Vanellope's Burping Bash

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Vanellope Von Schweetz peed herself... Vanellope farted several times... and now we have her burping. Yes, things just continue to get quite interesting. Here's an early Christmas present, straight from me. Enjoy!

Vanellope Von Schweetz was enjoying her day off in Sugar Rush, watching the other racers zip around the Sugar Rush Speedway as she was sipping some Coca Cola. Her young cybug friend, Pixel, was resting on her head, having some soda herself as she hiccuped. Vanellope laughed, patting Pixel on the back as she sipped more of her soda.

"Mmm, is this thing delicious!" Vanellope commented, rubbing her mouth. "It's so sugary and full of caffeine! I feel even more lively!"

Vanellope then felt her stomach gurgling loudly. Vanellope burped loudly, causing Pixel to fall down on Vanellope's stomach. Vanellope giggled as she picked up Pixel, helping comforting her.

"Oh, excuse me, Pixel!" Vanellope belched again, causing Pixel to fall off her hands, chuckling nervously as she got off her green lawn chair. "I guess all this soda can make even a sassy young girl gassy!"

Pixel simply pipped as she looked at Vanellope, worried about being burped on again. Vanellope picked up Pixel, only to burp again. This time, though, Pixel didn't fall off, allowing Vanellope to laugh as she headed east, to search for more soda to drink up, burping along the way.