The next morning Naruto's team arrived on time to their meeting. Naruto taught Moegi the hand signs for the Fireball jutsu before telling her and Hanabi to try and use it with the great breakthrough simultaneously. When they left to practice Naruto turned to Matsuri. "As for you since you're our tank we're gonna need to get you and me a summoning contract."

Matsuri tilted her head. "How do we do that?"

"Baachan told me that if you use the summoning jutsu without a contract it would teleport you to the realm of your destined summons. So let's go through the hand seals." For the next five minutes Naruto taught Matsuri the hand seals for the summoning jutsu. "Okay let's go."

Matsuri nodded as the two of them went through the hand seals before yelling. "Summoning jutsu."

Naruto was teleported to a dark concrete room that seemed to go on forever. He heard loud footsteps coming from behind him. When he turned around he was met with a beast that appeared to be half man half bull. The beast looked down at Naruto before saying in a deep voice. "Who dares to trespass in the labyrinth of the minitor clan."

Naruto looked up at him with a determined look. "I am Naruto Uzumaki and I would like to become the summoner of the minitor clan."

The minitor looked at Naruto sizing him up. "Well lucky you I just so happen to be the boss summon of the minitors. In here I'm six feet tall but if you were to summon me on the outside I would be the size of any other boss summon. First I'll have to test you though to see if you're worthy to carry our name. Your test is to last six minutes with me in a one on one fight." Naruto nodded sinking into his taijutsu stance. He decided not to use the fivetenme on this fight to gage his own abilities. "Alright then. Begin."

Both Naruto and the minitor charged each other. Naruto sent a kick to the beast mid-section only for it to be blocked by his massive forearm. Naruto tried swift assaults but even being as large as he is the minitor was still quick enough to block them. 'Maybe if I can keep him on defense until my time is up I can win.' Naruto continued his assault for as long as he could before hearing the minitor speak.

"Times up kid you win." The minitor placed his hand on the wall before pulsing chakra into it. When he did a large scroll popped out. He unfurled the scroll showing Naruto it was completely blank. "You are the first I have ever deemed worthy to possess this scroll please sign it with your blood." Naruto nodded pulling out a kunai and cutting his right index finger before signing the contract with it. "Good you are now the first summoner of the minitor clan. Allow me to formally introduce myself I am Daedalus boss summon and elder of the minitor clan I am also the constructor of this the labyrinth. For now return to your world and return when you are ready to begin your training." Naruto nodded leaving the summon world behind.

When he arrived back at the training ground he was greeted with the site of Matsuri who looked like she had just gotten the ever living crap beat out of her. Naruto smiled. "So how'd it go?" He said in a sing song voice.

Matsuri gave him a death glare before saying. "Slugs are evil. But I won." Naruto smiled now his team had a summoner seeing as how he can't always be there to save them from every little thing. Plus the slugs probably had a taijutsu style they could teach her.

Naruto turned his head just in time to see the training post be vaporized by Hanabi and Moegi's combo attack. "Alright girls fall in real quick."

Moegi and Hanabi ran over to where Matsuri was. "Okay girls it looks like your just about ready for a C-rank mission so go ahead and rest up for now and we'll go to the Hokage tower in the morning." The girls nodded before heading home. Naruto decided it would be best to do the same.

When he returned he saw that it was only Haku in the house. "Hey Haku-Chan what's up."

Haku looked up from the book she had been reading. "Hello Naruto-kun how was training."

Naruto smiled. "Pretty good I think their ready to go on their first C-rank mission. So you want to play a game of cards." Haku nodded closing her book before going to the kitchen drawer to grab the playing cards. When she returned she shuffled the cards and dealt. "So how's the life of a house girl treating you."

Haku sighed. "I can't complain although I do miss field work some times."

Naruto nodded. "Well would you like me to ask baachan to get you on at the hospital so you can train in medical ninjutsu?"

Haku nodded with a smile. "That would be nice Naruto-kun I get tired of sitting around the house all day."

After their card game Naruto and Haku walked down to the hospital to find Tsunade. When they arrived at her office they looked in to see he playing solitaire. Naruto walked up. "Hi baachan do you think that you could do me a favor."

Tsunade raised an eyebrow. "And what would that be Naruto-kun."

"I was wondering if you could hire on Haku-chan at the hospital and train her as a medic."

Just then who else but the twin pink headed banshee's barged in. Sakuno looked at Tsunade. "Tsunade I demand you teach my daughter to be a medic ninja right now."

Tsunade grew a tick mark on her forehead. "for one you will demand nothing from me. Second of all I only have one opening for an apprentice ship an Haku here has already filled that position."

Sakura growled. "What does Naruto-baka's whore have that I don't" just then Sakura found herself pinned to the wall with a kunai to her neck.

She looked into Naruto's eyes which had become slitted. "I will warn you once and only one if you ever call Haku-chan a whore again I will personally slit your throat do you understand." Sakura couldn't speak so she settled for nodding. Naruto relised his grip and dropped her to the gowned.

Naruto turned to Tsunade. "So when does she start baachan."

Tsunade smiled at how willingly Naruto defended Haku. "She can start tomorrow." She then turned to Haku. "Come to my office tomorrow morning at nine am and we will begin your training." Haku nodded before she and Naruto walked out of the building.

Alright that does it for now next will be team Naruto's first mission.

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