Hamlet Drabbles

1. Wanting to be Together

The door to the house clicked shut as light footsteps made their way to the living room.

"Oh, good evening to you Laertes," Horatio greeted, looking up from his book with a warm smile.

"Evening," he greeted back, and then froze in the spot when he saw Hamlet, sleeping on Horatio's lap.

His brows furrowed and clicked his tongue in dislike. "What's the brat doing sleeping on you like that?"

Horatio chuckled, "Let him be, Laertes. Hamlet had a rough day today."

"Hmph." Laertes walked closer so that he was standing in front of the two.

He examined Hamlet's face and marked the black rings under the smaller male's eyes. It was evident that the latter was really exhausted.

"What had the kid been doing to the point that he exhausted himself?" He asked as he crouched down, staring at Hamlet's sleeping face.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Horatio stated, making the other look at him with a raised brow.

"Try me."

Horatio looked at him contemplatively and decided to say it.

"Hamlet has been finishing up all of his assignments ahead of time, so that he'll be able to have more free time to spend."

Laertes eyes widened. "... Is it because of my week off?"

Horatio nodded. "Hamlet here wanted to spend your only week off with all three of us before you become bombarded with work again. Since yours and his' schedules don't match, he had to finish up ahead of time to do so."

Laertes didn't know what to say that. He felt 'touched' that the younger male had been trying hard, just to spend time together.

"... Brat." He uttered, and planted a kiss on Hamlet's forehead.

Then he stood up, "I'm going to bed to save my energy for tomorrow."

He leaned down to kiss Horatio on the lips, "G'night," and began to head to his room.

"Goodnight, Laertes." Horatio said back before he resumed to reading his book. He couldn't help but let out a smile, caressing Hamlet's hair all the while.

2. You're not Alone

Hamlet came home from school, tired and quite beaten up on the way from bumping into some jocks in the campus.

He went to his room to look at himself in the mirror. 'How am I supposed to hide these bruises from them?'

Luckily, they didn't hit his face so he would still be able to hide it. Although, he wondered if they'll buy it since he was wearing long sleeves on a warm day.

He sighed tiredly, deciding to take a shower and tend his wounds. He didn't want to trouble Horatio, and he certainly didn't want Laertes to find out. The man will hold it over his head for not being able to take care of a couple of guys on his own. He has to think of something soon, but for now, he was just going to rest.

Later in the evening, around dinner time, Laertes went upstairs towards Hamlet's room to call him down for dinner. He opened the door, a bit shocked that it was unlocked, and saw the latter sleeping on the bed, already tucked in and whatnot.
"Hey brat, wake up!" He advanced towards the bed, and began shaking the Hamlet's shoulder.

"Wake up, it's dinner time!" But the other wouldn't budge.

That irked him, and took action. He pulled the covers away, and was about to manhandle the guy, until, he discovered something that made him freeze on the spot.

Hamlet was covered in bandages, and at some areas, he could detect a little inkling of blood in small dots.

"What the?" He examined him more keenly, and almost immediately, anger started to rise inside of him. He wanted to kill whoever it is that did it because there was no way that they were going to get away with it.

Horatio came into the room for he wondered why no one was coming down. His expression changed from questioning to bafflement, then to worry for both of them. He could sense the killing intent Laertes was giving off, and it made him really apprehensive.

"Laertes," he called out warningly.

The latter didn't need to look at him to know. "I know... I know." He said, his hands forming into a fist before relaxing them completely.

"... I won't kill them Horatio," his hand moved to swiftly brush Hamlet's bangs off of his face. "But I won't forgive them."

Then he turned to Horatio with a serious expression, "I'm going to punish them, and you can't stop me."

Horatio wasn't affected by the threat for he understood and felt the same way the other did. "I won't," was all he said, and they stared at each other for several moments.

When Laertes began to move, so did Horatio. They passed by each other where Laertes left the room, and Horatio watched over Hamlet.

On that night, no one ate dinner for they were more serious matters to attend to.

The next day at the campus, Laertes was gathering information by listening in to conversations happening all around him. He wasn't getting anywhere, until he heard Hamlet's name out loud, followed by annoying laughter. He listened closely to a group of what he assumed to be jocks.

"That little snob deserved the beating. To think that the little kid actually dared to go against us."

"That twerp even got mad when we started talking about his so called friends, Horatio and Laertes." More laughter ensued, and it only increased when one ridiculed Hamlet's reaction of anger and annoyance towards their mocking of his 'friends'.

Needless to say, it was getting on Laertes' nerves as his hands readied into fists, waiting to hit something.

"That Hamlet is such a slut. I bet he actually whores himself to those two to become his little friends."

'Ok, that's it!' Laertes snapped, and came out from hiding. He raged at them, swinging his fists and punching them relentlessly. His face showed no mercy to the point that they were almost bleeding to death when he came back to his senses. He had promised that he wouldn't kill to Horatio, and he was going to keep his word... even though he didn't really want to.

"If I see your ugly fat ass faces again. I will really kill all of you," leaving them on the ground as he walked away.

It was already noon when Hamlet woke up. He sat up quickly when he saw Horatio sitting on a chair near his bedside. Panic had set in inside of him for he knew that they knew about his injuries now.

"U-umm... This is-"

"It's alright." Horatio interrupted, smiling softly. "Just lie back down and get some rest. You must've been pretty tired if you've slept almost the whole day away."

Hamlet couldn't say anything back and complied to the order with a nod. Then he looked towards Horatio questioningly. "Where's Laertes?"

"He's... attending to some important business at the moment, but don't worry," he caresses the younger male's soft hair to soothe him. "He'll be back soon."

Hamlet didn't question anymore, and just enjoyed the attention he was receiving. As long as they didn't ask him how he got it, he supposed that he could live with them only finding out that he got injured and nothing more. Though, he couldn't help but sense that they were hiding something from him... He shook his head inwardly; it was probably one of the things where it's better to not know about.

"Do you want something to eat?"

Hamlet shook his head for real this time, "Sleepy..."

Horatio nodded in understanding, "Then sleep away," he leaned down to kiss his forehead. "Sweet dreams." He said before Hamlet drifted to sleep once more.

It was about evening when he woke up the second time that day, and this time, he found Laertes sitting on the same chair Horatio had sat on.

The two didn't say a word, and merely stared at each other.

It was Laertes who broke the silence.

"Don't do that again." He said, boring his gaze onto the other.

Hamlet understood what the latter was trying to say, and lowered his eyes in shame that he had caused them trouble again.

"I'm sorry..."

Laertes stared at him for quite some time before he sighed heavily. "Stubborn brat," he said, which earned him a glare from the other.

He couldn't help but chuckle in amusement, before getting serious again. "Tell us next time, seriously. You're not a burden to us at all."

The latter was skeptical, but that was erased when Laertes uttered something he'd never think would happen.

"We love you, Hamlet... Horatio loves you, and yes, I," pointing a finger at him, "Love you too."

The younger male's mind went blank in disbelief, and stared at Laertes.

"You?" the young male questioned in disbelief.

Making the latter roll his eyes, "Yes, me."

Laertes leaned down and kissed Hamlet on the lips, shocking the other briefly, before coming to accept his feelings for him.

When they broke it off, Laertes said, "Just because I love you, doesn't mean I'll stop teasing you."

Hamlet had to laugh even if it was just minuscule. "Don't worry. I'm not expecting you to treat me any different than the way you've been doing now, you peasant."

Laertes smiled genuinely, "I've prepared dinner downstairs." He stood and began heading to the door. "Come down when you're ready. You've been sleeping all day, and you need to eat. We'll be waiting for you, so don't take too long, you brat."

"Peasant…" And with that, Laertes left Hamlet to himself.

The small male sat up and got out of bed slowly from his still recovering wounds. He stayed there, contemplating.

'Love,' he thought, before allowing a smile to etch on his face.

He took out a notebook from his bedside drawer and began writing as he spoke.

"To be or not to be loved as it is the same as to be in love. One of the greatest treasures yet mysteries of mankind... Am I am a part of it."

He headed towards the door and exited his room after he finished writing. He couldn't help but wish, as he meets the most important people in his life for supper, that they would stay like this, forever.

I was happy with the quote I made up using Shakespeare's line "To be or not to be...", and PigeonWife called it deep. :D So yeah, hopefully it was good enough, and that, I'll only be updating this at a leisurely pace. That'll probably whenever I'm hit with inspiration to do so. So for now, this will be labelled as complete.

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