smile. Those two will marry someday.

"Bye Rome," She exclaims.

The small three-year old smiles, "Bye Kenz!"

She turns away from him. Only a moment later she is leaping back into my arms. Her tantrum long forgotten. "Let's go now, mama! I want to go now!"

Surprisingly, Astoria walks up to me before I have a chance to respond to my daughter's demands. She envelops me in a hug, before she holds me at an arm's length.

"Have you ate yet today?" She questions, putting the back of her hand on my forehead.

I shake my head. I look down at Mackenzie who is watching her grandmother with curiosity. I laugh as Scorpius rolls his eyes at his mother. He shakes Orion in his arms, but our son grumbles and falls back asleep.

"Lily, you need to eat! You are pregnant for heavens sakes! Promise me you will eat. Especially in your condition! Look at you, you are far too thin!" Astoria scolds and I blush.

Scorpius sighs. He grabs my arm and drags me towards him. He then wraps an arm around me, the other holding our sleeping son.

"Calm down, Mum." Scorpius commands, kissing my forehead.

"Son, someone has to look out for this poor girl! After all her parents hold no interest in her." Astoria says, frowning, but then she smiles at me, "Besides, she is carrying my grandchild."

I smile slightly at Astoria's last comment. She is such a sweet, elegant woman. A second mother to me. I rest my head on Scorpius's shoulder. I know he is not happy about his mother showing this much concern for me. He probably wants her to stay out of her business. I grab his arm as he opens his mouth. I shake my head, smiling slightly at Astoria.

"Your concern is sweet, Astoria. But you needn't worry. We are eating in Godric's Hollow. Apparently the bar is untouched." I say.

"How dare you!" Mum starts and I roll my eyes, "We have plenty of interest!"

"Do you? You haven't asked about the baby, not once. You have not even shown any concern or barely even spoken to me since I took you into my home." I snap and Dad glares slightly.

"What do you want us to say? You are having a third child and you are not even eighteen! You have lied to me for years about what all happened at Hogwarts! I do not know who you are anymore! And I do believe that this is not your home! It is the Malfoy's. And you are not a Malfoy, young lady. You are a Potter, so you better damn well start acting like one!" Mum snaps and I glare.

"By all means, mother, do tell me what it means to me a Potter! Does it mean to abandon your family? To be cowardly? To run from things? I would rather be a Malfoy." I snap and Dad looks at me, a hurt and defeated expression on his face, "So excuse me, for not telling everyone about what happened in Hogwarts, because it was my business. The only people I trusted at the time was Roxanne, and Dominique. One of whom, was clearly a mistake! You are all such damn disappointments."

Scorpius looks at me a little surprised. He smiles slightly and kisses the top of my head,"Easy red."

"I will tell you all who I am. I am a Malfoy. And I am damn proud of it." I snap and Astoria and Draco look at me slightly shocked, "Not by blood, but by choice."

"Well on that happy note," James starts sniggering, but then catching mum's expression his tone picks up, "We should go."

I nod. Astoria squeezes my shoulder, beaming down at me. Scorpius leads me out. James leading the way for Roxanne and Logan.

"Lily, darling!" Skeeter announces from across the room.

I look up at Scorpius, who chuckles. James looks at her like she is insane. But my favorite reaction is Roxanne's, who flips her off just where Skeeter can not see it. I smirk, before I look down at my daughter. She is seemingly oblivious to it all. Her green eyes are hungrily scanning the menu, she is so indecisive. Then I look to my little man, Orion. He is still fast asleep on Scorpius' lap.

"Hey, Mrs Skeeter." I answer awkwardly.

"Miss Actually," Rita corrects me.

Mackenzie looks up from her menu to stare at Skeeter for a moment. Her green eyes are concentrating on Rita with determination. What on earth is she doing? "Mama who is that?"

"This, love, is-" Mackenzie cuts me off.

"Rita Skeeter, writer for that paper." Mackenzie says and I nod.

"Yes, the Daily Prophet." Logan says glancing at her with confusion.

"Princess, she will be asking question, and taking pictures." Scorpius tells her, his eyebrow cocked.

I wrap an arm protectively around her shoulders. Skeeter pulls up a chair to the booth. Her magic quill is already writing quickly on a piece of parchment.

"And who is this?" Skeeter asks.

"This, is my daughter Mackenzie," I say, squeezing her close to me, "And that is my son Orion. I believe you recognize my brother James, Scorpius' friend Logan, and my cousin Roxanne."

She nods, distractedly, "Of course, it is a pleasure as always. However, would they mind if it was just the five of us?"

James opens his mouth to protest but I shake my head, "It's okay James, grab the booth behind us."

He nods. They move to the booth behind us. I turn to look out the window. But it is boarded up with a thick slab of wood. We aparated straight into the bar. None of us have gone outside to see the damage done by the bombs, yet. A few people were in here in the bar as well, stragglers most likely.

"Mama, I want mac and cheese." Mackenzie says and I smile slightly, brushing hair out of her face.

"Yeah? Anything else?"

"Cake." Mackenzie answers and I smile.

"Anything you want, love." I tell her.

Mackenzie beams and I look across the table at Scorpius. He is reading the menu. Little Orion is still fast asleep on his lap.

"What are you getting, Red?" Scorpius asks.

"Actually," I say, setting the menu aside and looking at it in disgust, "I am not hungry."

"You are eating for two, Lily. You must eat. Please?" Scorpius pouts and I roll my eyes.

"Have you ever considered the baby is not hungry?" I retort, with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you pregnant?" Skeeter asks and I nod.

"Yes, our third child. A little girl actually." I say and Skeeter raises her eyebrows.

"Really? So these two really are your biological children?" Skeeter questions.

"Yeah, they are all ours." I say beaming down at Mackenzie and at Orion's peaceful face.

"Oh my! Tell me, how on earth did you manage to keep this secret for so long? They must be at least six years old!"

"Actually, they were born last November. They are about to turn one." Scorpius replies.

"How is that possible?" Skeeter asks.

"Scorpius had the time stopping spell placed on him when his mum was pregnant with him. It still run through his veins, so it was passed down to our children. It has effected the twins by giving them a rapid growth rate." I reply smoothly.

Scorpius looks at me from behind his menu. His sad eyes met mine for a moment. I feel a pang of hurt for him.

"Why on earth would someone ever do that?" Skeeter questions.

"Scor is-" I start but he cuts me off.

"I am Voldemort's kid. You know, Tom Riddle's? Mum wasn't ready for me when she was sixteen." Scorpius snaps irritably.

I sigh. I look over at Skeeter who appears to be in a bit of shock. Apparently Voldemort has covered this up, kept Scorpius his dirty little secret. Well that secret is about to be on the front page of the Daily Prophet. Probably by tomorrow morning.

"Oh." Skeeter says sucking in a deep breath and I smile gently at Scorpius.

"How long as Lily known this?"

"For a long time. Since I was pregnant with these two." I say nodding towards Orion and

Mackenzie is watching me lazily, with disinterest. Orion is still fast asleep.

"I see." Skeeter says, while her quill scribbles furiously on the parchment.

"Maybe I will get chocolate pudding." I say.

Scorpius smirks at me. Taking my hand across the table he teases, "Good choice, Red. I did not want to force you to eat."

"You would never." I say, pretending to be appalled.

"Oh do you want to bet on it, beautiful? We have to keep our little girl fed. Speaking of food, maybe this one will wake up if we offer him some." Scorpius suggests nodding down to Orion.

"Give him to me." I say.

Scorpius rises to his feet. Gingerly he hands over Orion, tucking the small child into my lap.

"Orion, sweetheart? You have to wake up now, so you can eat." I tell him.

He opens his eyes slightly. He blinks, then yawns dramatically. I pat his back, planting a motherly kiss on his forehead.

"Mummy?" He questions, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

"Yes, love?"

"I want a cheeseburger." He murmurs and I smile.

Scorpius laughs. He shakes his head and ruffles his son's hair. I pat the seat next to me, "Sit by me?"

He smiles. He rises to his feet once again. He moves to sit by me, placing Mackenzie on his lap. He tickles her sides for a moment. Then Skeeter moves to sit across from us.

"Do you mind if I take a picture now?" She questions.

I shake my head. Scorpius shrugs. Why now? We all smile, like a cheesy, over cliché family. Then Scorpius looks over at me. We exchange a look, and the picture all goes to hell. He smirks at me, wiggling his eyebrows. I burst out laughing, for absolutely no reason at all. We are just happy. Mackenzie smirks at her two young parents. She shakes her head. Orion rolls his eyes. Then the camera flashes. Capturing our family, in our true essence.

I open and close my mouth, unsure of what to say. I am at a total loss of words over the rubble and dead bodies scattered across the town square. I see the bright flashes of light in front of my eyes that signals pictures are being taken. I honestly could not care less. I feel my breathing become ragged. Sweat trickles down my forehead. I dry heave. I bend over, putting my head in between my knees. Nothing stops the vomit from pouring out of my mouth. The camera flashes again. The scent here is horrid. The smell of burned and rotting flesh is inexplicably disgusting. But no one else is complaining much. Maybe it is just me, I am pregnant after all. I could tell Calla did not like it either. She is kicking furiously, thrashing about. Showing her obvious distaste for the smell as well.

James, Roxanne, and Logan are standing way behind me. Roxanne is holding onto Mackenzie's hand. James is holding Orion on his shoulders. And Logan is looking around with careful concentration, his wand raised. Skeeter is mumbling things to herself. The sound of that damn quill scribbling so fast on that piece of parchment is so bloody annoying. The camera flashes every few seconds in front of my eyes.

"Skeeter, that is enough for now. Let her breathe." Scorpius snaps.

His hand rests on my lower back. His job right now is simply to keep the hair out of my face. My knees are wobbly. Scorpius is forced to snake his arm around my waist to keep me standing. He looks down at me, concern and worry etched across his face.

"That is it we are leaving." He demands.

I gasp in a few breaths. I shake my head, "No!"

He rolls his eyes. He helps me stand upright, "Lily, look at you! You can not even stand on your own!"

The baby kicks even more. I groan, a particularly hard kick making my ribs ache, "Well maybe if it was not for your damn kid kicking so much!"

Scorpius sighs heavily and with frustration. I wobble again, and he forces me to sit down on the only bit of sidewalk that is not covered in gore.

"She does not like it here either. Is the baby hurting you?" Scorpius questions.

"She is just kicking really hard. And the smell, is..." I say my voice trailing off, finding no proper words to describe how awful the stench is.

"We could do this another day." Scorpius says and I shake my head.

"No, I do not have much time left. Today is the day we do this. Plus in two days it will be your birthday." I remind him and he sighs, nodding slowly.

"Alright, how about we head down the street towards the houses?" Skeeter suggests and I sigh, nodding slowly.

Scorpius offers me his hand. I take it, and he pulls me to my feet. He snakes his arm around my waist, guiding me as we walk. I glance back every few seconds to make sure my children are still there, and they are. They are silent for once in their lives as they glance around at all the destruction. I hear a low sobbing sound and I look next to me to see a woman crying, a tiny bundle held tight in her arms. She sits in front of what I assume was a home, but is now reduced to rubble. Her clothes are covered in a thick coat of ash, dust, and blood.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

The woman doesn't even look at me, she doesn't even look up. Instead she squeezes her eyes shut, sobbing as she buries her face in the bundle.

"Logan will you?" James starts but Logan nods sharply, cutting him off.

Logan walks towards the woman. And when he reaches her, he bends down in front of her, "Are you alright?"

The woman nods her head toward the bundle, tears streaming down her dirty face.

"My baby is dead." She sobs.

I choke on my breath. I look back at my two children, reassured that they are there. Then I look at James. He understands the pain of the woman. But would it bring back too many painful memories to comfort her? I sigh heavily.

"James, Scorpius, will you take the twins away from here? They do not need to see this." I say.

Scorpius looks at me, then nods his head. He scoops our daughter into his arms. Orion squirms, but James takes my little boy into his arms. They walk away from the scene. I look at Roxanne hesitantly before we approach. Skeeter standing behind us. The enchanted quill is now going double time.

"Ma'am, maybe you should go to St Mungo's." I tell her.

She shakes her head, wiping away tears, "My house, my baby, this is all I have ever had! And now there is nothing!" She sobs.

Roxanne sighs heavily, "There is still you."

Logan squeezes the woman's shoulder. He then looks at Roxanne hesitantly.

"I will aparate you there." He offers gently.

"No! No! I don't want to go! This is my home! I have never been outside the District! Please, please leave me!" She begs and I groan internally, my breath catching in my throat.

"But you need help." Roxanne protests.

"No! Leave me be! Leave me be!" The woman shouts and I sigh.

"What is your name?" I question.

She looks at me surprised, before wiping away a few tears.

"Carrie, Carrie Cartwright." She answers slowly.

"It's nice to meet you Carrie, I am Lily Potter." I say and Roxanne nudges me playfully.

"Soon to be Lily Malfoy." Roxanne says suggestively.

I shake my head. I roll my eyes at her antics. So not the time. "Not now, Roxy."

" are Lily Potter?" She almost shrieks, jumping to her feet in a hurry.

"Yes, why?" I question, confused.

"This is all because of you! Have you not seen the news in that wretched bar?! This is all your fault, Potter! My baby is dead because of you!" She shrieks in a blind fury and I look at her taken aback.

"Wait, Voldemort blamed this on me?" I say, biting my tongue hard, as if to hold back my explosion of anger that was about to come whether I bit my tongue off or not.

"It is your fault! How could you betray Godric's Hollow this way? You killed my baby! And now I will kill yours!" She shrieks, eyeing my stomach.

Roxanne pushes me back. She raises her wand like a second instinct, "Back off, now!"

Logan moves to stand next to his wife. His own wand is raised high. The woman lets out another sob before moaning helplessly, "Let me die! GO!"

I look at Roxanne. She nods. We start to walk away. But I simply can't not look back.

"Carrie, I am sorry about your baby. But you need to realize that I am not responsible for this. He is trying to turn everyone against me." I say, but the woman just glares.

I sigh rolling my eyes. The urge to drop her on her ass is becoming overwhelming. I stand there, glaring right back. Until, Roxanne grabs my arm, dragging me away. Skeeter quickly follows. I had almost forgotten she was here.

"Any comments from Lily Potter?" Skeeter questions.

I whip around quickly, in the middle of the deserted street. I remember when it used to be so busy you could hardly walk without bumping into someone.

"Yes, I have a direct message for Voldemort." I snap, anger boiling as I clench my fists.

"What is that, Miss Potter? Let it all out. Hold nothing back." Skeeter urges.

"I am Lily Potter, seventeen, pregnant, and alive, right here in District 2. Two weeks ago we were bombed. There were less than two hundred survivors in a town of ten thousand. If you think that your child will be spared in these next Games you are wrong, do you see this destruction? You think that this rebellion has nothing to do with you? Look at what he has done to all of these innocent children and adults! Voldemort is a coward and he shows no mercy. So neither will we. I have burned, and now so has everyone here. Fire is catching, and if we burn, you will burn with us!"

Logan pats my back, "Easy there tiger."

Trust him to always add a funny twist to a dire situation. My hair blows in the wind around us. The camera flashes various times for the next few minutes. I look around me in disgust. What used to be my home is now reduced to nothing more than death, rubble and ash. Skeeter looks around in amazement. Despite my distaste for this woman, and her past experiences with my family, I can not help but feel thankful that she is helping us. I feel hands tugging at each of mine, and I look down to see Mackenzie and Orion, one clinging to each hand. Scorpius snakes his arm around my waist. Orion moves to stand next to his father. Mackenzie and Orion are standing between Scorpius and I. I look around.

"Do you have anything to say, Mr Malfoy?" Skeeter questions.

He looks at me, then at Skeeter. He shakes his head. Pulling me against him, so that the twins are standing in front of us. I sigh as Skeeter looks at me. It has been a long day.

"I want to go." I murmur and Skeeter sighs.

"Can we look at your house?" She questions.

I shake my head, tears forming in the corner of my eyes. I can not bear to look at the destruction that most likely ravaged my house. I can not bear the fact that I might not be able to ever call this place a home, or some sort of place that holds value to me. Because there is nothing here for me anymore. I just know, deep down inside of me, that my house is gone. I know Scorpius' is, after all we watched it crumble to the ground in a heap of broken memories.

"One more picture." She mumbles.

I look at Scorpius, completely exhausted I lean back on him. He supports most of my weight. I hang on to Mackenzie's hand as if her life depends on it. Scorpius does the same for Orion. I blink slowly, before the flash burns my retina. The twins whine, rubbing their eyes. Roxanne, Logan, and James move to take the twins. They both gratefully run to them. Scorpius and I are not much fun to be around right now. I move my head to cry into Scor's shoulder. He sighs, stroking my hair. We walk together, my weight mostly being supported by him. All of my muscles are tired. My limbs are numb. My head is pounding. My stomach feels queasy, at unease. The baby is still kicking too hard. I am so physically drained. I am emotionally drained as well. Seeing my former home reduced into a graveyard of rubble and bodies is not exactly easy. And they blamed me for what happened. Me. Maybe it is my fault, a small part of my brain tells me. I mean after all I knew the risks of being here, of being anywhere, but I still came here. I am so angry. With everyone. With myself, with Voldemort, with my family. Normally I make a point not to cry. I'm usually emotionally blank, but things have changed. Maybe it is being pregnant. Or being it is the fact that I only have three months left on this planet, with the ones I love. But I have to cry.

I have to let it out. Every single piece of emotion pours out of me in the shape of a tear. Scorpius seems to understand this. His arm is wound tight around my waist. His other arm is holding me from the front. My face is buried in his chest. I just want to leave.

I look around myself. I sigh in hesitation at all of the questions. It is the morning of the day after we visited the graveyard that used to be Godric's Hollow. And the Daily Prophet is out. Astoria and Draco have apparated all the way to London to get a copy. I sit on the couch, Scorpius by my side. His arm is wrapped tightly around my. My hands curl around my stomach. Calla has not stopped kicking since the trip to Godric's Hollow. After a few sharp jabs to my ribs late last night I gave up on sleep. I can feel my body start to drift off, but then the kick comes, and ruins it. Her harsh kicks are slightly visible through my shirt. My stomach is jolting every few minutes, it is quite distracting.

The nausea is overpowering. I am seriously thinking of calling Healer Charles to see if I have gotten to nine months overnight. I mean, I am only five months along and already I am so uncomfortable. I gasp in a breath while my family continues their rant. Calla has just kicked quite hard. Scorpius extends his arm, rubbing my stomach gently. He gives me a sympathetic smile. I give him a glare. He is the reason I am so uncomfortable. Prat. As if he knows what is going through my head he gulps. He pulls up my shirt to the top of my bulge. His fingers gently caress the jolting surface. He places a gentle kiss there.

"Little lady, give your mum a break? She is scaring me right now."

The baby kicks again. It is a little softer this time, but not much. Scorpius beams in response, nonetheless. He kisses my forehead.

"I am sorry." He murmurs sincerely, before he moves to stroke my hair.

I roll my eyes. I trail a finger across my stomach. I rub the spots that are sure bruise, before I rest my hand there. I feel a gentle kick right underneath my hand, and my heart warms and swells.

"I love you, little baby." I murmur.

Scorpius smiles. He kisses my cheek. Then he meets my eye. He presses his lips to mine in a quick, fluid motion that makes my heart swoon. I feel another kick in response.

"Lily? Lily! Were you even listening?" Mum questions, snapping her fingers to catch my attention.

I bite my lip, shaking my head,"Honestly? Not at all, Mum."

She glares..Then she throws the Daily Prophet on the coffee table in front of me, knocking over a cup of tea in the process, "Lily Luna, do you have any idea how serious this is?"

I roll my eyes, staring up at me is a picture of myself. I am facing to the side. The jumpsuit so tight around my stomach the bulge looks even bigger in this picture. There was no denying the baby growing inside of me. My hair is blowing around in the wind. Some of it falling down my back, other pieces billowing in the wind like a cloak. My green eyes are alert. But I can see the terror of my surroundings in them. My hand is over my mouth, covering up a cry as I look at the damage around myself. The other hand is resting on my stomach, protectively. I stare at the picture for a moment. I tug down the hem of my shirt to re-cover my stomach. The headline above the picture reads:

Girl On Fire, Lily Potter Returns to District 2 After Bombing

I look at it. I flip the newspaper open, in a clear act of ignoring my mum, who is looking quite murderous. I flip through the pages to find they are all about Scorpius, Mackenzie, Orion, Calla, and I. There are also details about District Two, and news about the Ministry District that was probably being covered up before today.

"It is all about us." Scorpius gapes.

I nod. He takes in a deep breath, then he rubs my back soothingly. I lean back into his touch. He smirks, winking at me out of the corner of his eye.

"Lily, I swear to Merlin!" Mum starts and I glare at her.

I throw the paper back down on the table, carelessly. It is my house. I take a few steps so that I am standing right in front of her.

"You swear what mum?" I question, crossing my arms across my chest.

Scorpius and Dad look at us both warily. James, Teddy, Al, Chloe, Rae, Roxanne, Logan, and Vic turn to look at us incredulously. Mum opens and closes her mouth various times. She clenches her jaw. Then balls her hands up into fists, "I can not believe you, Lily Luna Potter."

I glare, " I could say the same."

Mum clenches her fists, "You are such a disappointment. You are pregnant with your third child and not even eighteen! You are engaged to a Riddle hybrid! You are out of control and can not even take care of yourself! You realize how many people could get hurt with this simple copy of the Prophet? Well do you?!"

I look at her taken aback. I shake my head in disbelief. I take a deep, cleansing breath.

"Gin, come on." Dad urges.

I do not think my father like the clear expression of hatred written across my face. How dare she say that! Scorpius places a gentle hand on my back before removing it quickly, probably sensing my magic sparking in dangerous bursts.

"That is rich coming from you! You were useless after Dad left! You made Teddy and James step up when they were merely children because you were too immature to deal with the situation that you had gotten yourself into! At least I will not make Mackenzie and Orion take care of Calla! And don't you dare ever call Scorpius that. Ever."

"Or what Lily? What is my daughter going to do to her own mother?" She threatens and I glare, my hand itching towards my wand.

Scorpius quickly snatches my wand from my pocket. Dad grabs Mum by the arm and pulls her backward. Scor drags me backwards as well. Both of them stepping in front of us. Scor gives me an apologetic look. He puts his hand on my stomach, and kisses my forehead. Then he sighs heavily.

"I think it would be best if you leave." Astoria says quietly, before clearing her throat and looking at Draco for support.

"You're kicking us out?" Mum asks, glaring at Astoria, then me.

"You are upsetting my pregnant daughter in law. Your pregnant daughter, not that you seem to care." Astoria snaps.

"She is not even legally a part of your family. She is still a Potter." Mum spits back.

"Gin, calm down." Dad tries, but it's no use.

"No, I will never be a Potter again for as long as I live." I snap.

"Well that will not be very long now will it?" Dominique sneers from where she's standing next to Seth.

"Dominique," Seth snaps looking at her appalled.

"It is the truth, Seth, and you bloody well know it." Dominique says.

I push past Scorpius. Not heading towards my mother, but to stand directly in front of Dominique.

"What did you say, bitch?" I snap.

She shoves me backwards. I shrug it off, rolling my shoulders. I push her back harder. She slams against the wall hard. But she shrugs it off as well, moving to stand in front of me once more.

"You are such a slut." She snaps, her eyes flaming.

"Why? Because I was raped, or because I got Scorpius and you didn't? The one thing you could not get, that was off limits, and you just can't deal with it, can you Weasley?" I snap.

"Watch yourself carefully, Potter." She sneers, and I take a step forward.

"No, you watch yourself, Weasley. Tell me, do you wish it was you he made love to at night? Do you wish it was you carrying his child?" I sneer.

She looks like she has been slapped. She takes a step back, raising her fist. But I slam my own into her nose first. I wrinkle my nose at the sickening crunching sound as her nose distorts. She sucks in a deep breath, spitting out blood. She yelps in pain.

"You will not be pregnant with his child for long." She snaps, taking a step towards me.

It's like I am watching in slow motion. People around me scramble to separate us. Scorpius is bolting towards me, preparing to knock me out-of-the-way. But I know he will not make it. Dominique raises her fists, and my vision fogs as I prepare myself for the blow that will kill my child. But it does not come. Instead, I am thrown back against the floor. I hit the floor gasping for air, the wind knocked out of me. Did Scorpius reach me in time? He drops to his knees at my side in a minute. No, it was not him. Who was it? I look up, towards where Dominique was standing. But now she is cradling her bloody face on the floor opposite me. And Draco Malfoy is standing in front of her. I clutch my stomach, searching for life. The baby must have been stunned from kicking on impact. I gasp for air, praying to feel the signs of life underneath my skin. And I am relieved after a few minutes, it comes. Scorpius sees my jolting stomach, and sighs in relief. Roxanne drops to her knees by my head, and helps me sit up. I put my head in between my knees and suck in breaths.

Scorpius scrambles to his feet. With determination, he strides over to Dominique. He grabs her by her neck, and slams her against the wall. A stunned Seth is being held back by Logan. Scorpius looks at her, his eyes narrowing, "I promised I would never punch a girl. But you are no girl, you are a monster."

He raises his fist, and punches her. Hard. She clutches her cheek in pain, and he releases her. She slides down the wall in a heap and starts to sob. Logan lets Seth go, and he rushes to Dominique.

"You're a bitch, Dominique! A cruel, selfish bitch." Roxanne snaps, from her place by my side.

Scor rushes back to my side. Astoria reaches me first, offering me a vial of something. I take it without questioning, and swallow it in one huge gulp. My own parents are standing several feet back in disbelief.

"Lily, sweetheart?" Astoria whispers.

Scorpius takes one look at me before scooping me up in his arms. The pain of moving overcoming any emotion or feeling I might have been capable of feeling. He understands me. I squeeze my eyes shut, burying my face in his chest.

"Where are you taking her?" Seth questions, his voice a hushed whisper.

"My fiancée has had a very trying day, and it is not even noon. If you do not mind I will be taking my love to bed. Actually, I do not fucking care if you mind." Scorpius snaps.

As Scorpius carries me up the stairs to our bed I am vaguely aware of shouting. I can make out some words but not all of them. All I can think is that I have never heard Astoria Malfoy swear in my entire life.

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