Vanellope made her way back into Sugar Rush, having gotten her fair share of laughs as she skipped back down the colorful rainbow. Rancis and Candlehead were both looking for her, needing something done.

"President Vanellope, there you are!" Rancis exclaimed as he shook his arms. "We really need you!"

Vanellope burped loudly in Rancis's face as she patted him on the head. "Give it to me, mah boi!

Candlehead started touching the tips of her fingers together, feeling somewhat nervous. "There's this really scary thing inside the green, goopy swamp! Me and Ralph saw it!"

"My name is Rancis, not Ralph." Ralph corrected Candlehead as he placed his hands on his hips, narrowing his eyes.

Candlehead blinked as she turned her head to Rancis, gasping as she pointed at him. "Oh my gosh, it's a dangle dang!"

Vanellope scoffed as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "Relax, sugar bits! I'll handle this." She then burped loudly again as she headed eastward, leaving Rancis and Candlehead by the rainbow bridge as Vanellope made her way to the green swamps.