A perfect word to describe Horatio would surely be chivalry. He was too gentle, kind and caring for his own good.


Figuratively speaking, it looked like a dark cloud hooded over the blond teen in his state of depression.

"Don't worry, Hamlet," Horatio said trying to reassure his lover.

"It was your first time, so it's natural to have a premature ejaculation."


He was weak. He couldn't protect the ones he cared for nor could he stop the inevitable. The moment Hamlet fell to the ground from the induced poison in his body; he could only watch the latter slowly die in his arms. He was weak... but Hamlet needed him to be strong to tell the tale of tragedy of the royal family. He needed to keep moving forward and keep living... for his Hamlet, he would do anything.

I couldn't help myself with the angst on the last part.

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