one note kyuubi will only have his words in bold when his talking to naruto through telepithy.

konaha streets 11 a.m.

a six year old blond boy walked down the street looking for somthing to eat. but everytime sombody saw him they closed and locked the doors to their resturants. he didn't think there was anything diffrent about him from the other chirldren. he had blond hair tanned skin and ocean blue eyes and three wisker marks on each of his cheeks. his name naruto uzumaki. he went to the only place that would serve him ichiraku's . he walked in. "hey teuchi-oji can i get a bowl of shrimp ramen."

teuchi smiled at his best custormer. "shure thing naruto-kun just give me a couple of minutes to get it ready." he was a middle aged man with tan skin gray hair an squinted black eyes.

just then a young girl came out of the back of the shop. she had fair skin brown hair black eyes an mid b-cup breast. "is that naruto-kun i hear."

naruto smiled. "it sure is ayame-chan. how ya been."

"good so naruto-kun do you have a girlfriend yet."

naruto blushed and stuterd. ""

ayame smiled and giggled at how easy it was to tease naruto. "really is there someone you like." naruto nodded slowly. "well who is it."

naruto crossed his arms and shook his head. "not telling."

ayame pouted. "come on pwease." naruto shook his head he wasn't going to budge this time. "coooome ooonnn pleeeaaase." naruto closed his eyees and shook his head smirking that he finnaly had something that ayame didn't know about. "atleast tell me is it someone i know." naruto nodded deciding to play along. "is it that sakura girl from the academy." naruto shook his head. "ino." again he shook his head . "hinata." again no. "that girl tenten thats a year older then you." wrong again. ayame was getting frustrated a little. "is it kurani-neechan." nope but she was getting closer although he'd never admit it. "alright is she older then you." naruto nodded. "is she a kounochi." uhuh. "is it yugao-neechan." wrong. ayame thought for a moment who does naruto like hanging around with. who did he act difrently around. then it hit her like a frying pan. "oh i know it's anko-neechan."

naruto's face turned as red as a tamato. "uhuh."

ayame smiled. "well when did it start."

"well it's a long story."

teuchi looked up from his newpaper. "don't worry naruto your our last custormer since it's sunday and we close at noon go ahead."

naruto shrugged "okay."

flashback oct 10 naruto's 6th birthday

villagers pounded on the door to naruto's apartment he had moved his small couch in front of it to stall them he then grabbed his pouch full of kunai and shuriken that had been thrown at him over the past two years. and jumped out the back window and started running as fast as he could after hanging out with ayame's friends for a year naruto had learned the basics of chakra molding and could now pump it into his feet. he heard the sounds of villagers screaming. "kill the demon." "burn the basterd." and their favorite. "let's send him back to hell where he belongs." naruto ran until he came to the place he was looking for. the forest of death.

naruto dodged a kunai aimed at his head and jumped the fince. he ran twords the center of the forest letting out enough KI to keep the animals away. he ran until he got to the center of the forest where he found a tower he ducked inside knowing that no one would be here since there was no reason. he looked around until he found a bedroom. he couldn't shake the feeling he was being followed. he walked in and the door closed itself behind him. he felt two arms rap themselves around him and a sweet voice say. "well well well what do we have here."

he slipped out of its grasp turned around drawing a kunai. "please why can't you people just leave me alone i didn't do anything wrong."

the woman cocked her head. she was average heght. with purpole hair tied back light skin and black eyes. she wore a mesh armor body suit that was almost see through. over the bottom she wore a short brown skirt and on top she wore a brown trench coat that coverd her c-cup brest. "what do you mean i just thought it odd that someone besides me was in here." she looked at naruto as he started to cry. "what happend kid." naruto ran up and burried his head in her midsection and started sobbing. he told her the story of how the villagers atacked his apartment and chased him to the gates of the forest. when he was done she looked down at him and smiled. "it's okay kid don't worry you can stay here as long as you want to and i'll even start you training to be a ninja so you can defend yourself."

naruto looked up and smiled. "really."

she smiled. "yup by the way kid what's your name."

naruto looked at her. "naruto uzumaki."

she extende her hand. "well naruto uzumaki it's nice to meet you. i'm anko miterashi."

and over the next two weeks naruto stayed in the forest training with anko.

flashback end.

"and that's how i met and fell for anko-chan." naruto finished.

ayame smiled and wiped a tear from her eye. "that's beutiful naruto-kun."

naruto then felt two arms slither around his neck and a womans head on his shoulder. "it sure is naruto-kun it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy everytime i think about it." naruto looked back to see anko on his shoulder. "and i didn't know you liked me so much naruto-kun."

naruto blushed and started stamering. "well yeah."

anko smiled at him. "i'll tell you what you become a genin and i'll go out with you deal."

naruto smiled and nodded. "deal."

anko kissed him on the cheek. "well then i'll be waiting. i also left some scrolls to help you out back at your apartment." naruto nodded thanking her. "well i have to be going i've got a mission tomorrow."

naruto got up from his seet and paid for his meal. "i gotta get goin to we start taijutsu training tommorow. goodnight teuchi-oji ayame-neechan." he then kissed anko on the cheek. "and goodnight anko-chan." he ran off leaving a blushin anko behind.

naruto's apartment ten minutes later.

naruto walked in feeling great the girl of his dreams had agreed to go out with him when he graduated the academy. he decided that he was not only going to pass he was going to be the best. naruto sat on his bed and got into a meditateive state.

naruto's mindscape

after lerning about the kyuubi six months ago naruto had started going in and talking to it. naruto walked up to the cage that held his tenant. "hey furrball you awake in there."

kyuubi stirred in his cage. "what's up kit you woke me up from my nap."

naruto sighed. "you've been sleeping for two days strait."

kyuubi growled. "aint like there's much else to do around here."

naruto smirked he knew he could get what he wanted. "alright i'll make you a deal i'll change the scenerie if you agree to do me a favor."

kyuubi raised an eyebrow but decided to go along with it. "alright kid but wait a minut so i can transform." naruto nodded eager to see what kyuubi looked like as a human. after a puff if smoke kyuubi transormed into his true form. he was about six feet tall with light skin and three wiskers on each of his cheeks like naruto his hair was crimson and went down to his neck. he wore a long sleeve mesh armor shirt and black anbu pants with red shoes. his most interesting features though was the fact that he had a fox tail that swayed back and forth and red fox ears that twiched when he got excited. "alright kid do it."

naruto nodded. "okay." he changed it so that they were in a large house with a large living room that had a six person couch a bigscreen tv dvd player with a bunch of dvd's. up stairs was a master bedroom with a king sized bed. outside was a basketball court a batting cage and a large pool.

kyuubi smiled. "not bad kid the place looks great. so what is it you want."

naruto gave a big grin. "well i want you to rearang my DNA in order to give me a dojutsu."

kyuubi smiled that his jailer was so creative. "alright which one do you want."

naruto grinned like he was about to give kyuubi a heart atack. "actually i want an origanal and i'll leave the detals up to you."

kyuubi's face fualted a little but he regained his composer. "alright but since i don't have a genetic map it will take longer than a normal one would. it will probably take about five years or so. that cool with you."

naruto smiled and nodded. "alright just make sure it's kick ass. got it. i gotta get back to training since it's only about to be the second day of school so i have alot of time to become the best student. first step is become rookie of the year then we'll move from there."

kyuubi nodded liking this new naruto. "alright kid if your gonna do that i'm going to have to teach you a jutsu to increase your training speed. it's called the shadow clone jutsu with this jutsu what ever your clones learn you'll learn when they dispel this is also usfull for people like you with large chakra reseves." naruto nodded thanking him. "alright kid you better get going you've got training to do." naruto nodded turning to leave when he hear kyuubi say. "by the way kid you can stop calling me kyuubi to you its kurama got it."

naruto tuned his head grinning. "you got it kurama." naruto the disapered in a shimmer of light."

back in the real world.

naruto got up and grabbed his gear running outside twords a training ground that anko had showed him that noone used anymore.

training ground seven noon.

naruto walked on to the training ground and checked to see if anyone was there. when he was shure that noone was around he crossed his fingers and shouted. "shadow clone jutsu." when he looked around he saw that there were atleast a hundred clones. naruto rubbed the back of his head. "damn i didn't think i'd create that many clones. oh well i'll just learn fasternow let's see what anko-chan left me." naruto opened up the scroll and unsealed the things anko left him. a scroll on chakra control techniques one on each of the elements as well as a piece of paper with a note next to it. 'dear naruto the paper that is next to this note is called chakra paper focus your chakra into it and it will tell you which one it is. if its wind it wil become cut if its water it will become wet if its fire it will burst into flames if its lightning it will crumble and if its earth it will turn to dust. good luck .love anko.' naruto smiled he liked that anko cared enough to help him out. he focused his chakra into the paper it cut itself into three pieces. one crumbled one turned to dust and one burst into flames.

"so i've got affinaties for earth wind fire and lightning alright then." he walked up next to the clones. "alright split into four groups of twenty-five." the clones split up surronding him in four corners. "alright you guys wil each find a tree and practice the chakra control method. you guys will start reading up on fire style. you guys work on earth and you guys work on lightning. i'm gonna work on wind." all four groups nodded and took off for their indavidual trainings.

the original naruto took out the wind scroll and started reading. "okay so it seems the trick is to grind my chakra on each side so that they go up against eachother seems simple enough for step one." he got up and pulled out a rusty kunai from his pouch even though the academy had given him a set he kept this one with him becuase it was the one that saved his life.


naruto walked down the street at four years old he still couldn't figure out why everyone hated him. he continued walking not paying atention to where he was going when he tripped over somthing he looked back to see what it was and it turned out to be a kunai. 'one of the shinobi must have dropped this could come in handy later.' so he picked it up and shuved it in his pocket.

naruto walked until he was about a block from his apartment when someone grabbed him and pulled him into an ally way.

warning almost lemon rape scene

naruto struggled until he was pulled all the way to the back of the ally. the person pulled him up by his shurt collar until they were face to face. it turned out that the person was sakuno haruno one of the council women that naruto only knew becuase she was the one that sugjested when naruto turned four he be released from the orfanage and be sent to live in konaha's red light distrect. she stood at about five feet tall but cast a ten foot shadow. she has pink hair that was tied back in a bun aswell as white skin and green eyes. she looked at him. "i may not be able to take away your life demon but i can take away your pride." she then threw him on the floor and yanked down his pants exposing his dick to the world it was flaced but it was already six inches long. sakuno smirked. "well it looks like there are some advantages to being a demon." naruto started strugling.

"please don't i never did anything to you." sakuno slapped him.

"shut up demon. one more word and i might just kill you anyway." she lifted her dress and moved her panties to the side and got ready to mount him. when as if by instinct naruto pulled the kunai from earlier out of his pocket and cut her arm. when she jumped back naruto pulled up his pants and ran for it. he made it into the apartment. he sighed in relief knowing that sakuno wouldn't report him for cutting her becuase if she did not only would she have to admit to being in the red light district but she would have to admit that she tried to rape him. so from that day on he always carried that kunai with him whereever he went.

flashback end

naruto looked at the knife fondly thankful to whoever it was who happend to drop it that day. he coverd it in wind chakra then started slashing at the practice dummies making slashes only about six or so inches, but it was still good progress considering it usually only cut two.

six hours later.

the sun was starting to go down and naruto was getting tired. he got up and took a drink of water getting ready to leave. he dispelled the clones ten at a time. making sure to pay atention to kurama's warning so that he didn't get a headache from the overload. he gained a basic undersatnding of each elemant as well as a low-genin understanding of chakra control. he decided that it was time to go home.

naruto figured out that if he kept training at this rate he could do a years worth of training with each of the other three rotating out between types of ninjutsu in only two months. he walked to his apartment an put some ramen on the stove to cook.

he sat down on his bed and decided to do some light reading pulling out a scroll on fuinjutsu. he decided that learning it would make it easier to carry gear around as well as do other things. naruto started reading about gravity seals. "hhhmmm so these seals are used for training i'll have to wait till i'm thirteen though so they don't stunt my growth. huh there's a seal here that can turn unhealthy substances in the body into vital nutrience. well that could come in handy." naruto worked on copying the seal on paper until he got it perfact. after he got it down he made sure it was rite then lifted his shirt to reveal his bony stomach. he placed the seal on himself and went to check on his ramen. after eating he went to sleep deciding that it would be best since tomorrow was a new and likely long day.

the next day konaha academy.

naruto walked in and took a seat in the back of the class by himself. he was the first there so he decided to read up on genjutsu. he could cast D-rank genjutsu but with his chakra control comparing to his chakra levels he knew this would be his toughest subject. he continued to read the scroll said that the level of genjutsu you could do was equel to one rank below your chakra control level. right now the only genjutsu he knew was the hell viewing jutsu.he knew it wouldn't work on anyone below a fresh genin but for sparing match with academy students it would be perfect. but thanks to his high chakra levels he could easily dispeal up to a B-rank genjutsu

thirty minutes later

after about half an hour of reading iruka came in and took roll call he then stood at the front of the class and said. "alright i said yesterday that we would be practicing taijutsu today but instead we are going to do a sparing match to se how good you are in combat so first i'll explain the excersize then we'll head out on to the field. what we're going to do i'm going to match you up at random. you will be alowed to use any wepons and jutsu at your disposel to fight the match will be over when mizuke here decides you are unable to battle or i disqualify you for not following the order to stop. so let's head out."

on the way out mizuke was thinking. 'good this will be my chance to get rid of the demon i already rigged it so he has to go up against the uchiha prodegy i just won't stop the match.'

academy training ground.

iruka stood in the middle of the field. "alright let's have naruto uzumaki and sasuke uchiha come to the field. naruto came down to the field. across from naruto stood a boy the about an inch shorter than him with tan skin black eyes and black hair that looked like a ducks ass.

sasuke looked at naruto and smirked getting into his stance. "give up now dobe you can't beat an elite."

naruto smiled and got into his stance. "we'll see about that sasgay."

fangirls could be heard around the field yelling. "YOU CAN DO IT SASUKE-KUN." especuily a certian pink haired banshie who shall not be named.

iruka stood between naruto and sasuke and waved his hand. "BEGIN"

the two of them jumped away from eachother. sasuke went through a few hand sign and put his fingers to his lips yelling. "fire style: phynox flower jutsu." small fire balls shot at naruto

naruto started dodging them. "so we're playing that game eh uke-chan fine." naruto went through his own handsigns. "earth style: earth spike jutsu." slaming his hands into the ground. spikes of earth started shooting twords sasuke.

sasuke doged them. "damn i thought i was the only one who had an elemental jutsu in this class. oh well i guess i'll have to crank it up a notch. fire style fire ball jutsu."

"damn. shadow clone jutsu. okay guys formation alpha." naruto and his clones got in a formation on each side of sasuke and went through hand signs. clone1. "wind style: wind scycle jutsu" clone two2. "fire style: pbynox flower jutsu" clone3. "lightning style: lightning spark." original naruto. "shadow snake hands jutsu." all four tchinques collided with sasuke at once. he fell to the ground uconcius.

mizuke growled. "naruto uzumaki you are disquelified for usin such advanced jutsu and cuasing such harm to a fellow student."

naruto looked at him pissed off. he knew he was trying to screw with him and was about to say somthing when he heard iruka speak up. "mizuke you are only allowed to say that a student is medically unfit to fight i am the one who disqualify's students and further more if naruto were to be punished you would have to punish sasuke as well becuase both of their technique's were C-rank. and lastly i said they could use any jutsu at their disposail. now we all know the winner is naruto uzumaki now go take sasuke to the infermary."

later academy classroom.

iruka stood up. "alright class this was a good second day naruto and sasuke you two are obviuasally ahead of the rest of the class with naruto being the numberone student right now. we'll see what happens tomorrow as for the rest of you it seems we have a long way to come especially you sakura haruno. your all dismissed."

training ground seven 4 p.m

naruto got to his normal training ground. he felt someone behind him. "you can come out now."

sasuke came out from the bushes. "hey naruto. listen i want to tell you that i am just gonna act like a jerk at school. becuase i don't want any of those stupid fangirls to think they have a shot with me. but out here we can still hang out."

naruto smiled at sasuke. "yeah sure hopefully it works."

sasuke smirked at him. "and by the way i hear your gonna have some fangirls to."

naruto shudderd. "that sounds like a fate worse than death. so you wanna train with me." sasuke nodded he wanted to see just how intense naruto's training was. naruto created a hundred and fifty shadow clones having them split into groups of twenty-five with four groups on the elements one group on tree climbing and one on water walking. the original turned back to sasuke and grinned. "so what do you wanna train."

sasuke looked at him thinking. 'what the hell is this guy noone should have that much chakra..' "well first i wanna know how you can create so manny shadow clones at once and still have chakra left over."

naruto looked at him. "oh that is becuase i'm an uzumaki." sasuke looked at him confused. "okay i'll explain it loke this. our matriarch mito uzumaki was maried to the nidame hokage. but that's just so i can explain the next part. that was the reason why she moved here from uzugakure and later had my mother kushina uzumaki . uzumaki's are born with extended life spans as well as high chakra reserves which normally start out as high-jonin level but by the time we graduate the academy are mid-kage level."

sasuke looked at him amazed he thought that only the uchiha and the senju were elites but here naruto was grandson of the nidame hokage and son of one of kanoha's greatist kunouichi alongside his own mother. "so does that make you the nidme's grandson."

naruto took up a thinking pose. "actually now that i think about it it kinda does."

sasuke looked at him wanting to know what other things he had been hiding. "well i know who your grand parents and your mother are but whose your father."

naruto's expression saddend a little. "to tell you the truth i actually don't know he's the missing piece of the puzzle. the only thing jiiji told me was he was a great shinobi who died during a mission just after i was born."

sasuke felt bad that he made naruto relive that moment. "i'm sorry naruto i didn't know."

naruto smiled at sasuke. "don't worry these things happen in the ninja world we all know what we're doing when we sign up."

sasuke smiled thankfull that naruto wasn't mad at him. "so naruto who do you live with."

naruto looked at him trying not to feel sad he knew sasuke was just trying to get to know him. "i live by myself in the red light distrect. that banshie of a council women sakuno haruno got the rest of the civilian council to kick me out of the orfanage and stick me in a small apartment there."

sasuke seethed he knew that the civilian council mainly sucked up to the hyuuga and uchiha. but what he didn't know was how badly they treated onther members of the village. he figured that they didn't know who naruto's family was or they'd be grovaling at his feet for forgiveness. "if you want i can talk to my mom and have her get them to give you a better place."

naruto liked that sasuke cared enough to try that. "no thanks to tell you the truth the people in the redlight distrect are actually much nicer to me then the other villagers with the exeption of a few on your side. i know that if i moved out of there i'd be atacked more becuase only the gutstyiest villagers go there most of them atack me when i'm on this side."

sasuke was getting really pissed of the only place his friend felt safe was in a distrect of the village that most uchiha wouldn't even go into becuase it was so dangerous. "thats terible naruto how can you let them treet you like that."

naruto smiled. "don't worry i only have to deal with it for six more years once i become a genin they won't be allowed to atack me anymore or else they'll be charged with atacking konaha shinobi. plus after a few weeks in the academy the atacks should become smaller in number and frequincy becuase they'll know that i'm learning shinobi skill. plus there's probably already gossip around the village about our little sparring match earlier."

sasuke didn't know that naruto was so smart. "yeah i guess your right. but if you ever need backup in a fight don't be afraid to call me alright."

naruto smiled. "you bet. same goes for you got it." sasuke nodded and the to went on training.

six years later.

naruto walked into the class room thirty minutes early like usual so he decided to take out a scroll of camoflouge ninjutsu and read it. over the past six years naruto had learned a lot. he hung out with anko and her friends. learning ninjutsu from anko genjutsu from kureni and kenjutsu from yugao. about two years ago naruto had bought a sword that he now carried on his back it was a short sword with black steal a nylon wrapping on the hilt. on the blade was a white pictureof the shinigami's mask the blade had been left in his room one night by someone although he never found out who did it. naruto now stood at five feet tall. thanks to the seal on his stomach he could eat all the ramen he wanted with no reprocutions what so ever. his muscles had become toned thanks to the years of extreme work outs he had endured curtiosy of yugao and anko two women who in his mind were complete sadist.

his fuinjutsu had increased thanks to help from kurama. he found out that there was an extreme shortage of seal masters. when he told tenten thet he had been working with seals she asked him if he would become the suplier for her family's wepons shop since none of the shops in the village could get quality seals it woould really help her out. naruto agreed saying that making seals was also a hobby that he did during his free time so he always had a bunch laying around his apartment.

the buisness he did with tentens family earned him a good amount of money. the section in the scroll naruto was reading was on a jutsu that could turn someone completly invisible. it was an A-rank jutsu that naruto had been trying to get down for two weeks now. even as he was sitting here he had thirty clone at the training ground with a copy of the scroll practicing.

thirty minutes later

the class filed in and iruka stood up took roll as usual then anounced. "today we will be taking the genin exams. the first part will be kunai throwing then sparing then ninjutsu. now everyone outside."


iruka stood infront of the class. "alright first kunai throwing. first up naruto uzumaki." naruto stood up at the line and threw his kunai at the target. hitting ten out of ten. "good job naruto. next sasuke uchiha." sasuke walked up and threw hitting nine out of ten. "good sasuke. next sakura haruno." a pink haired girl with walked up sayin somthin to sasuke who wasn't payin atention. (an. and quite frankly neither was i.) she threw her kunai hitting three out of ten. "atleast your inproving. next is ino yamanaka." a blond girl with blue eyes walked up and said.

"naruto-kun watch me." naruto nodded and watched. after his original fight with sasuke ino had become naruto's first fangirl but naruto said that he only liked strong girls so she practiced every day after school for three or four hours. she threw her kunai and hit nine out of ten.

"good job ino. you've really improved over the years. next kiba inazuka." kiba walked up and threw hitting seven out of ten. "good. next hinata hyuuga." hinata threw and becuase of her dads constint spontanius drills hit ten out of ten. "excalent hinata. i'll be sure to mention that to your father. next chouji akamichi." chouji hit eight out of ten. "good next shino aburame." shino hit ten out of ten. "good shino. next shikamaru nara." shikamaru came up comlaining about how troubalsome it was. he threw them hittin seven out of ten. "good next is saiya minstrom." saiya was one of the civilion born shinobi. she threw and hit seven out of ten.(we're going to skip the rest becuase they don't matter you'll see why saiya matters later.)

combat test.

iruka stood infront of the class. "alright the next portion will be a combat test. since i know you all want to see this match the first one will be naruto uzumaki uchiha. both contestants please come to the field."

naruto and sasuke walked on to the field naruto's fangirls screaming for him and sasuke's for him. naruto and sasuke looked at eachother smileing. naruto decided to speak first. "well sasuke it looks like this is the last time we'll be doing this for a while since one of us will be rookie of the year and the other runner up so neither of us will be paired with the other. good luck." sasuke nodded.

iruka looked at them. "are both of you ready to begin." both boys nodded. "then... BEGIN."

both boys pulled out kunai and charged eachother the knives clanging as they hit eachother. naruto decided that to beat sasuke he would have to fight dirty the way ninja normaly did. naruto sent a punch fowerd sasuke jumped back to avoid it. his eyes widend when he heard naruto yell out. "shadow snake hands." four snakes came shooting out of the jacket he was wearing. sasuke tried to dodge but got bit in the ankle by one. naruto smiled. "don't worry the pouison in the snakes is non-lethal but it will cuase paralisase. but it will be spead up if you continue to fight."

sasuke nodded. "okay i give."

iruka nodded. "winner naruto uzumaki." the rest of the fight were uneventfull. most were miss matches like ino vs. sakura. saiya vs. shikamaru.

the ninjutsu test.

iruka stood infront of the class. "alright you'll come in one at a time first naruto uzumaki." naruto walked into the room. "alright please dilpay atleast two academy jutsu one type of clone jutsu and any other jutsu you would like to pick. for every extra jutsu you do you gain ten extra points." naruto nodded knowing that sasuke only knew two jutsu besides the academy jutsu. he did the henge doing his version the sexy jutsu, the substitution replacing himself with a very confused sasuke. for the clone jutsu he did the shadow clone becuase of his chakra reserves. for th extra jutsu naruto did the shadow snake hands, the phynox flower, the camoflouge, the wind scycle, and the wind bullet.


iruka stood in front of the class. "okay you all scored well. our rookie of the year is naruto uzumaki. the runner up is sasuke uchiha. sasuke you did well but naruto beat you by thirty point. your team assinments will be tommorow at ten."

later that day

naruto was at his usual training ground. when he felt someone close by. "come out now or i'll come get you out." ino came out of the bushes. "ino rule number one never fall for the enemy's bluff i knew you were there just not the exact spot." ino nodded apologizing. "alright so what do you want."

ino looked at with pleading eyes. "naruto-kun will you please help me train."

naruto sighed and nodded. "okay first we will test your elemental affineties." naruto took a piece of chakra paper out of his pocket and handed it to ino. "focus your chakra into this paper and lets see what happens." ino nodded and channaled her chakra into the paper. it soaked then burned to a crisp. "huh it looks like you have afinities for water and fire. i can help you with fire but i don't know anything about water. i will draw up a regimane on fire training later but for now i wan't to start to increase your chakra reserves. now i'd like to start you with the chakra restriction seal. it will sap your chakra slowly making your body increase it's output to compansate. when i releasse it in two weeks it should be on par with most high genin or low it will slowly build up but when i realise you will have a spike becuase the chakra stored in the seal will be pushed into your system expanding them consideribly now the longer i leave it on long enough it will increase to high chunin low jonin."

ino smiled. "really what do i have to do whatever it is i'll do it."

naruto blushed before nodding well you see first you'll have to be completly naked. the seal is very large so i'll have to aply it to a large portion of your body. so i'll understand if you don't want to do it."

ino blushed and nodded. "well if it's you naruto-kun i'll let you do it when do we do it."

naruto nodded. "we can do it right now i'l send a shadow clone to my place to set up we can get somthing to eat then go to my place." ino nodded and they left.

one hour later naruto's apartment.

naruto opend the door and lead ino into a smallroom with a bed where the clone had placed a colection of seals. "alright you can leave your panties on since i don't need anything below your waste ino nodded and undressed.

five minutes later

ino stood infront of naruto in nothing but her panties. conterary to belief ino actually had a decent sized low C-cup breast that went unnoticed becuase of her double layer tank top. naruto blushed as she layed on the bed face up. naruto quickly but dilegintly placed the seal on her. he then steped back and went through fifty hand seals and slamed his hands on the bed yelling. "seal." when naruto finished he stood up and looked at ino. "alright you can get dressed now." ino nodded and got dressed before she promptly passed out from exuashton.

end one i will be continueing the fox and the cat but i am having writers block on that one you got any request for a story. i don't discrimenate but i don't do narusaku or naruhina main not becuase i don't like them but bucuase there are so many if you want them in a harem as suplementery cool

well thats it for now see ya later