Chapter 1


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Two girls bustled around their dorm room, packing up their belongings as best as they could while rocking out to the band 'Sick Puppies'. Suitcases and boxes littered the floor, clothes and shoes were thrown haphazardly on the beds, on the counter, as well as the floor.

Two years of rooming together, you'd think they would have mastered the art of organization, yet here they were, rushing around the small dorm room while trying to find their appropriate belongings and packing them away. The downside about dorm rooming is that every holiday whether big or small, if they chose to leave they had to pack up all of their belongings – not permitted to leave anything of huge value. So in a way… it gets annoying, especially knowing that they both love to shop and shop… and shop.

But on the upside, they had both decided to rent a nice apartment, just a fifteen minute walk from the university. So even though they packed for their summer getaway, they were also packing to move, and with that small independence swirling around them, they were content enough.

"I'm glad we've finally decided to get our own apartment," Sango huffed loudly, kicking a stubborn suitcase off of her bed in aggravation when she couldn't get the bag zipped closed. "This dumb rule about taking all valuable possession when leaving is…."

"Bullshit? A hassle?" Kagome offered, her attention focused on her own suitcase that she used as a butt rest while prying the zip closed. Raven hair tumbled over her shoulders, casting a veil over her face while she silently wondered why they waited this long to decide on the move. Her mother was constantly nagging her about it, especially when it limited her visits simply because Kagome just refuse the hassle of packing and unpacking.

"That's two words, a little mild for my taste," Sango admitted as she sauntered her way to the bathroom grabbing as much as she could before emerging from the small space. "I'd prefer to say stuff like –…"

Rolling her eyes, Kagome stood up in triumphant, her eyes turned on Sango's emerging form. "Not interested in any more of your corrupted phrases or words!" She giggled when her tall and lean friend pouted; making her way to some box that needed taping up.

Shrugging Sango changed the subject, if only to please her dear friend. "Sure your 'rents are cool with me spending the summer at their place,?" Her long brown hair was in a messy bun while she nodded her head to the beat, a handful of toiletries in her hand.

Blue eyes looked up from the ground just as she threw a tape across the room in aggravation before taking up a new one. "Of course!" She grinned victoriously when she managed to work the tape, securing the box in front of her. "My mom can't stop talking about you, especially because she thinks I'm making you up," She rolled her eyes playfully at her best friend. "Even with the pictures I keep sending her – she has Souta telling her I'm photo-shopping you in!" She snorted at her idiotic brother. "I don't even know how to use that program all that good."

Laughing, Sango didn't put it past Kagome's brother to do something like that. From what Kagome told her, he's real big on making his little sister's life as miserable as ever, or as long as it made her flush with some sort of emotions, and not the welcoming kind. "I'm that awesome to be real huh?" She boasted, a hand on her hips with a wide grin, her chin raised high with haughtiness.

"Oh shut up Sango," Kagome shook her head. "It's just that they thought I repelled people for some reason," Pausing to nibble on her bottom lip, sapphire eyes drifted to her hand that donned a silver chain with small ocean blue orbs which kissed a tattoo she had decided to get shortly after Sango was dubbed her best friend. The both of them got a tattoo, although Sango's was the simple word 'Love' that was drawn into a heart while Kagome settled for a simple phrase in Latin. "Anyways…!" She rushed on ignoring the memories that the chain brought and the feeling that consumed her when she focused too much on the tattoo. "I think you'll like my small home town – it's cozy and fun."

"Like our new apartment?" Sango asked, the giddiness spilling out. They had been apartment hunting for two weeks prior, and with enough disagreement to last them a lifetime, they had both settled on a nice flat that gave them enough privacy and sophistication while keeping the coziness and lightness intact, blending their personalities perfectly.

"Even better." Kagome breathed dramatically.

"Le gasp," Resting the back of her hand on her forehead, Sango closed her eyes, her body relaxing as if she was about to faint. "…Added with amazing beach?"

"Yes Sango," She huffed. "…Adding in that amazing beach."

Sango jumped up with enthusiasm, strands of hair falling from her messy bun in the process. "Now that's talking my language!" She grinned with a sparkle in her eyes which began to shine after a couple seconds. "But since our flight isn't in the next four days – you do know that we're going out right?"

"We still have to move into the apartment." Kagome grumbled too quickly for Sango's taste.

"And we have time," Sango sang, shaking her head as if it wasn't a problem. "We can start tomorrow afternoon when my dad and little bro comes down – you know they'll be doing the major things," She winked deviously at the thought of slaving her family while they nurse the hangover Sango had in mind. "And it'll continue right down until the day before the flight...With breaks in between I suppose," Pausing with a finger to her chin she added gleefully. "We definitely have to go out the night before the flight – just for celebration purposes."

Kagome groaned loudly, pushing the box in the corner before heading to her bed of clothes while dragging her suitcase. The last thing she wanted to do was go out and have fun. Yea, totally a foreign thing to say for a university student, but Kagome just wasn't that kind of girl. She preferred to stay home, watch a movie and go to bed – or go to a movie and then allow her bed to welcome her warmly. Was she boring? Pfft – sue her was all she would say since she was quite alright with her lifestyle. Huffing softly, she watched Sango's side, still amazed at how they could have so much things fit in this small crammed dorm room.

"Ok, let me rephrase that," With a roll of her eyes, Sango too headed for her adjacent bed and started folding her clothes. "I'm dragging you out with me tonight."

"Did I tell you how much I hate you?"

"Nope," She smiled, throwing a red dress at Kagome, indicating to her that she will be wearing that tonight. "But you have told me how much you love me, I'm pretty sure."

Kagome snorted.


Wearing the dress that Sango loan her, with a pair of black ankle suede wedge heels and some black accessories to match, Kagome walked next to Sango as they walked down a lone dark alley. Her hair was in a high ponytail and braided, with black eye makeup, intensifying her sapphire gaze. Unlike the dress Kagome was wearing, Sango chose to wear a pair of white leggings, and a black silken off the shoulder top that hung loose on her frame – the front short while the back tail ending just below her butt. She finished off with a white belt and black and white accessories along with black sandals.

"Don't tell me you're going to murder me here and leave me for the dogs."

Sango rolled her eyes. "Don't tempt me lame-o."

They continued on in silence with a slightly reluctant Kagome whose crimson lips were sporting a pout as they made a turn down another alley on the left hand side which introduced them to a group of people trying to get into a small door that looked to lead underground. "…And this is safe?"

"I heard there's this amazing band playing here," She started, flashing a smile at the bouncer who ushered them forward through the small mass of angry people who were obviously waiting a longer time than them. "They haven't been out for that long, maybe a little under two years? But they are really good – and all of them are so damn hot!" Sango shouted over the music after giving the bouncer a brief kiss on the cheeks, her hand gripping Kagome's arm as she dragged her in.

"I… don't know about this Sango…" Kagome started unsure, pushing her way through the crowd behind Sango who dragged her straight to the bar on the right hand side.

"What...Why?" She asked, panicked.

Shrugging, Kagome took a seat on the stool. "I just don't like these sorts of things… and you actually dragged me here just because you thought the band members are cute?"

"They have tattoos Kagome!" She exclaimed, her eyes wide with pleasure. "And each of them has a tongue ring." Grinning she waggled her brows suggestively at her friend. "We all know what that means right?" Gyrating her hips slowly, Sango allowed her tongue to lick her upper lips, the pleasure in her eyes shining like a beacon.

"Oh. My. Gosh, Sango!" Giggling at her perverted friend, Kagome couldn't help but wonder how much they put that tongue ring to use.

"Oh come on Kags – Live a little!" Sango shouted with a giggle of her own. "Besides, their music is really good! It's hardcore but some of the songs are really emotional." She swoon a sigh as she clasped her hands together. "They even have an album out – they did it themselves but the way the sales are flying high, you'd think they were a signed band!" Pressing a thoughtful finger to her lips she raised a brow in wonder. "I'm actually surprised they aren't signed to be honest."

"Maybe because they actually sucked, but simpletons like you guys buy their shit just because they're hot," Kagome rolled her eyes skywards. "Also, it probably intrigues the realms of their talents in all things sexual." She said, as an afterthought.

"Hearing you bring that up just revealed your intrigue."

Kagome had the good grace to blush.

"I'll lend you my ipod so you can listen to them when we reach home since I bought it on itunes," Sango stated earnestly, nudging Kagome. "Yea, I paid money to get my hands on an unsigned band's albumb – that's how amazing they are!" She sighed dreamily. "The album is called Journey Of The Heart. I'm not kidding when I say it's really good and their looks are just bonuses – and hidden talents!" Getting all enthusiastic just by the thought of them, Sango couldn't hide her excitement – not that she wanted to. "There's also speculation about a second album!" Sighing in awe-struck, she grinned widely. "Tonight they're supposed to reveal a new song as a teaser!"

"Sure," Kagome responded dismissively, calling over the bartender for a drink. "I guess I'll be the judge of this washed up group aspiring to be like Linkin Park or even the Sick Puppies," She listed, calling her top favorites. "Maybe their performances are what make it seem like their songs are good?"

Choosing to ignore her friend, Sango too ordered a drink, rocking to the music that the DJ was spinning as she gazed around the club for that particular band. She had overheard her friend, Asuna talking about some boy band playing tonight at Nocturnal and how even though they weren't overly popular like listed bands, they were just as good. And after listening to some of their songs, Sango had to admit it, plus after seeing a poster of them – she just had to see them live, even if it's a one time thing.

"I wonder if I can meet them," She whispered, the giddiness bubbling inside of her. "The pianist is really fuxy," She smirked.

Kagome groaned loudly, a hand hiding the embarrassment of her friend's lamest. "Really Sango?" Sango didn't do it often, but when she came around to fusing two words together, that shit will always stick. That includes the words fucking and sexy to get…fuxy.

Ignoring her in favor for grinning, she added, "I wouldn't mind finding out exactly what other talents he has up his sleeve!" She giggled like an insane school girl at her confession.


Maybe Kagome's mother was right when she told her she was anti-social and never knew how to move on from the past… from a mistake. Or, not wanting to admit anything that was remotely true, Kagome believed that just maybe this whole night club thing wasn't her life. She definitely wasn't one for late night rendezvous and going out to clubs and gyrating herself between masses of beings. She scanned the room slowly, drinking up the way everyone danced and jumped around to the music, laughing loudly as they enjoyed themselves. A slight smile touched her lips as her mind thrust her back in the past.

"This is insane," She whispered instantly her eyes shining brightly. "I don't belong here."

Kagome placed her glass of drink on the table; easing up to either get some fresh air or simply head home and be done with it. She was good at being alone and as much as she hated it, she was handling it just fine.

A sudden movement a few feet in front of her forced her attention on a tall male wearing a red silk shirt.

"Oh my god – Oh my god!" Sango screeched breathlessly beside her, slapping Kagome's arm repeatedly like a crazed fan.

The sting didn't register to Kagome as she eyed the long haired guy no more than five feet before her. "Is that…" She got up slowly with furrowed brows, her hesitant steps increasing while the males walked towards the stage, the guy wearing the red silk shirt holding a guitar in his hand being her main focus.

"Ya –…" She called feebly, but her voice broke.

Outstretching her hand as if the mere act will draw him closer to her, she closed the same outstretched hand, but opened it to see that it was empty. Kagome pushed her way through the crowed, circling around to the edge of the stairs where three guys, the red silken shirt one included made their way up one by one.

Just as he was about to take his first step up the stairs, her hands finally grasped his shirt.

A small gasp escaped from her throat as her hold tightened against him. "Yashie…," She breathed, her eyes tearing up. "It's you…." She noticed a second piercing above his eyes, next to the original one.

The midnight haired male's eyes were open to saucers, the shock not fully reaching his rational thinking. He slowly looked her up and down, before his grey gaze landed on the hand that rested on his shoulder, as if wondering if she was real or just a fragment of his imagination. "Ka…"

"Hurry up dude!" Someone on stage hissed, breaking the shocked guy out of his trance. "The crowd's getting agitated."

Inuyasha turned his head to his friends and band mates before looking back at Kagome.

When Kagome saw the look of hatred taking the place of his shock, she swore she felt something within her broke. Her hand was shrugged off as Inuyasha ran onto stage, his presence sending the crowd into frenzy, instantly.

Inhaling a shuddered breath loudly when Inuyasha started playing his guitar, she turned her head and rushed to the entrance, wishing that she'd listen to her guts and stayed home.

"Kagome…!" Sango rushed towards her, grasping her arm. "I didn't know you knew those guys!" She gushed. "Oh wow – this is awesome, do you think…" Her rant died down when she finally got a good look at her friends, noticing that she was fighting to keep her tears from falling. "Is something…"

"I want to go!" Kagome screamed in frustration, catching the attention of some strangers.

Kagome heard Sango's stuttering, knew that she didn't want to leave and if that was the case, Kagome wouldn't deny her – she just wouldn't be here to share it with her. She couldn't. If Kagome knew that the band was Inuyasha's then she would have never stepped foot into this club! The shock at seeing him and glimpsing the others pushed her back to the past – a painful past that took her months to forget, or simply ignore. Yet just one look…one look had her in such a state.

She couldn't believe they got that popular in such a short time, and saying she wasn't happy for them would be a lie. But Kagome prided herself on her ignorance; prided herself to ignore all local bands with a vengeance out of sheer cowardice. But she didn't care – couldn't care when her unstable emotions could go out of bound even more, pushing her into an even desperate sap. No, ignorance was the key to moving on – that and the thousands of miles that separated them.

"Are you listening Kags?"

Ignoring her, Kagome furrowed her brows as the music's lyrics hit her, knowing that those were the words of Inuyasha himself. She had never heard that type of music, and Sango was right – it was really good. It was hardcore… yet the lyrics and feelings pouring out captivated anyone who had a heart… anyone who had found loved – lost it… or was simply hurt by it…

Kagome sniffled as she dared a look on stage, her sapphire spheres landing directly on Inuyasha's steely storm as he poured his anger into his music. A lone black tear fell from her orbs and she drew in a shaky breath before it shuddered past her lips.

"I shouldn't have come here." When her gaze landed on Sango, the dam broke as more tears spilled from her gaze, and in that moment she knew Sango received the message when she didn't freak out about her ruined make-up.


As Inuyasha strummed his guitar harshly, as if he wanted to break it, he couldn't think of a better way to drown his anger and sorrow at that very moment. With his lips daringly close to the mike, he spat his lyrics in a low growling melody that expressed his sensual voice all the same, impacting the audience with his unique voice.

Seeing Kagome so suddenly had his mind reeling and he was surprise with himself when he realized how much he wanted to envelop her in his embrace and never let go. Who would have thought that he would run into her after all this time? Ever since they parted, not once had he seen her, yet at this very moment when he was sure he was finally over her, he had to see her and be reminded that his foolish thoughts were just that: foolish.

Grey orbs watched her every move as she spoke to a girl a little taller than her, almost as if she was arguing. Wishing he knew what exactly they were saying, he chastised himself mentally, stepping back a little to do a solo guitar rendition as his friend Miroku took up the second verse of their song, never faltering in playing his own instrument – the piano.

The crowd was going wild, and random scream of each individual's name had Inuyasha smirking with delight as he closed his eyes, loosing himself in the flow of the music. Kouga's low scratchy voice picked up midway in the second verse with Miroku's deep hypnotic singing, their voice so different yet blending in perfectly with Inuyasha's guitar playing, leveling it out with Miroku's piano skills to complete the perfect performance with Kouga's drumming.

All males were thrashing their head wildly as they hummed into their respective mike and Inuyasha grinned, forgetting his troubles, his past and confliction at seeing Kagome for the moment as he allowed himself to succumb to the music. For them, not only Inuyasha – music was always a way of escapism – a way to just express one's self freely without inhibitions and Inuyasha was glad for such an escape, never once complaining since they left for the road, knowing that this was what would keep him going.

His eyes flashed open when the chorus came around, and he once again took the mike, strumming a soft sensual melody on his guitar as he sang his heart out, searching the crowd for Kagome. When her watery gaze looked up at him, he knew the message of his song was being heard clearly, and the anger once again overtook him.

What right did she have to be hurt when she was the one who did the leaving?!

Narrowing angry spheres at her, he shifted slightly as he sang more, cuing his band mates to replay the melody of the chorus as he sang it over, this time with more feeling – if possible – as he pinned her with his gaze, hoping she could taste his anger and hatred towards her.

For Inuyasha knew that if she deserved anything – it was those two raw emotions.


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