Soft moans come from the room of the king's. Behind the closed doors, Thor is there, pounding hard and fast into Loki as he makes the king cum again.

"If only the people knew," Thor said with a smirk as he pulled out of Loki, kissing the other as he lay down beside the pale body of his lover, pulling the lithe frame to him.

Loki snuggled up to Thor's side, propping himself up on one elbow as he stroked the other's naked length, "Thor, again, please, I want you again," Loki says, it's probably going to be their fourth round if Thor were to allow it and Loki had some things planned in mind for the huntsman this time.

Thor looks to him, eyebrow raised, "I never expected you to be that active," Thor said getting up now, but this time, Loki pushed him back down.

"No," Loki said, holding him down now, "this time I want to be the one. I want to ride you Thor," he says, straddling the huntsman beneath him, his voice seductively low. Loki reaches to bind Thor's hands to the headboard smirking at his work.

Thor cannot help the stirring in his cock at the mention of this, it's something different. The way Loki looks at him with that hunger in his eyes and slightly tight grip on his sides that held him down, the way his hands were bound tightly, restricting his movements made him all the hotter for the king. Loki was in power now, he was the one to be leading and Thor liked that, surprisingly so.

The huntsman lay back now, letting his king slowly love him, kissing him on the lips, the other's tongue parting his lips to stroke against his own, just as he felt that, he felt Loki's hand, roughly stroke the underside of his cock, tugging on him as he sucked on his lower lip now, the huntsman groaned at the pleasure, his desire swelling inside him as he grew hard again. He desperately lifted his hips, rutting into Loki's hand, wanting to have more.

Loki's hand held the base of his length firmly now as his sweet, hot little mouth, teased his head. The king's tongue was no better, flicking over his slit and tasting him, teasing him in such a manner that Thor wished his hands were free. He rolled his hips, feeling his slippery length slide into Loki's mouth as he asked for more.

His plea was answered when he felt Loki take his length further into his mouth, his head bobbing up and down as he worked him. Thor closed his eyes, the pleasure taking him to new heights as he moaned again at the mercy of Loki's mouth.

Loki pulled back now, raining kisses down the hot length, feeling it pulsing against his lips and then against his tongue as he licked Thor's length, satisfied as he heard Thor's loud groans and the hand on his shoulder tightening, asking silently for more. He was sure the huntsman could hold in his load no longer so Loki pulled back now, not wanting his teasing to end too soon.

Thor looked to him now with worry in his eyes and disappointment as Loki's mouth left his cock, "What are you doing?" he asked, his voice gravely and breathy he wanted more he wanted to be released and yet Loki just smirked, having teased him right to the edge and then pulling back, he felt cheated. His hands struggled to free the bonds to make Loki take him back but failed.

"Making you beg," Loki said, as he smirked, rubbing himself against Thor, tempting the huntsman as he felt Thor's cock rubbing between the cleft of his ass. So near yet so far, he was on fire too with his burning desire to have Thor deep inside him.

Thor's breath came fast now as he angled his hips, trying to take Loki. But the king knew and he grasped his length, tugging him, "Tell me what you want Thor, I can give it to you. All you have to do is to ask," Loki breathed, his lips mere inches from Thor's as he gazed into the other's eyes, making him understand he needed to beg to get what he wanted this time.

"Damn…Loki…" he growled staring up at the man above him, his dark hair framing his face, "Let me inside you," he groaned, "please," he begged, rolling his hips once more, feeling Loki's hand now slowly guiding him inside as the king seated himself more fully on his lap now, his breath leaving him in a sigh as Thor filled him up.

Loki stopped for a moment now, resting his head on Thor's chest, panting. No matter how many times Thor entered him, Loki would still be overwhelmed by the sheer size of him that would penetrate his nether entrance. He clamped down tightly now when Thor was fully sheathed within him, hearing Thor's moan at the gesture.

"I want to touch you," Thor whispers watching as Loki slowly begins to move up and down, the friction driving him mad with desire.

Loki stops his movement now, leaning over to unbind Thor feeling the other's callused hands smoothing up his body, tweaking his nipples now as he panted, continuing his rhythm as he moaned above Thor. The huntsman himself guided Loki's hips up and down his length thrusting in and out of Loki as they took the rhythm faster and faster, skin slapping against one another before Thor finally released his seed into Loki, the other man's release following just after, covering their bodies now as Loki lay prone in the huntsman's arms.

Outside the doors of the king's room, the dwarves stood smirking to one another in the darkness at the noises behind the door, Ravenclaw smirked now as the noises soon died down behind the closed doors.

"I think I can hear wedding bells," he remarked as the rest of the burst into laughter, headed back down the hallway to the feast in the great hall, held in honor of the new King Loki, the defender of their realm and the one who defeated the queen.


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