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Pairings: Thor/Loki and some Tony/Loki

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, some names that might seem familiar are purely coincidental. I give credit to the movie Snow White & the Huntsman itself for inspiring me to write this story.

Chapter One

Lips red as blood, hair black as ebony, skin as white as snow. The image of a young boy stared back at him, a reflection in the mirror. The young prince blinked, dark eyelashes fanning his cheeks, he smiled at his reflection satisfied at the clothes he had been dressed in.

"You look nice enough Loki. Come on! Hurry the weather's good enough for a ride!" a boy called from the door to his room, chocolate brown hair and dark brown eyes.

"A moment Tony," he said, running a hand through his hair, his emerald eyes staring back at him, people always told him his beauty was a splitting image of his mother. He smiled at the thought and grabbing his coat off the bed he followed Tony out the door. The two young boys walked side by side down the long hallways of the castle.

"Father!" Loki called as King Laufey appeared down the hallway.

The king smiled at his beautiful son, carrying him up in his arms as the young boy threw himself into his father's arms. The boy was already twelve, yet still so innocent. His companion, Anthony Edward Stark five years older than Loki at seventeen, would be his son's betrothed. The boy was from a rich family, good at fighting and a suitable match for his son according to the sorcerers and Loki himself had apparently taken a liking to Tony as well.

"What's my son up to today?" he asked, setting the boy down now.

"Tony's taking me out for a ride into town," Loki says.

"You be careful out there now," Laufey said, he didn't want to lose his only child, his only son.

"Where's mother?" Loki asked, Laufey frowned at that, quickly covering up with a "She's still asleep love, go on out and have some fun. Tony you better take good care of him."

"Yes your majesty, I will," Tony bowed to the king, taking Loki's hand as they left the castle grounds for the stable.

The truth was Loki's mother was gravely ill. Laufey had sent doctors from far and wide to come and cure her yet none could seem to accomplish the task. It was only recently that she had been getting better before her condition took a turn for the worse. She lay in bed now, sickly and missing her son but she did not allow him to visit for she feared that he might catch the illness as well. Laufey knew that she might not have long to live and this added to his list of worries that included an uprising with the other armies over the dispute of the distribution of land.

Tony hoisted the young prince onto the horse, making sure the saddle was secure. He mounted his own horse as they both rode out, Loki racing him across the stretch of beach before reaching the outskirts of town. The prince had wanted to buy some flowers for his mother, something that would make her day he would say. Tony had been watching over the prince since he was young, he'd grown to love the younger as more than just a friend, of course such things were permitted in this country but in other more rural areas, it would be considered a sin.

"What do you think mother will like Tony?" the prince asked as they stood at a florist's, looking at the flowers.

The people loved their king and the prince was no different as the owner, a little old woman came out to greet Loki with a hug, "Flowers for her majesty, my prince?" she asked, "Sunflowers would be nice they're bright and cheerful."

"It's up to you Loki," he said smiling watching as he handed over a few coins to the woman, paying for the item before they moved on.

They visited a sweet shop and a blacksmith's before heading on back to the palace. There was another carriage outside with another doctor. Tony knew what was happening though he wasn't allowed to tell Loki. The queen was sick and bed-ridden and this was another one of the doctors that had come to visit her. From what he heard from his father, he knew the queen might not live through to the next winter and when that happened, he didn't want to think what sadness would overcome Loki.

It wasn't long before the queen succumbed to the illness in the winter of the next year. Her death brought great sadness to the king, Loki and the people in the realm, their beloved queen, their ruler had died. It was in this time when the king was recovering that a dark army had invaded the land and the king had taken to arms, forging alliances with neighboring kings to defeat the mysterious army.

With the king out in the battlefields, along with the soldiers, the few guards left at the castle were all that they had left. Loki lay in bed with Tony now, curled up to his side, fearing for his father's safety, "You think father will be alright?" Loki asks feeling a little more comfort when Tony wrapped his arms around him.

"Your father's been undefeated for years, Loki, nothing is going to faze him. He is a strong man, just like you," Tony reassured.

Loki smiles, "Thank you, Tony Stark, for always being here for me," he whispers leaning in to kiss Tony's lightly stubbled cheek.

"Anything for you, my prince," he murmured, feeling a growing heat in his body.

It was then that the announcement came from the door as a maid stood there, "My prince! Your father has returned!"

Loki is off the bed in an instant, "Father! Is he well? What about the men?" he says hurriedly pulling on his coat and urging Tony out of the bed.

"Yes very fine indeed," the maid says but she seems to be a little on edge, Loki can tell. He wonders what else she's hiding.

Tony leads the prince down into the royal chambers where the king is standing, along with a woman covered in the king's cloak. She is dirty, scrawny and a brunette yet she stands tall and proud. Who is she?

"Father! You're back!" Loki exclaims running to hug his father.

Laufey grins hugging his son, before he says, "Loki, this is Jane Forster, she was a prisoner of the dark army. She's going to be your new mother."

Loki looks to the woman, smiling politely as she only stares at him, he doesn't want to offend his father.

"We're going to be married tomorrow. You'll have a mother again," Laufey murmurs kissing the crown of his son's head before watching as he leaves with Tony.

Loki is in shock, as he heads back over to Tony. He doesn't know what it is but he doesn't like this woman one bit. "Where's your father Tony?" he asks trying to take his mind off the things in his head.

"Mending his arm, they say he needs about six stitches. He'll be fine," Tony says.

Loki grimaces, Duke Howard Stark is Tony's father, his mother died in childbirth, so Loki knows it's vital that Tony have at least someone else in this world, "Let's go and visit him," he says taking the lead headed in the direction of the soldier's quarters.

The prince sits, staring up at the woman who is to be his new mother as the servants are adjusting the lace on her dress.

"You look beautiful," he says.

"They say you're the one with all the beauty in this kingdom," the woman whispers.

Loki smiles, feeling chills run down his spine at her voice, "But when you're queen it'll be you," he answers, seeing Jane smile a pure innocent smile.

"Don't you hate me?" she asks to which the young prince shakes his head.

"If father loves you then I do too."

"I lost my mother too when I was younger Loki," Jane murmurs holding out a hand to him, he accepts, she bends to his eye level now, "I think we have a connection Loki, me and you, heart to heart…"

Loki smiles back, emerald green eyes twinkling, for a moment his fears are put to rest as he hugs his new mother, unknowing of the dangers ahead. He follows Jane down the aisle, standing right behind her long train that is attached to her dress, she turns around a few times looking at him and he only smiles back.

The wedding ceremony passes in the blink of an eye and the feast continues on late into the night, Loki bids the king, his father and the new queen, his mother goodnight before heading back to his room.

"Sleep well Loki," Tony says as they stand at the threshold of the door, neither wanting to leave.

"Goodnight then Tony," Loki murmurs softly, a smile on his lips.

Tony leans in then and presses his lips to Loki's soft ones in a kiss, "Goodnight my prince," he whispers into his ear before he pulls back, smirking when he sees the blush on Loki's cheeks.

It's in the late of night that Loki awakens. He hears screams in the hallways outside his doors and there are orange flickers –flames – outside his windows. 'What's going on?' he wears his night robe and heads out of the room, quickly going to find his father. The door to his father's room is ajar, Loki peers in, seeing ruffled sheets stained with crimson. On the sheets lies the body of his father, a dagger sticking out of his heart. He feels his knees shaking, going week, "Tony!" he screams through the pandemonium, running through the hallways.

Just around the corner he comes face to face with Jane Forster, the new queen, his mother and the murderer of his father. He gulps, frozen in fear before instinct kicks in and he turns and runs.

"Get him!" the queen yells, the shadow army following her orders.

Loki makes it out into the courtyard by some miraculous turn of events, but its madness there, the night lit by flames burning the compound of the palace, men clad in black armor, the shadow army are everywhere. Then he spots Tony and he's running towards him, "Tony!" he yells over the shouts and clashing of metal.

"Loki!" Tony calls, relief flooding him as he holds out a hand to the other but Loki is unable to reach it in time as the soldiers grab him from behind. Tony is caught in the mad rush to escape from the castle in the duke's army the horses thundering through the gates pulling him farther away as fear grips him, he watches another soldier from his father's army try to save the prince but moments later the soldier and Loki are thrown from the horse and the soldier is killed. He watches as the Prince struggles from the arms of his captors, running to the gates just as the portcullis is closing.

"Father we have to go back!" Tony says coming up beside his father.

"There isn't enough time, we must go," the Duke says with resignation.

"No, I will do everything I can to save him," Tony growls, jumping off his horse he scrambles through the mad racing of horses, sword in hand as he tries to reach the closing portcullis but just as he does the strong gates slam shut back into the ground. "NO! NO!" he growls, pulling at the iron bars knowing it will not work. "Loki!" he calls, seeing the prince on the other side, kicking away a guard and running to him.

"Tony!" Loki whispers desperately grasping the other man's fingers through the gate as someone strong is grabbing him from behind hauling him away, he knows this is it this will be the last that he sees of Tony, of anybody, at just thirteen winters old he would die.

"He is lost to us now…" Tony hears his father's voice behind him, seeing the old man on the horse, he looks back at the castle, the courtyard littered with the dead, and from the inside he can hear Loki screaming, crying for help. He bows his head, saying a prayer as tears fall from his eyes, before he turns his back on the castle and leaves.

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