-Chocolate Kisses-

Natsu was eating chocolate kisses on a fine Christmas evening, on the couch of his and a certain ice mage's living room.

"Hmm? Kisses? I want some." Gray said, coming from upstairs as he saw the latter eat those sweets.

Natsu looked at him, and an idea sprung in his mind.

"... Alright."

The fire mage stood up and walked over to him. He grabbed for Gray's face with both hands, making the other confused, before he leaned forward and kissed him.

"!" The ice maker's eyes widened, as he felt the other's tongue twirling around his. He was about to push him away, but then, Natsu had an arm wrapped around his waist, and a hand on the back of his head to prevent him from doing so.

It wasn't long before Gray surrendered and indulged himself in the kiss. It was minutes after that that the dragon slayer deemed it was enough for them to break apart.

They panted heavily, but not as much as the ice mage was.

He glared at him, "I didn't-" he was interrupted with a peck on the lips.

Gray began growling, "I said tha-" and another peck on the lips.

"Would you-" peck.

"Stop i-" peck.

"Quit that." He was starting to get annoyed by the continuous interruptions.

"But you said to give you kisses." Natsu grinned, quite enjoying the reaction from his little teasing.

"Wha?" Gray's cheeks turned pink, "I-I didn't mean that. I meant the chocolates!" He gritted his from the embarrassment the other was putting him through.

The fire mage was really starting to get on his nerves, and at the moment, he wasn't really feeling playful like the other was. Why? Who knows. Just that, there are times where the dragon slayer just really pisses him off for no apparent reason or even in trivial matters such as this.

"Ok, then why didn't you just say so?" A rhetorical question that got the ice maker muttering incoherent noises under his breath as Natsu had let him go.

The fire mage went back on the couch where the chocolate kisses laid about, and grabbed for one. He began to unwrap it, causing another questioning look from the ice maker, before he popped it into his mouth.

"What the? I thought you were going to give it to me. Geez, fine, be that way." Gray began making his way to the couch and grab for a piece himself.

Though, just before he could even obtain one, his outstretched hand was stopped in the midst of it by Natsu's grip on his wrist.

"What, oh so now I'm not allo-woah!" His back was immediately met with the couch as the dragon slayer hovered of him.

Without giving him any time to access the situation, warm lips met his, and a strange sensation filled him.

The taste of chocolate was evident as it was melting in their mouths. Both of them tasting the sweetness as tongues clashed, and went into dance, and before they even knew it, it was an all-out make out session.

When they finally parted, a string of saliva dribbled down on the corner of Gray's mouth as he tried to regulate his breathing back.

"Did you like it? I gave you the chocolate this time."

The ice mage stared at him in the eyes for quite some time, before he inwardly resigned. "... Not like that... Baka." His face flushed red as he looked away, and Natsu couldn't help but smile.

"Stop being so cute, Gray. Or else I won't be able to help not teasing you." Natsu said, kissing the latter's cheek and whispered, "I love you, Gray. Merry Christmas."

Gray turned to face him and smiled, "Merry Christmas to you too," and planted a quick kiss on the nose before a chaste one on the lips.

A perfect Christmas for the two to enjoy for another year to come.

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