Chapter 22

Growing up in the Higurashi home, Kagome had long since understood that there were simply certain things she weren't allowed to do, to say and even wear. With the absence of her father who truly had little effect on her when it came to his 'rules', the true fear was the invisible iron rod her mother held to dictate and exact punishment on whoever thought they were the adults in the house. Even though both Kagome and Souta often broke those rules, it was those same acts that gave the other power to blackmail each other into silence. Souta's random visitors were ignored by Kagome so long as she got to attend the late night parties when their mother were working late. Although at times the way Kagome would dress, or who she hung out with grinded not only Souta but his friend's the wrong way, it was tolerated so long as she accepted the fact that he'd be that dick to rain on her parade if she was stupid enough to get too loose at a party.

It was why Kagome and her friends stood just inside her room, gaping at the dress that hung tantalizingly on her door.

The echo of her mother voice haunted all four of them.

"Did someone invade your mother's body?" Eri whispered, her hand stopping short in front of the dress, as if it'll disappear if she touched it.

"Maybe being sixteen is the new thothood," Ayame giggled, her eyes drifted towards her silent friend.

"She said she'll get me a dress for my birthday."

"Indeed she did," Rin chipped in, the only one brave enough to touch the sheer material. "Oh my gosh – it feels so fucking good!"

"It's revealing." Kagome stated the obvious, her eyes drinking in the red spaghetti dress that she knew was shorter than acceptable for her mom and even her stupid brother. "Am I being punked mom?!" She shouted, loud enough for her voice to travel downstairs.

No answer.

"She's punking me guys." Kagome concluded, snatching the dress from its hanging position. Bringing it against her body, she gasped at the length of the dress which reached mid-thighs. It wasn't that she never wore anything that short, or even shorter. But it was definitely the first time she would be wearing something this revealing in the presence of her mother.

Talk about awkward…

"I do love how the outer wear is see through."

"Man, if you're too chicken shit to wear it, I'll christen it for you."

"Shut up Eri." Rin grumbled with a roll of her eyes. "Kagome – you're gonna fucking wear it."

Snorting, Kagome threw the beautifully offensive dress on her bed. "It's red." She grinned, her hands resting on her hips. "Of course I'll wear the damn dress!"

All three girls quirked a brow at their birthday friend. What the hell does a freaking color have to do with deciding whether or not one chooses to dress like a seductress? Watching as Kagome paced the room slowly, mumbling to herself about the perfect hairstyle, jewelry and suede wedges, they both found themselves smiling softly.

"It's because of him isn't it?"

She was fucking blushing.

"It's his favorite color," Kagome confessed, brushing some loose strands behind both her ears. "I want to be as close to him as possible, and if that means wearing his favorite color, then I'll start there." A shy smile tilt her lips upwards. She loved her mother for her silent cheering. Even though she was sure her mother heard the rumors about Yashie and how he may be when it involved girls, she was glad that her judgment was based on the Yashie who hangs out around the house, her family.

"I thought you guys weren't talking," Eri's voice held a hint of annoyance. "Don't tell me you're one of those pathetic girls who still…pines." Sighing exaggeratedly, she too mirrored Kagome's position with her hands on her hips. "That asshole is –…"

"Insulting Inuyasha is one thing, but Kaggie is our friend Eri," Ayame cut her off, her eyes cutting angrily at Eri. "You're not in Kaggie's position, nor do you understand her feelings –…"

"If she wants to let that idiot see what he's missing out on then it's her call." Rin grumbled, her arms folded defensively for her friend.

It was on Kagome's tongue to spill the beans, to tell them that both her and Yashie worked things out. That they've made up to the point that they've made out… hotly. But the fire in Eri's voice held her back. She loved her friend dearly, all of them, but she knew that Eri would be the most negative one about the whole situation and she wouldn't try to filter her thoughts. Kagome didn't want her day to be ruined by any bad tension between her and her friend since she knew for a fact she'd defend Yashie. They didn't know him the way she knows him, get him like her, nor do they understand the reasons behind his actions. Hell maybe all of them may turn on her and call her delusional, naïve – and in some ways she was. But that didn't mean she was going to shield herself from the possibility of everything being true.

"Hey, am all for torturing the stupid and sexy," Eri defensively interjected. "But something tells me she'll be going beyond."

That knowing gaze of Eri's had the guilt washing over her like a bucket of ice. It prickled against her skin, her eyes darting away almost instantly. Now was definitely not the time to tell them about any progress involving Yashie.

"It's my birthday guys." Kagome whispered, a sad smile touching her lips. She hated keeping secrets from her friends, but maybe just this once… Just once she would like to keep those recent memories of her and Yashie to herself, to cherish them in silence as her mind replay every words, every gesture that came from Yashie.

A loud sigh, more like an aggravated groan escaped her most straight forward friend. "Fiiiiine!" She hissed, her eyes cutting to the dress. "He'll nut in his pants the moment he sees you in that dress." She grudgingly confessed, a smile tugging at her lips.

Instantly the tension left the room, bubbling up with rounds of giggles as they joked about Yashie's sexuality. Kagome felt the nervousness and the guilt escaping her body like a running pipe and she breathed a sigh of relief.


Somebody needed to pinch the fuck out of him right about now. No, scratch that – he needed a good pounding – simply to know that what he was hearing from Miroku wasn't from his dreams. It had to be. Wide eyes, filled with amusement looked from one fool to the other, his gaze lingering on the stormy eyed manwhore. No, fucking scratch that, because apparently that title should no longer be associated with him. Ever.

"So…you and Kaggie are like…." Boxing in his lips to hold in the laughter, Kouga rested his hand on a cocked hip. "No. Fucking. Waaaaaaay!" He screamed, shaking his head in stupor.

"I'm telling you asshole – Souta told me this morning!"

Inuyasha cut his eyes to his friend who simply shrugged before moving pass them with a guitar bag. Rolling his eyes back to the idiot duo, Inuyasha heaved a frustrated sigh. It wasn't that he hated the thought of his friends knowing, hell he wanted the whole fucking world to know that he was finally getting the girl he always wanted. But the way they were acting, spouting shit that he knew would have his sweet pea blushing until kingdom come was one of the sole reason he wanted to give it a day or two – maybe a week to set the pace. Hell he would have wanted to talk to her first about what should or shouldn't be done, just to make sure she was on board and aware.

"Could you guys simmer down for a while," Rubbing the back of his neck in frustration he sighed heavily. "I don't want you guys to be dogging her about this – it's all pretty new and –…"

"Like I'm gonna let this good shit slide!" Miroku howled, his eyes sparkling with mischief. "My bane will finally –…"

"If you fucking –…"

"Aww, is Yashie poo getting – Ow!" Glaring daggers at his friend, Kouga massaged his pulsing arm where Inuyasha clocked him.

"Don't call me that. It's fucking annoying."

"Not when Kaggie says it though." Souta chipped in, his grin almost sickening.

It was like everything was coming to light now that his sister and his best friend worked things out. The little comments only Kagome could make, even when they were younger. The way Inuyasha always bended his rules to suit his sister, or cancel his time with them or the little tricks he'd shagged up with just to accommodate Kaggie. He couldn't believe he was blinded by all those things for so long, brushing it off as a simple brother given that all of them grew up together. But thinking back to all those times Inuyasha often tattled on his sister whenever she was getting too comfortable with a guy, or offering to take her home when the night was getting too late and neither him nor their other friends wanted to end it. Even if Yasha wasn't aware of it, he's been having feelings for his sister for quite some time, even if it went from innocent to something more, the lines blurring as to when it actually started – Yasha was considerate of Kaggie. And Souta respected him even more for not acting on it, belittling himself because he thought he wasn't worthy. Souta couldn't ask for a better guy to be with his sister.

Walking towards the ticking time bomb, Souta clasped him on the back. "At least give it until tomorrow to give her hell – today is her day and we're gonna make it special for her tonight at her party."

Both Miroku and Kouga opened their mouths to protest but Yasha cut them a dark look.

"I'll beat the shit out of you guys every fucking day if you ruin this for her."

In union, both males gasped, clutching their chests as if they'd been struck.

"Oh my…."

"He's in deep."

Inhaling deeply, his hands clasped behind his neck, Inuyasha bit his bottom lip in thought. His eyes scanned one end of the room to the other end, drinking in the teasing looks of his friends, their mumbling questions, and couldn't help but wonder. They were always tight from small, never really got in a fight that drew them apart for too long. When they started fooling around with girls, they always joked about their wildness, or some may brag about their escapades. But looking back, neither of them ever talked seriously about a girl. Sure, respect was expected when it came to Kaggie, but Inuyasha wasn't so sure the guys knew how to do that face first. They protected her name, and her in general but when it came to dogging her, they took it every which way.

"Look guys," He started, watching both males in the eyes before settling on Souta as he came back. "I'm really serious about Kagome. This is all new for me, and I'd really appreciate it if you'd just…" Rolling his eyes at his now gaping friends, he huffed before turning his back on them. "Shit." He knew he was blushing. He couldn't even begin to express his feelings without heating up like a damn bitch. The sudden erratic beating of his heart had him inhaling deeply before exhaling slowly.

"We get it man," Souta spoke up, a huge grin splitting his face.

"We really do." Miroku said on a serious note, pride shining in his eyes. "We'll behave, and best believe we're still going to be looking out for the little bane."

Kouga's shocked expression seemed as if it was permanently seared on. "I honestly would have pegged Souta as the first in our group to fall. I'm still gonna dog you – best believe." He chuckled when his friends glared at him. "What? Best friends are assholes to each other – get over it!" His chuckle died down, before a small smile tugged on his lips. "I am happy for both of you. Just don't hurt Kaggie again or I'll be the one to beat the fuck out of you every day."

They couldn't see it with his back to them, but Inuyasha was grinning like a damn fool. The warmth and love for those idiot washing over him in waves. He wouldn't change them for the world, just like he would die before hurting his sweet pea. This time around he was above denying himself, torturing Kagome and wasting his time with forgetful bodies.

"Thanks guys," He whispered, still refusing to face them as he headed outside with some equipment in his hand.

Following suit, everyone tended to their task. When everything was packed and they'd straighten back up the garage, the sun had already set – signally the nearing time of the party. Even though they weren't schedule to play later on into the night, the boys had to head down to the spot to set up then rush back to Souta's place to help his mom with transporting the drinks which surprisingly was a mixture of hard and soft – her knowing gaze when she packed them had them all grinning cheekily.


"Are you sure you're okay with waiting alone?" Eri questioned for the millionth time to Kagome. Her gaze lingered on her friend as she walked towards her dress in only a pair of lacey red boyshorts and a matching lace bra.

"Souta said he wants to drive me over and I know the party has already started." Reaching for the red spaghetti dress, Kagome turned to her friend with a wide smile. "I don't want to keep you guys waiting, especially if Souta takes a while to come."

Heaving a sigh, Eri shifted her gaze from her smiling friend to inspect her nails. "I don't mind waiting with you. I mean I know Rin and Ayame might be a little impatience, but I can totally –…"

A loud vibration from the table closest to the door alerted the girls of an income call or text. With Kagome struggling to put the over her head without ruining the curls that Rin slaved over, Eri reached for the phone before rushing to her friend to help her. Silence filled the room while Eri eased the dress over Kagome's head before smoothing it down her form. Her hands trailed over Kagome's breast, following the trail down her waist and over her hips.

"The dress is molded to you." Eri breathed.

"It is?" Moving a stray curl behind her ears, Kagome moved towards the full length mirror to inspect herself. "I feel beautiful." She whispered, her grin spreading as she tried to imagine the look on Inuyasha's face now that he was allowed to express himself the way she wanted him to.

"You are beautiful." Eri grinned over her shoulder. "Which is surprising." She added, bursting into laughter when Kagome glared at her reflection.

"Would you hurry up Eri!" Rin screamed.

"Everyone keeps sending snapchats!" Ayame whined, clearly ready to join the party.

The phone long forgotten buzzed in Eri's hand. Unconsciously looking at the screen, she paused when she saw the name flashing across the screen. "Why is Inuyasha calling you?" The phone was instantly snatched out of her loose grip. Eri didn't miss the surprise and guilty look on her friend's face before her hair shielded her expression. "Am I missing something?"

Hesitancy laced Kagome's spoken words. "Um… No… It's – It's probably Souta using his phone." Turning to face her friend, she hid the phone behind her, her top teeth sinking into her bottom lip. "Souta and his careless ass probably misplaced his phone."

Eri snorted. "Answer then."

By the time Kagome brought the phone before her, it had already ceased it's ringing. "Missed it." She sang softly.


Kagome rolled her eyes. "Come on Eri. Even if it's Yashie, why the bitch mode."

Again, Eri snorted. "Forgive me for worrying about my friend with a stupid crush." Shaking her head, she reached for her cropped jacket off of the chair. "We all know how much of a player Inuyasha is, the way he treats women and how much he constantly hurt you – both indirectly and directly." Heading towards the door, she paused just before leaving. "I just don't want you to do something stupid."

Pressing her lips into a thin line, Kagome didn't reply as she watched her friend disappear from her sight. The soft yet quick thud indicated the hurried step her friend took as she descended the stairs. As much as she wanted to be angry at her friend, Kagome honestly couldn't fault her. What she said was all she knew about Inuyasha – not the one Kagome knew on a more intimate level. Definitely not the sides he showed her prior to the intimacy. A small smile kissed her lips as she read the text that just came in.

I'll be there in five.