Chapter 1

Rosalie POV:

I laughed as my teddy bear of a husband grumbled that I should help carry some of the luggage since most of it was mine. "Oh hush it ways practically nothing to you." Emmett muttered something about how he should get laid big time for this and I just rolled my eyes. We continued walking down the path to the castle in Volterra, Italy. I sighed as we arrived in front of the big brass doors of the Volturi Castle. We received a golden invitation to visit a week ago and we knew better then to refuse. As long as we kept the Volturi pleased they left are coven alone. We came without a fuss because we knew the underlying threat. The Volturi thrived off of gifted vampires and Alice would be a valuable asset. Wanting to keep our little future seeing pixie away from the Volturi's clutches we put up with coming to visit these weirdos every hundred years. The rest of the family was planning on flying down later. I put on my stony face, I would now be in the presence of other people who were not my family. Here comes the Ice queen.

I pushed open the giant brass doors that only a vampire could manage to open and stepped into the castle. We walked up to the reception desk and the secretary looked up and smiled nervously. "Hello, h-how may I help you mam?" My expression was still a frown "We were invited here by the Volturi." The womans eyes widened at my smooth vampire voice and I had to resist rolling my eyes. Shouldn't she be used to seeing vampires by now? I was about to snap at the secretary when two voices caught my attention. "Hello Cullens" said the devil duo at the exact same time. Freaks. "Follow us" said Jane. We followed behind the evil twins silently.

They led us to the throne room and I looked up to see Cauis, Aro, and Marcus sitting in the thrones. Emmett and I begrudgingly bowed in the presence of the kings of our world. "Cullens!" Aro said smiling his creepy smile that could give a pedophile a run for their money. "Welcome, Rosalie and Emmett isn't it?" We both silently nodded. He put his hand out and looked at us expectantly, Emmett's arm tightened around my waist. I gently removed Emmett's arm and put my hand in Aro's. His eyes glazed over and he was perfectly still. He released my hand then did the same with Emmett. He then smiled "Ah I see Edward is still single sadly, I see your coven hasn't broken any laws, how delightful to hear." There was then an awkward silence. "Well you must be tired from your flight I'll have one of the guards show you to your room. I'm actually rather excited to show my new guard off she has quite a rare power. Isabella!"

Within seconds we heard a door open and close and suddenly there was a women in front of Aro. She had dark brown hair tinted red and was wearing black jeans, black boots and the cloak the guard is required to wear. She bowed then stood legs shoulder length apart and hands clasped behind her back with her head bowed submissively. "How may I help you master?" She said softly. I could hear an Italian accent in her speech. "Isabella this is Rosalie Hale and Emmett Cullen please show our guests to their room on the left wing of the castle." Aro ordered. "Yes master" she said just as softly she then turned to us and bowed slightly before standing up straight. She had a heart shaped face, pouty lips and murky red orange eyes. My curiosity spiked, she must drink both human and animal blood. She looked like she was changed when she was around 17 years old. Wow I wasn't changed until I was about 25. I met her eyes and smiled slightly she smiled back nervously. "Isabella!" Her smile disappeared quickly and she bowed her head. I resisted growling at Cauis, my maternal instincts were kicking in and I felt a need to protect the girl. I don't know why seeing as I just met her. "My apologies master" she turned to Emmett and I "please follow me."

The only sound in the castle hall was the steady clicking of my shoes as my mate and I followed Isabella. "So Isabella how old are you?" I asked trying to break the awkward silence. She chuckled and replied "My human age or vampire age?' "Vampire." "97." "Nice I'm 300 and Emmett's 180." "Cool." "So what's your power?" Emmett asked excited. Isabella looked back at him and grinned. "You'll just have to wait and see, how long will you be staying?" Emmett and I looked at each other and shrugged. "Mmm well here is your room goodbye Miss Hale and Mr Cullen." We nodded and waved. After she left I frowned at how formal she was. I also noticed she hadn't met Emmett or I's eyes. She was very distant and submissive like she was in front of her "masters." I thought this was just like any other visit to Volterra. How wrong I was. This girl would change our "lives" forever.