This isn't anything good. Just something cute and fluff like for Christmas. Just some mistletoe moment between my OTP. I just wanted to write something cute for the Christmas season(as today is the 24th of December.)

I'll be doing more Hardcore yaoi soon enough. And maybe even some fluffy stuff.

Hope you Enjoy

The manor was decorated "prettily", as Elizabeth called it. Ciel sighed and walked the manor, looking as everything had been red and green. "Why can't I have just a normal day…? Why does Elizabeth over do everything…?" Ciel groaned out. He stopped under an arch way and leaned against it, shutting his eyes."Her heart was good when she did this. It was in the right place, young master." Ciel opened his eyes, flinching a little bit, clearly being jumped. He looked over, seeing his tall, raven haired butler standing before him and blushed lightly. "She was thinking of you, master." "I know that, Sebastian…But she always just…over does it…" Ciel sighed again.

"At least now you will celebrate the holiday a little bit." Sebastian smiled lightly.

"W-who said I wasn't planning to celebrate it?"


Ciel blushed lightly and looked away from Sebastian. "If I had been able to make my own preparations…say…with just you…" Ciel blushed more, trying to hide it.

"Did the young master want to spend Christmas with me?" Sebastian smiled as he questioned him.

"And…what if I said yes…?"

"Then I would be honored." Sebastian smiled gently, as Ciel blushed again, turning his head from the demon. Sebastian glanced up and smirked, noticing that Ciel had been standing directly underneath the mistletoe Elizabeth had placed.

"My lord, it appears that you are standing under something"

Ciel glanced up and his face reddened. "H-how and when-"

Sebastian stepped closer to Ciel and smirked at him lightly. "You do know what it means when someone stands under the mistletoe, don't you?" Ciel blushed as Sebastian leaned forward, lifting Ciel's chin and placing a gentle kiss onto his lips. Ciel blushed a bit more, before getting up onto his toes to reach Sebastian better, pulling his tie to get him closer. Sebastian pulled from Ciel's lips and smiled at him.

"Merry Christmas, my Ciel."