The first time he saw Katniss, he and Clove were on the train together, going to the Capitol.

"Why don't we watch the Reapings? Check out this year's competition?" Clove had suggested.

He had agreed. Nothing seemed particularly unusual. Fellow Careers from Districts 1 and 3, the usual mix from the others. Until they had reached the end and they had reaped the little blond girl. She looked exactly like his sister.

Then the girl with the brown hair was shoving the Peacekeepers aside, running for her. "I volunteer!" she screamed.

Her name was Katniss, they said. He immediately felt a strange interest in her. In District 2, there was never a shortage of volunteers. But if there wasn't, would he, Cato, have volunteered for his sister?

He watched her closely over the next few weeks, in training, attempting to strike up a conversation once. She had brushed him off, ignored him. He had responded by ignoring her as well. She would be easy prey in the arena, the girl from twelve.

Then he saw her score. Eleven. How had she managed that? Nothing in training had indicated she had anything to warrant that. She must have been holding out, hiding her skills, something Careers rarely bothered with because no one was fooled.

In the arena, she had continued to outsmart him. Dropping the tracker jackers on them. He should have just set fire to that tree, instead of waiting until morning. Then she had blown up their food supplies. That was the final straw. She was dead.

But, beneath everything all his anger, something else started to emerge. Something he rarely for anyone.

One of them would have to die to win these games. But he wasn't sure if he could bring himself to kill her, not really. She had been willing to sacrifice herself for her sister. She had managed to outsmart him, to survive.

He never showed that he had anything aside from hate toward her. Everyone would laugh at him if he did, ask if he was going soft. He would never show weakness to anyone. Even in he and Katniss's few meetings, he never gave a hint of his feelings. But it was still there.

He didn't have to like her, but he could certainly respect her.

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